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Before the Start of a New Season Event Story - Opening
The End of the Summer...

Kasumi and the gang look back on the summer vacation. They talk about going to karaoke...


After School
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 1-A

Kasumi: Aw, it's already time to go back home~. The day just flew by. It had been a while since we hung out at school, so I got all excited~♪
Arisa: I swear... You're always like that, aren't you? Summer vacation ended yesterday, you know. Aren't you the least bit sad?
Kasumi: I'm a bit bummed that it's over, sure, but that doesn't beat just how happy I feel~.
Saaya: We were practically glued together the entire break, though...
Rimi: I just happened to notice while looking over my schedule book yesterday, but aside from my family trip, I really did spend most of my time with you all.
Tae: Ah, that reminds me of when Arisa and I went to the beach. It still amazes me just how skillfully she won the watermelon-splitting contest. You should have seen-
Arisa: Give that a rest already! I've heard it a million times now!
Kasumi: Aw, you're both so lucky~ I really wanted to go to the beach, too~. If only we could've hung out more!
Arisa: Pretty sure we just went over how our every waking moment was spent together...
Kasumi: To be fair, most of that was our band rehearsals, right? Totally not the same thing. Think of all the karaoke we didn't get to enjoy~.
Saaya: If we're talking about karaoke, then... I think we went together twice, if I recall correctly.
Kasumi: Two times is nowhere near enough. We should've gone more~.
Rimi: Kasumi-chan, you really do love karaoke, don't you?
Kasumi: Singing there is completely different from singing in the band, don't you think?! And there are so many songs to choose from!
Saaya: That's true. Like the way your pitch is shown on the screen? It does have its own unique sense of fun to it.
Rimi: I agree that it's enjoyable, but I'm not so good with the pressure of being scored... It makes me nervous...
Kasumi: All this talk just makes me wanna go again. Alright, everyone! Time for another run to the karaoke parlor!
Arisa: Oh boy, there she goes again.
Kasumi: Our summer break is already over, and we definitely have to go before fall comes! Right?!
Arisa: Uhm, I'm pretty sure we can go all year round, including fall.
Tae: Well, it's true that the songs you want to sing can differ depending on the season.
Kasumi: Right! I'm glad O-Tae is on the same page~.
Kasumi: So, let's all go together! Having gone only twice is such a waste~.
Arisa: Sounds like more than enough times to me...
Kasumi: I'll never be able to focus on my studies if I don't scratch the itch to go~. So, before our lessons really come back in full force, I wanna finish my to-do list from the summer~!
Saaya: Fufu, sounds good to me. Having peace of mind is important for focusing on schoolwork.
Arisa: Saaya, you really do coddle Kasumi, don't ya...?
Rimi: If we're going to go, I suppose we should head to our usual spot in the shopping mall?
Tae: That specific karaoke parlor has an excellent drink bar, so I would definitely be interested. Going again certainly does sound nice...
Kasumi: Doesn't it~?! And it's close by, to boot! Arisa, are you free during our next day off?!
Arisa: Jeez... Fine, I read you loud and clear. I knew this was coming the moment you opened your mouth.
Kasumi: Yay~! Karaoke ♪ Karaoke ♪ Mark your calendars, everyone! That day will be spent at the mall!
Saaya: Since we'll already be there, how about we see that movie you were talking about, Arisa? It's showing at the cinema in the mall, right?
Arisa: Y-yeah. It is, but...
Saaya: Why don't we watch it as a group? If you have things you want to do left over from the summer, Arisa, you might end up being distracted by that while trying to study.
Kasumi: Nice idea, Saaya! Any movie that Arisa wants to see is one I'd love to watch! Let's use this chance to get done everything that we couldn't!
Arisa: D-don't go deciding for me! Who said we have to see it together? I can go by myself!
Kasumi: Aw, don't be like that~. We'll go with you! And with that, our shopping mall trip is set in stone! Hehehe~♪ It's gonna be awesome~♪

