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Beatin' in the Rain Event Story - Opening
Walking Home in the Rain

On a rare walk home together, Kasumi, Kokoro, and Misaki hear the sound of taiko drums...


Kokoro: Kasumi! Look, look! There's a snail over here too!
Kasumi: You're right! Wow, all the babies are riding on its back~! How cute~!
Misaki: H-hey, don't run around so much. You could get hurt. It is raining, you know.
Misaki: And why aren't you using your umbrellas? Look at you two, your hair is soaking wet...
Kasumi: But I never get to walk home with you and Kokoron! We need to have as much fun as possible while we still have the chance!
Kokoro: I agree! I'm so glad we ran into you today, Kasumi! Aren't you, Misaki?
Misaki: Ahh~, yeah, I guess. Still, what happened to all the other Poppin'Party members?
Kasumi: Everyone had things they needed to do, so they left before me. I thought I was gonna have to go home all by myself, so I'm super happy you two came along~♪
Kokoro: Ah, Kasumi, do you see that?! What a huge puddle! I wonder if I can jump over it.
Kasumi: I wanna try too~!
Misaki: C'mon, how old are you two?! You don't have to jump over it. Why don't you just go around?
Kokoro: Wouldn't that be a waste of a perfectly good puddle?
Misaki: What the heck does that mean? I will never understand what goes on in that head of yours.
Kasumi: Really? I get what she meant though...
Misaki: Yeah, that makes sense. You and Kokoro are practically the same person.
Misaki: Seriously, I don't know where you two get your energy... This rain's been going on forever. I'm so sick of it...
Kasumi: Huh? Why? Aren't rainy days supposed to be fun? I love rain!
Kokoro: Me too! There are so many fun things to do when it's pouring outside!
Kokoro: Like jumping over the puddles, or walking around barefoot!
Kasumi: Ah~! I used to do that as a kid too! I love hearing that splish-splash sound trailing behind me as I walk around~! And it feels nice!
Kokoro: Maybe I should take off my shoes for old time's sake!
Kasumi: I'll do it if you do~!
Misaki: Uhm, no, maybe you shouldn't!
Misaki: I can understand jumping in puddles, that's fine, but don't you dare take off your shoes! You could get hurt!
Kokoro: Come on, Misaki, join us! Take off your shoes!
Misaki: Absolutely not~.
Kasumi: ... Hm? What was that?
Misaki: Huh? What's up? Did something happen?
Kasumi: Hm~. Do you guys hear that? It sounds like taiko drums.
Misaki: Taiko drums...? Ah, now that you mention it, I guess I do hear something...
Kokoro: Me too! What a playful rhythm! It feels like my body might start dancing on its own!
Kasumi: I think it's coming from the downtown area... Was there supposed to be some sort of event going on somewhere?
Misaki: Ah, actually, I think someone downtown did mention one of the shrines was holding a festival this weekend. I bet they're practicing for that.
Others: A festival?!
Misaki: ... Y-yeah.
Misaki: (Aw man~... Me and my big mouth. I should know better than to say that word around these two, of all people...)
Kokoro: Terrific! Amazing! So there's a festival going on, huh?! I wanna go!
Kasumi: Yeah! Me too, me too!
Misaki: (Y-yep. I knew this would happen~...)
Kokoro: Hey, Misaki! Kasumi! Why don't we go check out this festival right now?!
Misaki: N-now?! Wait, the festival is this weekend. They're probably just practicing. Even if we went, there wouldn't be anything there.
Kokoro: Well, we won't know that for sure until we take a look!
Kasumi: What she said~! Let's go! I wonder if they'll have goldfish scooping. I love that game!
Misaki: I told you, the festival's this weekend!
Kokoro: Goldfish scooping? What's that?! I've never heard of it before! What is it?! Tell me!
Kasumi: Well, you see... There's this big fish tank filled with loads and loads of goldfish, and you have to try and get the fish out the tank! You go like this~... and you scoop!
Kokoro: That sounds like so much fun~! Let's hurry up and go to the shrine!
Kasumi: Yeah! I'm pretty sure it's this way! Hurry!
Kokoro: Come on, Misaki! We can all go together!
Misaki: Ah, okay, fine! I'm coming, I'm coming. Just quit tugging at me like that!

Beatin' in the Rain Event Story - Chapter 1

The girls find Tomoe practicing the taiko drums.
Kokoro gets the others to watch Tomoe practice, but...


