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Bashful Pose Card Story - Episode

Fluffy Mascot Etiquette Course



Mashiro: That was a very nice café, wasn't it?
Tsukushi: Yes! The tea and cakes were so delicious!
Tsukushi: Oh, did you notice they used British antique tableware for everything?
Mashiro: They did?! I-I had no idea... Thank goodness I didn't break any of them… I'm surprised you noticed.
Tsukushi: Fufu, anybody would have noticed!
Tsukushi: By the way, where are we going now? You did say there was some place you'd like to go.
Mashiro: Yes... Umm, we should be there soon. According to the flyer, it's supposed to be somewhere around here...
Tsukushi: Flyer? Do you want to do some shopping here?
Mashiro: No, it's not that… Ah, there she is! Over there!
Tsukushi: Who...? Wait, Michelle-senpai?!
Mashiro: Mmhmm! There's supposed to be an event here today where Michelle-san hands out mochi.
Mashiro: And today's going to be Michelle-san's first event of the year. I just had to come see her!
Tsukushi: Mashiro-chan... You like Michelle-senpai that much...?
Mashiro: Well, it's the one and only Michelle-san!
Mashiro: Let's line up together, Tsukushi-chan!
Tsukushi: What~?! I'll pass! You go line up. I'll wait for you here.
Mashiro: But why? It's our chance to meet Michelle-san.
Tsukushi: J-just look at the line. Everyone there is about the same age as my little sisters...
Mashiro: Don’t worry! Fluffy mascots aren't just for kids. Come on, let's go!
Tsukushi: Don't push, Mashiro-chan! Just go on your own~...!

Mashiro: Hmm, there seem to be a lot of people lined up today. Michelle-san is so popular~.
Tsukushi: Ugh... We're the only high schoolers here...
Mashiro: Oh, I almost forgot. This is probably your first time doing something like this, so I'll explain a few things.
Tsukushi: Explain what?
Mashiro: The proper way to interact with fluffy mascots.
Tsukushi: There are rules for that?!
Mashiro: Of course! First, no hugging no matter how cute you think they are. When you touch them, you need to be gentle. You don't want to scare them.
Marina: And no asking weird questions. It'll cause trouble for the fluffy mascots. It's important to show restraint when interacting with them.
Marina: And I know you'll want to go even closer when you see a fluffy mascot, but you have to resist. We're in high school, so we need to let the little kids have their turn first!
Tsukushi: Uhh... O-okay...
Tsukushi: ... I never knew you were so into fluffy mascots...
Mashiro: Ah, look! It's our turn next, Tsukushi-chan!
Tsukushi: Wait, wait, stop pulling me~.
Mashiro: Happy New Year, Michelle-san. I look forward to another year with you!

Bashful Pose Card Story - Special Episode

One Day, I Too...


CiRCLE - Lobby

Mashiro: Hello~... Ah, BanG Dreamer-san.
Mashiro: Umm... I'm here because I'd like to reserve your stage.
Mashiro: What date and time...? Umm, just a minute. I should have my notebook in my bag somewhere...
Mashiro: Ah...!
Mashiro: I-I'm so sorry! It's nothing... I almost dropped one of my charms, that's all...
Mashiro: Y-yes... I got them when I visited a shrine during New Year's.
Mashiro: Oh, I went with Tsukushi-chan.
Mashiro: We bumped into Arisa-san and Yukina-san. They were working as shrine maidens... That was when I bought the charms.
Mashiro: They looked like they were struggling...
Mashiro: But they never gave up, and they helped cover for each other's weaknesses...
Mashiro: They were amazing. If it were me, I'd probably try to avoid anything that might give me trouble...
Mashiro: But Yukina-san said there's no point in complaining about things you're not good at. You just have to do whatever needs to be done...
Mashiro: She also said you can still learn something even when things don't work out.
Mashiro: It's amazing that she can think that way and keep trying.
Mashiro: I... I hope I can become that way someday.
Mashiro: Ah... I'm sorry for rambling on and on.
Mashiro: We would like this date and time slot.
Mashiro: Yes, thank you.