Day Off 12:00 P.M.
Station Entrance

Arisa: Phew... It's like an oven out here...
Saaya: Summer break may be over, but the sun apparently didn't get the memo...
Kasumi: All present and accounted for! Next stop, the shopping mall! Let's head out!
Tae: Ah! Hold on just a second! I just found something amazing!
Rimi: What is it, O-Tae-chan? You found something on the side of the road?
Tae: Come see for yourself. This rock, it... looks just like a rabbit, doesn't it?
Arisa: Wha-? A rabbit? ... This thing?
Tae: Try from this angle. See, here are the ears. And here's the nose. Just like a rabbit. Arisa, hold it still while I take a photo.
Arisa: You've lost me... So, I just need to hold it, right? ... How's this?
Tae: Perfect, Arisa! Just like that!
Arisa: O-Tae's excitement just went through the roof, you guys...
Tae: Recently, I've been gathering photos for my "Rabbits All Around Us" album. They're hidden in everyday objects like shrubs or flowers. I found a bunch of them during my summer break.
Kasumi: Ooo, interesting~! What kind of things did you find?! I wanna see the photos!
Tae: To be honest, I haven't found one that just screamed "rabbit hidden here" yet...
Arisa: Instead of looking for weird imagery, why not take photos of the actual animal and be done with it?
Tae: No way. The goal is to see how rabbit like non-rabbit things can be. Anything else would be against the rule.
Arisa: Who cares about a rule like that?!
Kasumi: Not to cut this short, but we've got a lot on our plate today! Let's be sure to take care of everything we wanted to do this summer~!

Before the Start of a New Season Event Story - Chapter 1
Shopping Time

They reach the shopping mall and head toward the movie theater at first, but...


12:30 P.M.
Shopping Mall

Kasumi: Here we are~! We made it~! Ahhh, that cool, indoor air feels so nice~.
Saaya: Summer really makes you appreciate air conditioning~.
Rimi: Hehe, if only we could go back in time and thank its inventor.
Arisa: It took 30 minutes to get here, all thanks to someone... She just couldn't resist snapping a ton of photos for that "Rabbits All Around Us" thing of hers.
Saaya: Fufu, if we were to look through her eyes, everything would probably look like a rabbit.
Tae: Huh... I just had an epiphany... Doesn't the letter "R" upside down look like a rabbit?
Arisa: Where'd this come from?!
Kasumi: Haha, you're right! I can totally see it! It's got those little bunny ears!
Tae: And the letter "M" is-
Saaya: Pardon me for interrupting, you two, but how about we continue this conversation after we've watched the movie?
Rimi: Ah, about that. The movie that Arisa-chan wanted to see doesn't actually start until 1:15, so we still have a bit of time.
Kasumi: But if we don't get there early we won't be able to sit in the good seats. Wouldn't it be best if we started heading there now?
Rimi: I went ahead and reserved four spots online yesterday. We should be okay either way.
Kasumi: Wow~! Nice going, Rimi-rin~! You're the best~!
Rimi: No, no. I was just looking forward to spending the day with you all.
Saaya: So, we still have time to spare... What should we do, then?
Kasumi: I vote karaoke! Who's with me?
Arisa: Vetoed! Karaoke is last, got it?!
Kasumi: Aw, too bad...
Arisa: Besides, aren't we suppose to be taking care of our summer to-do lists? Everybody did think about what they wanted to do today, right?
Rimi: Uhm, well... What I wanted was for the five of us to enjoy some chocolate sweets at the food court...
Arisa: Chocolate sweets?
Rimi: During summer break, there was a three-day chocolate fair held at the department store. I wanted to go together, but it was just bad timing...
Kasumi: I see, that's definitely something worthy of putting on the list. How about you, Saaya?
Saaya: I... don't really have anything that I want to do. Oh, but I did actually think about it. I promise. Nothing came to mind, is all.
Saaya: What's the best way of putting it...? Spending another day together is all I need. Really.
Kasumi: Aw, we came all the way here, Saaya~. You've gotta pick something to do with us~.
Saaya: Fufu, alright. I'll give it a bit more thought.
Arisa: That just leaves O-Tae, right? Hey, O-Tae... Huh? Where'd she run off to?
Kasumi: There she is! Over there! She's checking out something over at the knick-knack shop. Let's go see, too!
Arisa: ... Living in her own world as usual.

