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Bask in the Light Card Story - Episode

Because I Wasn't Alone


Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Mashiro: Just a little more and...
Touko & Tsukushi: Zzz... zzz....
Nanami: Mmm...
Mashiro: I-I'm done!
Nanami: What?! D-did you finish the lyrics for our new song...?!
Mashiro: Y-yeah...! Um, could you take a look...?
Nanami: Of course~! Lemme see...
Tsukushi: Wh-what's going on? What was that about lyrics...?
Rui: Kurata-san, did you stay up all night writing? It is almost sunrise already...
Mashiro: Y-yeah. I wanted to put into words what I had in my head as soon as I could... But I did sleep a little.
Touko: Good job! That's the spirit, Shiro!
Nanami: Wow... I really like these lyrics. The whole idea of a beautiful world spreading out in front of you is really like you, Shiro chan~.
Mashiro: R-really?
Touko: Whoa! Shiro! These lyrics are crazy good! Like, insanely good!
Tsukushi: Yeah... I think so, too. I want to go with this! Rui-san, how about you...?
Rui: I have no particular issue with them, though I will need to make some changes to the original score.
Mashiro: Y-yes...! Thank goodness... We finished in time...
Nanami: You did it, Shiro-chan.
Mashiro: Nanami-chan...
Touko: Okay! Then let's give it a test run!
Tsukushi: W-wait, Touko-chan, why are you grabbing your guitar?!
Touko: Huh? Don't you wanna see how it'll sound once we put the lyrics and song together?
Mashiro: It's still a little too early in the morning...
Nanami: It's fine. The atelier's been soundproofed a little bit~.
Tsukushi: Then there's no need to worry. All that's left is...
Rui: ...
Nanami & Touko: Ah...
Rui: Why are you all looking at me? If there is no issue, then let us begin practice. The sooner we do so, the sooner we can work on any problems that surface.
Touko: That's what I'm talkin' about! Alright, everyone, battle stations!
Mashiro: Okay...! From the top...
Mashiro: W-wow... It was so easy to sing, even though this was our first time...!
Nanami: Of course it was. That's why we've been practicing this whole time~. You were also rehearsing while writing lyrics, weren't you?
Tsukushi: Fufu, thank goodness we put everything together in time~.
Mashiro: Yeah... U-um, everyone...!
Touko: Seriously though, wasn't that actually perfect? I knew it. I'm a genius!
Rui: Kirigaya-san, you were rushing the entire song. We all just sped up to match you.
Rui: It was especially obvious right before the chorus. Please be more mindful of the rest of us when you play.
Touko: Huh? But it's way more fun to go nuts!
Rui: That is one way to play, but there is little point in performing that way if you are the only one doing so.
Mashiro: Ah, u-um...
Tsukushi: S-stop! No fighting! Calm down, you two!
Rui & Touko: I am calm. I'm totally calm!
Tsukushi: Neither of you are calm at all~!
Mashiro: Ohh...
Nanami: Those two never change, huh~?
Mashiro: Yeah, I guess...
Tsukushi: Jeez, stop watching and help out, you two!
Nanami: That's asking a lot out of us~. Isn't that right, Shiro-chan?
Mashiro: Um...
Nanami: Hm?
Mashiro: ... Y-you guys!
Touko: Whoa! Shiro, I didn't know you could yell like that.
Mashiro: Is my voice usually that quiet...? Wait, no...!
Mashiro: Thank you all so much! ... That's all I wanted to say.
Tsukushi: Huh?
Rui: Where did that come from?
Mashiro: It's thanks to all of your help that I was able to write such wonderful lyrics... Thank you.
Nanami: Shiro-chan...
Touko: Aw, don't worry about it! It was a piece of cake! I was here, after all.
Tsukushi: Did you even do anything worth bragging about?
Rui: She most likely thinks so.
Mashiro: Sh-she did! ... And it wasn't just her, either. Everyone helped!
Touko: Ohh, Shiro, you're so honest! Good girl!
Mashiro: Ugh, you're messing up my hair~...!
Nanami: Fufu, we're gonna have to practice a lot today~.
Tsukushi: Right! We've got to get this down perfect so we can show Kasumi-senpai and the others at CiRCLE!
Mashiro: Okay!

Bask in the Light Card Story - Special Episode

The Stage of My Dreams



Mashiro: ... I actually played here...
Marina: Hm? Mashiro-chan?
Mashiro: Ah, Marina-san... BanG Dreamer-san. Hello.
Marina: Hi there! You were spacing out and staring at CiRCLE... Is everything okay?
Mashiro: Ah, um, well... Sorry, I don't have any real reason to be here...
Mashiro: I kind of just found myself here.
Marina: Fufu, you might still be excited about yesterday. Morfonica put on a great show!
Mashiro: Th-thank you. We've always dreamed about playing here... It's still hard to believe it happened.
Marina: Oh. Does CiRCLE mean that much to you? That makes me so happy!
Marina: How was standing onstage here?
Mashiro: Well... It was a lot of fun, but it was also really hard.
Mashiro: I always thought that if I could do a show here, I'd have to give the absolute best show I could.
Mashiro: But because of that, I ended up getting stuck on my lyrics and causing trouble for everyone else.
Mashiro: So we were actually planning on not playing a new song, but... even though I knew I was being selfish, it just didn't feel right to not have a new song.
Mashiro: I didn't feel like I would have been happy if I didn't do everything I possibly could for our show here.
Mashiro: If it was for the place I'd dreamed about playing at... I didn't want to give up.
Marina: I see. That new song you played was really good, though!
Mashiro: Yeah. Thanks to everyone else helping, we ended up with something nice.
Mashiro: I'm glad we didn't give up.
Marina: Good, good. It's because of how serious you were about playing here at CiRCLE that you were able to work as hard as you did, isn't it?
Mashiro: How... serious I was...
Mashiro: I... don't think I've ever been serious about anything...
Mashiro: Since middle school, I've always seen stuff like that as something other people do, like sports festivals or choir recitals.
Mashiro: I always thought that since everyone else was trying, I should, too... But this time, I tried because I wanted to.
Mashiro: I guess... I'm changing, little by little.
Marina: Of course you are! And you can hold your head up high because of that!
Mashiro: Th-thank you...
Marina: No problem! And you're always welcome here at CiRCLE!
Mashiro: O-okay. We won't let you down.