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Beach Floaty Card Story - Episode

Mark of Courage


Udagawa Residence
Living Room
Ako: Rin-rin, I'm ready~! Let's go get our hunt on!
Rinko: Good evening, Ako-chan. What do you want to do tonight?
Ako: ... Ta-da! Check out my new hat!
Rinko: Is that... the one from the beach hut?
Ako: Yeah! It's the straw hat I got by using the code they gave us~!
Rinko: Fufu... I got one too. Look.
Ako: This is so cool! It's so summer, too!
Ako: And then there's the flower on the side as well! Do you know what kind it is?
Rinko: I think it's a hibiscus... Oh, Ako-chan. You chose a red flower.
Ako: That's right~! You went with white, huh? It's awesome that we got to choose the color!
Rinko: The stats aren't very good though... It barely raises my defense...
Rinko: It might just be because the rest of our gear is really high level, but still...
Ako: Who cares! I wanna use these hats and do a quest from the seaside town tonight!
Rinko: Seaside...? Which quest was that?
Ako: Umm, I think it was “Slay the monsters that terrorize the beach."
Rinko: Oh... that one. I think we just have to defeat all the monsters in the area, right?
Rinko: I think there was a lot of monsters, and it was hard just getting to the boss...
Ako: Ugh... that doesn't matter! I want to go to the beach with our matching hats on!
Ako: C'mon, let's start getting ready, Rin-rin!
Rinko: O-Okay, sure. Umm... we should probably wear armor that protects against water.
Ako: In that case, I'll wear my blue armor! ... Ah, it looks kinda weird with the straw hat though.
Ako: Hmm, I don't think I have any armor that matches this hat and protects against water as well...
Rinko: ... I guess this hat just doesn’t have the stats we were hoping for. Ako-chan, why don't we just use our usual headgear...?
Rinko: Our defense goes down so much when we use this hat... And it's going to be hard to find gear that matches it...
Rinko: It's more like a memento than a unique item. If we're going to do a quest, maybe we should use different gear...
Ako: N-No! This hat is special!
Ako: It's not about how good it is! This hat represents the memory of how hard we worked to get this from the real-life quest we did!
Rinko: Real-life quest?
Ako: Yeah! Going to the beach hut to get the item code, that was a quest that happened in our real lives!
Ako: I was so happy we got to go the beach together, Rin-rin! We had so much fun, and we experienced new things together too!
Rinko: That's true, it wasn't just the beach, but working at the beach hut was also a first for us.
Ako: Right? That's why this hat is like a symbol of how we challenged a new thing together, Rin-rin!
Ako: ... Th-That's it! This is a symbol of our courage! Those who have this legendary hat are the bravest of the brave~!
Ako: Rin-rin, we're the most ultimate and cool pair of brave heroes!
Rinko: Ako-chan...
Rinko: You're right. I was really happy that we got to go to the beach together too.
Rinko: This hat is a symbol of what we overcame... The real quest... and new challenges...
Rinko: Ako-chan, let's wear our new hats. Let's be brave heroes, and challenge lots of new quests together.
Ako: Yeah! Okay! Let's go, Rin-rin the Brave!
Ako: Nothing will stand in the way of us and our legendary straw hats!

Beach Floaty Card Story - Special Episode

A Straw Hat


CiRCLE - Lobby
Ako: Hmm, I see...
Ako: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san, hi!
Ako: Ehehe, sorry. I shouldn't walk about when I'm looking at my phone, huh?
Ako: I was looking at an online guide for the game I play!
Ako: I was reading about the special item I got on the day that we went to the beach. It was a straw hat!
Ako: ... Yeah! Rin-rin went as well!
Ako: These straw hats are the items Rin-rin and I got for challenging new things together!
Ako: I want to use it properly! That's why I was looking up its perks and how I can use it.
Ako: And then I wanna tell Rin-rin!
Ako: Ehehe, if you keep saying I'm so thoughtful, I might end up blushing~!
Ako: ... O-Our bond is... deeper than the darkest, uh... abyss... you know?
Ako: Rin-rin always does so much for me in our game and in real life, so this is the least I can do!
Ako: The only problem is, the straw hat doesn't have very good stats...
Ako: I hope there's a way to make it useable...
Ako: ... Huh?! L-Look at this... BanG Dreamer-san!
Ako: There's going to be an event where we can get other gear to make a set with the straw hat~!
Ako: Wow... Yay!
Ako: Check this out, it's so cool! This and the straw hat is going to be totally unbeatable!
Ako: Rin-rin is gonna be so happy to hear this~! I've gotta tell her!
Ako: Ooh, I should invite Rin-rin to get something to eat!
Ako: Okay, I'm gonna go hang out with Rin-rin!
Ako: Bye-bye, BanG Dreamer-san!