Shopping Mall
Knick-Knack Store

Kasumi: O-Tae~♪ Whatcha lookin' at?
Tae: This. Isn't it just adorable? A rabbit-shaped bento box.
Arisa: It is kind of cute, I'll admit. But I think this bunny addiction of yours has a little too much control over your life.
Kasumi: Here's a chopstick container to go with it! It has a delightful little picture of two rabbits lined up side-by-side~.
Arisa: That one is brown, so it might be a hare. Hares change their fur to brown or gray in the summer.
Kasumi: Animals with fur can change color?! I thought that was only for chameleons!
Arisa: Well, actually...
Rimi: Hey, Saaya-chan, have you looked over here yet? They have so many hair accessories!
Saaya: Show me, show me! Wow, has this store always had these?!
Rimi: This hair clip totally suits you! Here, the one with the yellow marble pattern!
Saaya: Oh no... I'm a total sucker for ones like this. Agh, now I seriously wanna buy it~. I'll be in a pinch if I blow my allowance so early in the month, though...
Rimi: Ah, I see... That makes things a bit difficult...
Saaya: If I don't buy it now, though, they may be sold out later. What should I do...?
Kasumi: O-Tae, check this out! I think you'll really like this phone case. It's got bunny ears on it.
Tae: I'll take it.
Arisa: At least think about it!
Saaya: This store does have a nice collection of phone cases~. I like this folio one. Don't you have one like this, Kasumi? How is it?
Kasumi: Yeah, I totally recommend that kind of case! They keep your screen from getting smudges, and you can keep your train pass in the side sleeve!
Rimi: And they seem simple and mature. Maybe I'll get one, too. Do you think I could pull this one off, Arisa-chan?
Arisa: Sure, why not? But maybe go with a lighter shade of pink, instead.
Kasumi: Rimi-rin, this one will be perfect, then! It is lighter and has a nice design, don't ya think?!
Rimi: Hm... Now I'm confused... I don't know which one to get~.
Saaya: Nah, I understand. Having so many choices just makes it harder to choose, right~?
Tae: Really? I'm absolutely fine with my choice. You all should just get what I'm getting.
Saaya: Uhhh... Let's just agree to disagree, okay...?

Before the Start of a New Season Event Story - Chapter 2
Movie Time

The girls finally finish shopping and decide to go see a popular, young adult film.


1:00 P.M.
Shopping Mall
Movie Theater

Rimi: Sorry for the wait. The area around the ticket dispenser was a bit crowded. Here, one for each of us.
Kasumi: Thank you~!
Saaya: This film is pretty popular, so we probably wouldn't have been able to see it if Rimi-rin hadn't reserved the tickets for us.
Kasumi: Rimi-rin with the game-winning play~!
Tae: Say, what kind of movie is this, anyway? I don't know a thing about it.
Arisa: Are you serious? The trailers are all over the internet.
Tae: I don't really look at that stuff though.
Kasumi: It's been getting rave reviews! That one guy from that show was going on about it and how it made him cry. You know who I mean? From that drama with the thing and the people.
Arisa: Please make some sense!
Saaya: I was kind of surprised to hear what it was about~. It's apparently one of those coming-of-age stories. You like these kinds of films, Arisa?
Arisa: N-not particularly! I mean, I didn't want to come because it's a genre I like. I-it's just being talked about non-stop online is all...!
Rimi: I understand where Arisa-chan is coming from. I'm more of a horror person, but even I wanted to come see this one in theaters.
Kasumi: I'll never really get over how much Rimi-rin likes scary movies. It's even more surprising than how much Arisa likes coming-of-age ones.
Arisa: Open your ears, people! I n-never said I liked 'em!
Saaya: Kasumi, what types of movies do you usually watch?
Kasumi: Fun, light-hearted ones are best~. If I had to pick one that's currently showing, then... that one? The poster with the CGI anime on it.
Arisa: Looks really over-the-top.
Saaya: I'd go with that romantic one, probably. Classic Cinderella stories are my guilty pleasure, and this poster is just oozing with sentimentality~.
Kasumi: O-Tae, you don't seem like the kind to see movies very often. Or am I way off?
Tae: Well, sometimes I do. I enjoy the dancing ones.
Saaya: Dancing ones? Like a musical or something?
Tae: I'm not sure myself, but they're the ones where people spontaneously break out into a dance.
Arisa: And the mystery deepens...
Rimi: Come to think of it, I saw an Indian film like that a while back. A bunch of dancers would come in out of nowhere, even in the middle of a dialogue.
Tae: Yes! Exactly like that!
Kasumi: So, they just pop out and bust a move?! Why?! That's so awesome! I wanna see a movie like that!
Rimi: Ah, I think it's about time for the movie to start. We should go.
Kasumi: Wait! Can't watch a movie without popcorn! Be right back!
Tae: I'll go, too!
Saaya: We'll be waiting over by the entrance, okay?

3:20 P.M.