Shrine - Entry Path
Kokoro: Kasumi! We made it! Now where's the festival? Which way do I go for goldfish?
Kasumi: Ahh~. There really are no stalls here~.
Misaki: Huff... Puff... I told you, didn't I? The festival is this weekend.
Kasumi: Looks like you were right after all~. Too bad~. I'm still hearing taiko drums, though.
Misaki: They're probably practicing for the festival. Okay, are you satisfied now? Alright, let's go home.
Kokoro: Practicing Taiko?! I wanna see! What about you, Kasumi?
Kasumi: Yeah! Me too! I think the sound is coming from the direction of the shrine. Let's go check it out!
Misaki: A real curious bunch, these two...

Shrine - Pavilion
Kokoro: Misaki! Kasumi! Look! Someone's over there beating a taiko drum! Wow~, look at how big it is~!
Kasumi: Whoa~! I bet it's as tall as me! That's so cool~!
Tomoe: Oh? Kasumi...?
Kasumi: Ah! Tomoe-chan! Look, Kokoron! It's Tomoe-chan!
Kokoro: It is! Were you brought here by the sound of drumming too, Tomoe?!
Misaki: Oh, come on... Take a look at that outfit. That's obviously not why she's here.
Tomoe: Hm? Kokoro and Misaki too? What are you guys doing here?
Kasumi: We were all headed home together when we heard the sound of taiko drums! We thought maybe there was a festival going on, so we came to check it out!
Tomoe: I see. Well, sorry to disappoint, but the festival is actually this weekend. This is just practice.
Kasumi: Huh? You mean that sound was coming from you?
Kokoro: So that's what that was! Amazing! It was such a joyful rhythm! I couldn't stop myself from dancing!
Tomoe: Hahaha, glad to hear it. Ah, I'm taking a break right now, but if you want, feel free to stay and watch me practice.
Kasumi: Really?! Can we?!
Tomoe: Of course! Having an audience gives us performers that extra push we need to put on a good show, you know?
Kasumi: Yippee~! Kokoron, let's stay and watch!
Kokoro: Absolutely! Come on, Misaki, over here!
Misaki: Sigh~, okay, okay... Not like I have much of a choice at this point anyways...
Kasumi: Tomoe-chan! You can do it~♪
Tomoe: Haha, thanks. Ready? Here we go! Soi-soi-soi-soi-soi! Soi-ya!
Kasumi: Wow, look at her go~! She's so cool~!
Kokoro: Misaki, what was Tomoe saying just now? She was speaking so fast, I didn't catch it.
Misaki: I'm not sure myself. I think it was... 'soi-ya'...?
Kokoro: ... 'Soi-ya'? What does that mean, Misaki?
Misaki: I think it's a chant to get herself pumped? I don't really know myself.
Kokoro: That's amazing! So you get a boost of energy by saying soi-ya?! I wanna try!
Kasumi: Huh? Me too, Kokoron! How about we do it together?! Ready... Set...
Others: Soi-yaaa~!
Misaki: (Sigh... There's just no keeping up with these two...)

After Practice
Tomoe: Phew~, what a workout~! So, what did you think? Did you feel the awesomeness of taik--
Kokoro: Tomoe! That was fantastic! Super-duper terrific! What a show! Taiko really is amazing! What a lovely sound the drums make!
Kasumi: I agree! It was like the air itself was shaking! I've still got goosebumps!
Tomoe: Whoa~! Yeah! That's exactly what taiko is all about! Aw, dude, this is great! I'm so glad you guys get it!
Tomoe: No one in Afterglow cares much for taiko! But you guys really got me worked up! The festival's sure to be a success now! Thanks, you two!
Kokoro: Say, Tomoe! I'd like to try playing the taiko drums at the festival as well!
Kasumi: What?! Me too! I wanna play too~!
Misaki: How did I know you'd say that? Cut it out, you two. Having two amateurs running around is only gonna cause trouble! Sorry about that, Udagawa-san. Don't be afraid to tell them no.
Tomoe: Huh? I don't see anything wrong with it. I'd rather play with people who understand the thrill of taiko anyways. Besides, for things like this, motivation is key.
Misaki: Ah, I didn't expect you to be so okay with this...
Tomoe: Anyway, that's it for today's practice, so how about you guys come starting tomorrow?
Kokoro: Will do! Kasumi, Misaki, let's give it everything we've got!
Misaki: Huh?! Wait, I'm playing too?
Kasumi: Okay, Tomoe-chan! See you tomorrow!
Tomoe: Yeah, see ya! We'll fire up that festival with our fiery roar!
Others: Roar~!!
Misaki: It feels like... I just keep getting dragged deeper and deeper into this...