Saaya: Wow... That was actually really good... I'd even be up for going back and watching it again!
Rimi: Same goes for me! That's probably the first time I've ever cried that much during a movie!
Kasumi: I started crying around halfway through and never stopped~.
Kasumi: Wasn't that one scene so good?! You know, the one where-
Saaya: The friend characters need help so the protagonist dashes off to save them, right?! It was so incredible! That scene will go down in movie history, I bet.
Rimi: My hands almost started applauding by themselves! I'm going to tear up just thinking about it...
Tae: Think of how much better it could have been if it led into a big dance number!
Saaya: O-Tae, no. Just... nuh-uh.
Kasumi: Thank you so much for picking this movie, Arisa~! It was such a good choice!
Arisa: Hm? Yeah, sure...
Kasumi: What's wrong, Arisa? Why so gloomy? You didn't think the film was interesting?
Arisa: Nnn~... N-no, nothing like that, but...
Kasumi: Well, what'd you think of that scene, then? When the main character-
Arisa: St-stop...! Don't say anymore...!
Tae: Your eyes are kind of red, Arisa. Is everything alright?
Arisa: Ah! I-I've got s-s-something in my eye! Hang on, I need to go rinse it out! Ow, ow, it hurts...!
Saaya: Take your time, Arisa~. We'll be waiting by the exit.
Kasumi: Hey, Saaya. Is it just me, or... was Arisa crying just now?
Saaya: Crying? Who, Arisa? I didn't notice. Maybe you just imagined it?
Kasumi: Really~? Hmmm. I could've sworn she was...
Rimi: When you get something in your eye, it makes tears to flush out the dirt, right?
Kasumi: That makes sense! And here I thought those tears were from Arisa being moved by the movie!
Saaya: Okay, okay. It's not a big deal, either way. Anyway, let's decide where to go next while we wait for Arisa to get back.

Before the Start of a New Season Event Story - Chapter 3
Meal Time

Having enjoyed the movie, Kasumi and the others decide to have desserts, but...


3:30 P.M.
Shopping Mall
Food Court

Kasumi: Phew, we finally found some seats for all of us~.
Saaya: This place is always packed. Finding a place to sit, even around this time, is a hassle.
Rimi: I managed to borrow another chair for us, but... that means someone will have to sit alone at the front of the table. Anyone?
Kasumi: You should do it, Arisa. It'll be like you're the birthday girl. Your special day is next in line, anyway.
Arisa: Yeah, in over a month! No way I'm sitting in that thing now!
Tae: Okay, I volunteer! My birthday is still a long way off, though, if that's okay.
Kasumi: Go right ahead! ... Gasp, O-Tae... Being at the head of the family suits you perfectly, somehow...!
Saaya: Hahaha, it really does! Lookin' good, O-Tae.
Arisa: So, we were going to eat some kind of chocolate, I think. Right, Rimi?
Rimi: Yeah. There are a lot of places to choose from, though, so get whatever you like.
Kasumi: Chocolate parfait for me! I filled up on popcorn at the theater, so my taste buds are dying for something sweet!
Arisa: You're still hungry after eating that bloated bag of popcorn? Is there a bottom to that stomach?
Kasumi: I'm still good to go. Right, O-Tae?
Tae: Of course. C'mon, Arisa. There's always room for dessert.
Arisa: That's not normal, you know!
Saaya: What're you going to get, O-Tae? Looks like they have crepes, too.
Tae: Good question~. I think I'll get the... The... The hamburg steak.
Arisa: Huh?!
Tae: Look, that shop over there has a really delicious-looking hamburg-steak set.
Rimi: Huh? Where?
Tae: The one on the corner. See it? With all the pictures of steaks and meat.
Arisa: What's with the mood shift, O-Tae? Weren't you just going on about always having room for dessert?
Tae: Ah, I revise my statement. "There's always room for dessert." "And meat."
Arisa: Straight from a jumbo popcorn to a full meal on top of that... Just what else is there room for in there...?
Saaya: O-Tae's going for the rib-sticking menu, I see... Hm, now I'm not sure what to go for, myself.
Rimi: You haven't decided yet, Saaya-chan?
Saaya: Actually, I didn't have any lunch before I came, so I'm pretty hungry~...
Saaya: If O-Tae is going to have her fill, I think I might just do the same~.
Rimi: That's a good idea! We came all the way here, you should eat what you're hungry for.
Saaya: Let's see... That pasta place looks good. And look, the line is pretty short compared to the other restaurants.
Kasumi: They have a lot of different dishes, don't they?! Saaya, let me have a bite of yours, please!
Saaya: Sure thing. Have as many bites as you want.
Kasumi: Yay~!
Saaya: Pasta from restaurants always tastes better, doesn't it? I occasionally cook some for my little brother and sister, but it never comes out as good. Maybe they boil the noodles differently?
Kasumi: You've gotta let me try some of yours one of these days! Jun-Jun and Sa-nan sure do have it nice, what with having such an awesome older sister around~.
Saaya: Fufu~. I can be scary when I get angry, y'know~.
Rimi: How about you, Kasumi-chan? Do you cook things for Asuka-chan?
Kasumi: Well... I-I do! I swear! Just the other day, I made some ramen for her!
Arisa: Dumped it in the pot and heated it up with some water. Gotcha.
Kasumi: N-not just that! I added some pork, too... Oh, and a hard-boiled egg!
Arisa: Noodles and an egg? So you boiled two things? A true inspiration to us all. Well done, master chef. Not just anyone can get the water to be all bubbly twice.
Kasumi: I know when I'm being made fun of, Arisa~! You meanie~!
Saaya: Fufufu. That was very responsible of you, Kasumi. Anyway, have you made up your mind yet, Arisa?
Arisa: I'll just... have what Rimi is having. That's what we originally planned from the beginning, after all.
Arisa: So, what'll it be, Rimi? There's parfaits, crepes... and chocolate cake, as well. Looks pretty good, doesn't it?
Rimi: Uhmmm, I guess I'll...
Rimi: I'll go with the steak set, I suppose.
Others: What?!
Arisa: N-now Rimi wants meat...?! What happened?
Rimi: Well, it's just... the steak on the posters at the shop O-Tae-chan pointed out look so good...
Rimi: During summer vacation, there was a second event... One with different types of meat from around the world. I wanted to go to that one, too, but it was too far away.
Rimi: I like chocolate and all, but I also love meat... It looks like the steak won out in the end.
Kasumi: Don't sweat it! We're all getting what we like, right? You chow down on as much steak as you want, Rimi-rin!
Rimi: Arisa-chan, you want to have some with me?
Arisa: No no no, I'm not a bottomless pit like the rest of you! The chocolate cake will do just fine.
Saaya: I'll stay behind and watch our stuff. You guys go on ahead~♪