Beatin' in the Rain Event Story - Chapter 2
Practice Begins

The girls begin practicing taiko with Tomoe.
But who's this passing by?


The Next Day
Shrine - Pavilion
Tomoe: Thanks for coming out even in this rain, guys. Now how about we get started?!
Kasumi: Yay~! Kokoron, isn't this awesome~?
Kokoro: I know! I've been waiting for this moment since yesterday. I didn't get a wink of sleep last night!
Misaki: Sounds like you were way too excited!
Tomoe: Th-that's how much you were looking forward to this?! M-man... That's amazing. I'm kinda touched.
Misaki: Uhm, Udagawa-san. Before we begin, I was wondering if you could teach us the basics, like how to hit the drums, and what we should be focusing on. We are beginners, after all.
Tomoe: A focus, huh...? Ah. Well, originally, this festival was held as a way to beseech the gods for sunlight after long months of rain.
Kokoro: Okay, we'll 'beseech the gods'! I was just thinking how I wanted to beseech the gods! Let's get beseeching!
Misaki: You have no idea what you're talking about, do you? Beseeching the gods is the same as asking for something. In this case, asking for clear skies and sunshine.
Tomoe: Well, that's not why the festival is held nowadays, anyway. So if you're looking for something to focus on, maybe something like "play like you want the sun to hear it"?
Kasumi: So we want our chants to reach the sun, right?! Roger that~!
Misaki: Uhhh~... When I said "focus," I didn't mean mentally. Are there any technical tricks or secrets we should know...?
Tomoe: Uhm, well... Kinda? There are lots of techniques, sure... But for now, I think it's more important to have fun.
Kokoro: Sounds good to me! So I should beat this drum with all my heart and a smile on my face, right?!
Tomoe: Simply put, yeah, you could say that.
Misaki: Really?! Is it really okay to sum it all up with hearts and smiles...?
Tomoe: Okay, let's get this practice started.
Others: Oh~!

One Hour Later
Tomoe: That's good for now~. Should we take a break?
Kasumi: Phew~, I'm beat~! Taiko really wears you out. My arms are killing me.
Misaki: No kidding, this is rough... I bet I'm going to be sore tomorrow.
Tomoe: If your arms hurt, that means you're only beating the drum with your arms. You gotta put your whole body into it.
Misaki: See, that's the kind of stuff I would have liked to know before we started...
Kasumi: Hey, Kokoron! Why don't you take a break? Your arms are gonna get sore.
Kokoro: I'm doing just fine! I wanna drum more and more!
Misaki: Where the heck does she get that stamina...?
Tomoe: Kokoro's got the right idea, though. She's using her whole body when she plays. That's probably why she's not tired.
Misaki: Is that so...? That girl really can do anything. It's weird...
Kokoro: Hey, watch this, everyone! I just learned a new trick! If you spin around before hitting the taiko drum, you can make a really, really big noise! Like this... Yah!
Kasumi: Wow! You're right! That's amazing, Kokoro~!
Tomoe: Th-the way she's moving... Even experienced performers have trouble doing that...
Misaki: Yeah, how do I explain this...? She's actually a bit of a prodigy. Although, she tends to make poor use of that genius brain of hers...
Tomoe: If she can play like that after one practice, I can't wait to see what'll happen at the festival. We might have found a real star here! She could even make waves throughout the taiko world!
Misaki: Does such a world even exist...?
Kasumi: I better get back out there! I can't lose to Kokoron! We need heart, smiles and energy that can reach the sun, right?! I'm gonna chase away this rain with everything I've got~!
Tomoe: That's the spirit! Make sure you keep that up on the day of the festival and drive away any bad weather.
Kasumi: Of course. If we're going to do this, I want lots and lots of people to see us play!
Kasumi: ... Ah! How about after this, we make some teru teru bozu dolls?! That way, we can wish that there will be clear skies on the day of the festival!
Misaki: Teru teru bozu dolls...? This isn't elementary school, you know...
Others: Oh? Udagawa-san...? Is that you?
Tomoe: ... Hm? Ah! If it isn't Sayo-san! What are you doing here?
Sayo: I'm just taking a shortcut on my way to band rehearsal.
Kasumi: Ah! Sayo-senpai~! Hello~! Kokoron and Misaki-chan are here too~!
Misaki: N-nice to see you...
Sayo: Quite the interesting group you have here. What exactly are you all doing here?
Tomoe: Just practicing taiko drumming for the festival this weekend. We're all performing together.
Sayo: Taiko for the festival...? I see. Well then, good luck, everyone.
Kasumi: Wait, Sayo-senpai! Why don't you join us?! Taiko is so much fun!
Tomoe: Oh, great idea! Come on, Sayo-san, give it a shot! I'd love for more people to know what makes taiko great! Just hit the drum once, and you'll totally get it!
Sayo: Huh? Me...? Playing the taiko drum...? I appreciate the invitation, but no thank you. I doubt I can play anything other than the guitar.
Kasumi: Ah, then even if you can't perform with us, it'd be nice to see you at the festival! Come cheer us on!
Sayo: ... I'm sorry, I can't do that either. If I go, I'll end up ruining the festival you've worked so hard for...
Tomoe: Hm? What do you mean? Why would you coming ruin the festival?
Sayo: Every time I go to any event, it starts raining. It's been this way for a long time now. If I were to attend, something tells me the weather will suddenly take a turn for the worse...
Misaki: You really think so...?
Sayo: It's just a feeling that I have... My apologies, but I cannot attend your performance.
Kokoro: That's so cool, Sayo! You have the power to summon rain! I bet if you went to the desert, you'd make everyone smile!
Misaki: K-Kokoro! I'm so sorry! She wasn't trying to be rude or anything.
Sayo: Me? Go to the desert...? Fufu, I suppose people there would be happy to see me there. I've never thought of it like that before.
Kokoro: You're amazing, Sayo! Who else do you know who can make it rain?!
Kokoro: Now I really want to know more about you! Why don't we hang out together at the festival?!
Sayo: N-no... I think I'm still going to pass...

Beatin' in the Rain Event Story - Chapter 3
Cloudy Weather

The festival's finally here. While everyone is worried about
the weather, their first priority is enjoying the various festival stalls.


The Day of the Festival
Kasumi: Today's the day. The festival's finally here~.
Kokoro: I know! I was so excited, I didn't get a wink of sleep!
Misaki: Hold on, didn't you say that the other day too?! Get some sleep! You're gonna make yourself sick!
Kasumi: It's not raining at the moment, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did, considering how the sky looks right now. Plus, the teru teru bozu we made weren't exactly the happiest-looking dolls......
Misaki: And according to the forecast, it is supposed to rain...
Kasumi: I wonder if there will be any stands~. I really wanted to catch some goldfish before our show~...
Kokoro: There's no point in worrying about that now! Let's just head over and see for ourselves!
Kasumi: Yeah! You're right! Okay, shrine! Here we come~!
Shrine - Entry Path
Kasumi: We're here~... Ah! Look! Look! They've set up stalls, after all!
Kokoro: This is so amazing! There are so many different kinds!
Misaki: Well, will you look at that. Good. At least now we know the festival hasn't been canceled.
Kasumi: Kokoron! Misaki-chan! Since we have a little time before we have to meet for our taiko performance, why don't we look around and see what they have?!
Kokoro: What a wonderful idea! Let's do it! You're coming too, right, Misaki?!
Misaki: Yeah, yeah... I've already resigned myself to that fate...
Kasumi: Woohoo~! Yay~! Hey, they're selling candy apples over there! Why don't we start by getting some of those?!
Kokoro: Kasumi, what's a candy apple? I've never heard of such a thing.
Kasumi: Uhm, you see, you've got your regular apples, right? Well, these apples also have candy...
Kokoro: So when you buy an apple, you get a free piece of candy?!
Misaki: No, the apple is coated with candy. That way, you can eat them at the same time.
Kokoro: That sounds absolutely yummy! I want a candy apple!
Kasumi: They're always so hard to eat~. Your hands get all sticky really fast.
Misaki: Ah, I know what you mean. It gets all over your mouth too.
Kasumi: If you want to know the best way to eat them, you should start by eating the candy coating first. Then you eat the apple after that. That way, there's no mess. Did you know about that?
Misaki: No, I didn't, but isn't that just the same as eating an apple and candy separately? That's not really a candy apple then.
Kasumi: ... Ah! Oh yeah! I've never thought of that before!
Misaki: ... Sigh~.
Kasumi: Come on, guys! Hurry! Excuse me~! Could I get a candy apple, please~?
Kokoro: Kasumi, I want one too!
Misaki: Sigh~, this is too much... It's like they're just asking for me to make wisecracks. I'd be here all day trying to keep up with them...
Kokoro: Mmm~!! That was so good! I love candy apples now!
Kasumi: Weren't they delicious~? I think that was the best candy apple I've ever had!
Misaki: Don't you think that might be because you've never eaten the two ingredients together before?
Kasumi: That's probably it! I can't believe I've always eaten them separately. What a waste~...
Kokoro: Hey, Kasumi, I want to try that goldfish thing you were talking about! Where's the stall for that?
Kasumi: Ah, goldfish scooping, right?! We should do that right away, or else we might not have time before the show!
Kasumi: Let's see... Now where could it be...? Ah! There it is! Come on, Kokoron! Let's go!