Before the Start of a New Season Event Story - Chapter 4
Karaoke Time

Now that they've eaten, it's time for what they've all been waiting for: karaoke.


4:30 P.M.
Shopping Mall

Kasumi: Hooo boy~, I couldn't eat another bite! I'm stuffed~!
Tae: That hamburg steak was fantastic! Next time, I'll double down and go with the extra-large one!
Saaya: Are you sure? I mean, the one you got was already much bigger than the sample image, right?!
Kasumi: You thought so, too?! I couldn't believe how huge it was! It was as big as O-Tae's head! Maybe even bigger!
Arisa: Maybe that's enough of the tall tales? If anything, Rimi was the most shocking of all.
Rimi: Me? Why's that?
Arisa: You didn't hesitate to pack away that chocolate parfait, even after eating all of that meat. That was quite the appetite.
Tae: There's always room for meat and dessert.
Arisa: You sure are devoted to that motto, aren't you?
Rimi: I just couldn't help myself. Not after seeing Kasumi-chan eat hers with such a blissful look on her face...
Saaya: It's contagious, isn't it? She takes one bite, and her face just lights up. It's totally unfair, I tell ya.
Kasumi: Am I really like that? I don't do it on purpose!
Saaya: It works precisely because you don't mean to do it! Alright, well... now that we've had our fill, I believe it's finally time for you-know-what...
Kasumi: Karaoke! Yaaay~!!! Karaoke~♪ Karaoke~♪
Saaya: That's what I'm talking about! That face right there~.