Kokoro: So this is the goldfish game! Wow~, look at them all!
Kasumi: I know, they're so cute~! All you have to do is grab the fish from this tank! Excuse me, Kokoron and I would like to play one game each, please!
Booth Worker: Sure. Good luck.
Kokoro: So I just have to get the fishies out of the tank? Okay, I'll go first.
Kasumi: You can do it, Kokoro~!
Kokoro: Here I go~... Excuse me! Would you please let these little babies go? And what exactly are you planning to do with your fish hostages anyway?
Others: ... Huh? Hostages? Excuse me, miss...? What is she talking about?
Misaki: Wh-whoa, Kokoro, what are you doing? Stop giving the vendor a hard time.
Kokoro: Aren't we trying to free these goldfish? If we want to get these fishies out of the tank, I need to convince this person to let them go, don't I?
Misaki: ... You think this is a rescue mission?! No, no! You have to catch them! Take this paper scoop, and try to catch the fish! Give it here, I'll show you!
Kokoro: Misaki? If you're trying to catch these fish, wouldn't it be better to use this container? If you use that paper thing, it's just going to break.
Misaki: Yeah, that's the rule of the game!
Sayo: Ts-Tsurumaki-san... What are you doing...?
Kasumi: Ah! Sayo-senpai?! You decided to come!
Kokoro: Ah, Sayo! I'm so glad you're here! I was just about to free these goldfish! Could you give me a hand?
Sayo: I just happened to be in the area... The stalls seemed especially lively, so I suppose you could say my curiosity got the better of me...
Kasumi: Hey, Sayo-senpai! We still have time before our taiko performance, so why don't we check out the rest of them together?!
Kokoro: What a great idea! Let's play! Ah! Look over there! They've got a turtle version over there! You there! Release those little babies this instant!
Misaki: S-sounds like these two are... really set on hanging out with you, Sayo-senpai... I-I'm so sorry to bother you like this...
Sayo: Don't be. I have time. Just a little while won't hurt...

Beatin' in the Rain Event Story - Chapter 4
After the Rain, After a Shout

The taiko performance grows closer with each passing moment.
Suddenly, it begins to rain...


Shrine - Entry Path
Kasumi: Sigh~, that was so much fun~. And we had an even better time because Sayo-senpai decided to join~♪
Sayo: I told you, I just happened to be passing by...
Kokoro: You were so good at that one thingy! What was it called again? You know, the game with the toy gun where you aim at stuff on the shelves.
Misaki: You mean the shooting gallery?
Kokoro: Yeah, that! You were amazing at the shooting gallery! You should teach me sometime!
Kasumi: I wanna learn too! It's like you hit everything you aimed at! Even the vendor was surprised!
Sayo: Well, the objective is largely the same as archery. Still, I think that was just a fluke since I've never done it before.
Kasumi: Huh? That was your first time?! Wait, does that mean you don't come to festivals that often?
Sayo: When we were little, Hina and I would go together, but those opportunities are few and far between nowadays. So I suppose you could say today feels like a nice change of pace.
Kasumi: I know exactly what you mean! This will be my first time giving a taiko performance in front of people, so today feels extra sparkling and heart-pounding!
Misaki: Ah, shouldn't we meet up with Udagawa-san pretty soon? It's getting close to showtime, and we need to start warming up.
Kasumi: Ah, yeah, you're right! Okay, let's go find Tomoe-chan!

Shrine - Pavilion
Kasumi: Sorry for the wait, Tomoe-chan~!
Tomoe: There you are! ... Oh?! Sayo-san, you made it!!
Sayo: Yes. Hopefully I'm not causing too much trouble by coming...
Tomoe: Oh, come on! No way! Actually, I'm glad you're here! Now we have even more people to watch our performance!
Sayo: But if I'm here, the weather might...
Tomoe: Ahaha! That again? That's just ridiculous! Look around, does this look like rain to yo-
Tomoe: ... Huh?
Misaki: Whoa... It's raining. T-talk about bad timing...
Sayo: Didn't I tell you? This always happens when I show up. I should just leave now while-
Tomoe: Whoa, hold on! This is just a coincidence! You shouldn't let this bother you!
Kasumi: She's right! Sayo-senpai, we practiced really, really hard for today, so please stay and watch us perform~!
Kokoro: Yeah! You're already here, and seeing our show would be way more fun than going home! I'm sure we can make you smile!
Sayo: But...
Kasumi: Besides, you don't have to worry about the weather! We'll chase away these rain clouds with our fiery spirits!
Misaki: ... Ah. Looking at the weather forecast for today, it looks like it's going to clear up again after this...
Kasumi: Alright, everyone! Let's get to chanting and send this pesky rain packing!
Kokoro: That's right! If we chant, I'm sure we can get Mister Sun to come out! Isn't that right, Tomoe?!
Tomoe: Alright, come on, you guys... I agree that spirit is important, but chanting to bring out the sun? That's just-
Kokoro: But we won't know unless we try!
Misaki: Hey, calm down, you two. The weather's supposed to clear up after this anyway...
Kokoro: As for our chant, I think we should go with "Happy! Lucky! Smile! Yay~!" It has the most spirit to it. Don't you think?
Kasumi: Huh?! No way! The chant that has the most spirit is "Popipa! Pipopa! Popipapa! Pipopa!"
Kokoro: Alright, then let's meet halfway with "Happy! Lucky! Popipapa! Pipopa!"
Kasumi: Ah! That's perfect! Let's go with that!
Misaki: U-uhm, guys, did you hear me...? The forecast says it's gonna-
Kasumi: Ready~?
Others: Happy! Lucky! Popipapa! Pipopa! Sky~! Show us the sun~!!
Misaki: (I-it's no use... These two are off in their own little world. They're not listening...)
Tomoe: ... Hm? Huh?! Wait, I think the sky's cleared up a little!
Misaki: (What? Udagawa-san?!)
Kasumi: It did, didn't it?! It's definitely brighter, especially over that way! See? Our chanting reached the sky!
Tomoe: Now that I think about... This might work! This festival was originally about wishing for sunny weather, so maybe that power really does exist~!
Misaki: (No way~... Udagawa-san may not look it, but she's just as bad as these two...)
Tomoe: Just a second! Let me try chanting and drumming at the same time! Ready~! Soi-ya~!
Tomoe: Whoa! Th-this is amazing~! The clouds over there disappeared! Did you guys see that?!
Kasumi: I sure did! There's no mistaking it! That was definitely your spirit, Tomoe-chan!
Kokoro: That's it, Tomoe! You have to keep chanting! More! More!
Tomoe: I can't believe this is actually happening~! I always knew having a strong spirit was important!
Misaki: (It's not your spirit that's strong! It's the air pressure! This is messed up... Udagawa-san's joined them in their little fantasy land...)
Tomoe: Sayo-san! If we keep this up, I'm sure the rain will stop! Just leave it to us!
Sayo: ... O-okay...
Misaki: (Udagawa-san... She's completely in sync with Kokoro and Toyama-san... Maybe she's more delusional than I thought...)

Beatin' in the Rain Event Story - Chapter 5
The Sound I Want You to Hear

Kasumi, Kokoro, and Tomoe are determined to send
the rain away using their willpower. As a result...


Shrine - Pavilion
Tomoe: Okay! It's almost showtime, you guys!
Kasumi: This is it! Let's chant our hearts out!
Kokoro: Absolutely! And don't forget to smile!
Tomoe: For sure! The taiko world's newest star sure has some good advice!
Kasumi: Still, the rain isn't letting up at all. I thought for sure our chants had those clouds running away before...
Tomoe: Yeah... Looks like a lot of the visitors are starting to leave too. There aren't as many people as before.
Kasumi: That's why we need to do something about this weather! Sit tight, Sayo-senpai! We'll send this rain packing!
Sayo: ... A-alright. Understood.
Misaki: ... H-hey, could I talk to you guys for a second?
Tomoe: What's up, Misaki?
Misaki: Uhm, not to sound like a broken record, but according to the weather forecast, it'll clear up shortly. So you guys don't have to worry so much...
Kokoro: Misaki, you can't trust that report! They're not always right, you know!
Misaki: I-I mean... Yeah, I suppose it might not be...
Tomoe: I'm with Kokoro on this one! We can't rely on that forecast! If we want to stop this rain, we have to show it the strength of our spirits!
Kasumi: Agreed! It's up to us to do something about this! Leave it to Tomoe-chan to say something so awesome~!
Tomoe: C-cut it out... You guys are the ones who taught me what was important here. I'm just repeating it...
Misaki: (Wh-why are they acting like this is a perfectly normal conversation to have...? Besides, between the forecast and... 'spirit'...? Isn't the forecast usually considered more reliable?)
Misaki: (Am I wrong? Now that I've been absorbed into this world of weirdos and their messed up viewpoints, I really don't know anymore...)
Tomoe: Alright! Showtime! Get ready to chant like you've never chanted before!
Others: Yeah~!
Kasumi: So our chant is going to be "Happy! Lucky! Popipapa! Pipopa!" Right?
Kokoro: Of course it is!
Tomoe: Ah, actually, about that... I was hesitant about saying this before, but now I can bring myself to do it...
Tomoe: If it's okay with you guys, I want you to add my chant to yours! I think that'll make it way more effective!
Kokoro: Your chant? What's that?
Kasumi: Ah! It's that thing, Kokoron! You know! Soi-ya~! That one!
Kokoro: Oh yeah! Soi-ya!
Tomoe: Exactly! Adding soi-ya will definitely give our chant more passion! It's like it has this strange power!
Kasumi: Now that you mention, soi-ya does give off that feeling, doesn't it?!
Kokoro: Soi-ya! What a magical word!
Misaki: (Wh-why are they all using 'soi-ya' like it's some everyday word...? It's definitely not.)
Kasumi: Then how does this sound? "Happy! Lucky! Popipapa! Soi-ya!"
Others: Terrific! Perfect!
Tomoe: Alright, everyone! On three, we start with our chant!! One... Two... Three!!
Others: Happy! Lucky! Popipapa! Soi-ya!

Taiko Performance
Tomoe: Soi-soi-soi-soi-soi! Soi-yaaa!!
Kokoro: Oh, Mister Sun~!! Come out and play~!! Soi-yaaa!!
Kasumi: I won't let Kokoron or Tomoe-chan show me up~!! Soi-yaaa!!
Misaki: L-looks like things are getting started...
Sayo: It does. What ferocity... Ah, Okusawa-san, shouldn't you be up there as well? I thought I saw you practicing with them.
Misaki: It's not my turn yet.
Misaki: Uhm, hey, I'm really sorry we got you mixed up in all this...
Misaki: When Kokoro and Toyama-san get excited about something, they tend to forget their surroundings. I've gotten relatively used to it, but it's gotta be pretty jarring for you...
Misaki: And it turns out that Udagawa-san was always one of them...
Sayo: ...
Misaki: Oh, like I said before, this rain's gonna stop pretty soon. See? Look at the radar... So no need to worry about-
Sayo: This is all so... amazing to me.
Misaki: Huh...? Amazing? That?
Sayo: Look at them. In order to change their current circumstances, they're giving it everything they've got.
Misaki: Huh? No, wait, you saw the weather forecast, right? There's no need for them to get so worked up, it'll clear up shortly...
Sayo: E-everyone... You can do it!
Misaki: (Now I've lost Sayo-senpai too!)
Kokoro: Sayo! Misaki! Don't just stand there! Join us!
Misaki: Huh? But I'm not up yet...!
Sayo: Okusawa-san... Let's go!
Misaki: (J-just how many people are going to get sucked into their fantasy world?!)

Beatin' in the Rain Event Story - Ending
Sunshine for Everyone!

The four finish their performance.
Have their prayers for sunshine been answered?


Taiko Performance
Shrine - Pavilion
Tomoe: There's plenty more where that came from~!! Soi-soi-soi-soi-soi! Soi-yaaa!!
Kokoro: This is amazing, Tomoe! Taiko is so much fun! Soi-soi-soi-soi-soi! Soi-yaaa!!
Kasumi: I'm gonna give dancing while drumming a shot! Soi-soi-soi-soi-soi! Soi-yaaa!!
Sayo: Toyama-san... I'll dance too!
Misaki: (Aw man... Now even Sayo-senpai has come down with soi-ya fever...)
Misaki: (But wait...)
Others: Yeah~! Go, go, go~! Soi-ya! Soi-ya! Soi-ya!
Others: Those girls are really giving it their all! This is no time for the rest of us to start getting lazy! Step right up! Grab a scoop and catch a goldfish~!
Misaki: Th-the festival seems more energetic than before...
Tomoe: This is it! Here comes the finale, guys!! One...! Two...! Three~!!
Others: Happy! Lucky! Popipapa! Soi-yaaa~!!

After the Taiko Performance
Shrine - Entry Path
Tomoe: Oh man~! How's that for a show?! That felt great~!!
Kasumi: I know, right?! I got so caught up, I don't even remember half of it!
Kokoro: I love Taiko now! I wonder if I can get Michelle to play the taiko drums at our next concert!
Misaki: Huff... Puff... Give me a break... Taiko's way too much of a workout...
Sayo: Great job, everyone. That performance was absolutely wonderful.
Kasumi: And your dancing was so good, Sayo-senpai!
Sayo: I-I apologize... Your energy was just so contagious...
Sayo: I actually worked up a bit of a sweat, moving around like that. Phew... Hm...? Everyone, look at the sky...
Tomoe: Huh? The sky? What abou-... Huh?! The rain... It stopped?!
Kokoro: We did it, Tomoe! Our chants reached the sun!
Kasumi: I bet it was thanks to Tomoe's furious drumming during the climax! The air felt so electric, it was practically vibrating. I bet those shockwaves made it all the way up to the clouds!
Tomoe: You think?! You know, something about those vibrations did feel different. It was like the air was moving along to the rhythm with me!
Misaki: (No, that's got nothing to do with it... Again, the weather forecast said it was going to clear up.)
Kasumi: Sayo-senpai! You get it now, right? It didn't rain because of you!
Sayo: Toyama-san...
Kasumi: Your being here would never cause it to rain. That's impossible!
Tomoe: Oh! I couldn't have said it better myself! I'm with you, Kasumi. No way, no how!
Misaki: (S-seriously...? Weren't you guys just trying to change the weather with your spirit a moment ago?)
Kokoro: And even if you did, that would have been okay, too. I love the rain! Even rainy days can bring lots of smiles!
Kasumi: Ah! Yeah, I love it too!
Sayo: When you put it like that... I suppose I also have many precious memories of rainy days.
Sayo: I may not have realized that without your help.
Sayo: Everyone... Thank you for allowing me to attend this festival. I am in your debt.
Tomoe: H-hey, now! Stop that!
Tomoe: Ah! Hey, if Roselia ever wants to do an outdoor concert, just let us know! We'll chant, cheer, and make sure the sun is shining bright!
Kasumi: Yeah~! We'll beat our taiko drums and scream at the top of our lungs~!
Kokoro: And you already know what we'll be saying...
Others: Happy! Lucky! Popipapa! Soi-ya~!
Sayo: Fufu, alright. I'm counting on you.
Misaki: (... I give up~. I suppose people are free to believe whatever they want...)
Kasumi: Ah! Look at the sky over there!
Tomoe: Oh! It's a rainbow!!
Kokoro: Wow, Misaki!! There's a super giant rainbow up in the sky right now!!
Misaki: It's just a rainbow, no need to get so exci-... Whoa. That really is beautiful...
Kasumi: And we have the rain to thank for such a pretty sight!
Sayo: I'm so glad... I got to see this with all of you.
Kokoro: Hey, why don't we check out all the stalls together?! I wanna enjoy the festival some more!
Kasumi: Yeah! Ah, Sayo-senpai! You should teach me how to win at the shooting gallery~!
Sayo: I'm not sure I'll be able to, but... shall we give it a go?
Tomoe: The festival's a lot more lively after our performance. It'd be a waste to leave now!
Misaki: ... Kokoro, Toyama-san... And now Udagawa-san... If I keep hanging out with the three from la-la land, I'm not sure my body will be able to keep up... Sigh...
Kasumi: What's wrong, Misaki-chan? You can't be tired already.
Kokoro: She's right! There are still lots and lots of stands we haven't gone to yet!
Tomoe: Yeah, come on, let's get going!
Misaki: Sigh... Yeah, it definitely won't...

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