4:40 P.M.
Shopping Mall - Karaoke Parlor

Kasumi: Hehehe~♪ What shall we sing first~♪
Tae: Hey, Kasumi. Pass the mic over here.
Kasumi: O-Tae! Do the thing you always do!
Tae: Okay, then. Mic check: one, two.
Tae: Seems to be working properly. I think it would be better to adjust the echo setting so our voices carry a bit better, though. I'll fix it.
Kasumi: Thank you, thank you! You always come through for us, O-Tae~!
Saaya: All that time working at the live house really paid off for her, huh? She's already like a professional!
Rimi: It somehow does feel easier to hit the right notes when O-Tae-chan sets it up for us.
Kasumi: Can I select the first song now?! Oh, but I've never done this one before, so I might have to skip it. Arisa, hurry up and queue the next one just in case!
Arisa: Really? Why do I have to go next?
Saaya: You can do it, Kasumi~♪ Arisa, once you're done, pass the remote this way.
Arisa: Why don't you just go before me, then?
Saaya: I have an idea! Let's sing together, Arisa! Whaddya say?
Arisa: A-as a duo?! Really? Th-then what should we choose?!
Saaya: Well, I would like to do~...
Tae: Okay, I'm heading to the drink bar. Does anybody else want anything?
Rimi: Here, let me go with you. Maybe I'll borrow a tambourine from the front desk while we're out.
Kasumi: One ginger ale for me, please~! And grab some maracas, too, Rimi-rin! Uh-oh, the intro just started! I hope I can actually sing it. Here goes-
Arisa: So much for that! Whoa, look at her go!

Saaya: Heh, I ended up getting a bit nervous~. So, how would you rate my duet with Rimi-rin?
Kasumi: I give it two... no, ten thumbs up~! That was spectacular! Your high notes harmonized with hers perfectly! You practiced that and didn't tell us, didn't you~?!
Rimi: Saaya-chan, you and I talked about doing this one the last time we came, didn't we?
Kasumi: Aw, so unfair~! I wish I had been there~!
Saaya: In that case, let's rehearse something in preparation for the next time we come!
Kasumi: Yay! So, what should we practice?
Arisa: Kasumi, you're the one who queued this anime song, right? It's about to start.
Kasumi: Whoops! My bad! Here, let's discuss it more a bit later!
Saaya: Roger that~♪ ... Kasumi has completely entered the "anime zone." Maybe I'll pick an anime song, too, then?
Tae: So, Arisa, what're you choosing next?
Arisa: I'm t-trying to scroll through the list, but this remote is kind of hard to use... Uh, O-Tae. What exactly is that... concoction you have there?
Tae: I went with some sherbet ice cream covered in soda. And soft serve on top.
Arisa: That's enough to feed a family! Did you leave any for the other customers?! Actually though, can you really scarf down that whole thing?!
Tae: Of course. There's always room for dessert.
Arisa: You have way too much faith in your stomach!

Kasumi: Awww, the last song has finally come~. If only we could have asked for an extension~.
Saaya: I know how you feel, Kasumi~. But that just means we'll have more songs to sing next time... So, what should we choose for our finale? Should we sing as a group?
Kasumi: I'm down for that! What's a song that we all know...?
Arisa: Huh? Kasumi! Did you see this?!
Kasumi: See what, Arisa? What did you find?
Arisa: I was fiddling with the remote, and then this popped up. Here, look! It's one of Pastel✽Palettes' songs!
Kasumi: I see it! Right there! I had no idea! It's so crazy to see a song from somebody you know right there on the karaoke menu!
Rimi: Wouldn't this work well as our final song, Kasumi-chan? It's one we all know.
Saaya: You're always one step ahead, Rimi-rin! What better way to end our day than with a Pastel✽Palettes track sung by all of us! You up for it, O-Tae?
Tae: Leave the maracas to me.
Kasumi: That's O-Tae for ya! Ready, set, submit~!

Before the Start of a New Season Event Story - Chapter 5
Smile Time

The girls had a great time at karaoke.
They still haven't done the thing Saaya wanted to do, but...


6:50 P.M.
Shopping Mall

Kasumi: That was so much fun~♪ Let's be sure to rehearse some tunes for the next time we come!
Saaya: And we can't forget to do that one song we were talking about! The one where we can easily harmonize!
Kasumi: Oh yeah! Boy, with all five of us there, those two hours sure did just zip by. It feels like we didn't get enough singing in.
Arisa: Says the one who sang a non-stop medley about halfway through.
Rimi: Having to sit through a two-hour lesson is a lot different than spending two hours at karaoke.
Arisa: How many times did you end up slipping off to the drink bar during those two hours, O-Tae?
Tae: I lost track. Maybe twice?
Arisa: No way! Not even close!
Saaya: Hahaha. Alright, it'll be seven o'clock soon. It's about time that we head back.
Kasumi: Huh?! We're not done, though! Saaya, you never made up your mind on what to do today!
Rimi: She's right! You said you'd think about it, so did you come up with anything?
Saaya: Uhhh, I really did try, but there's nothing that comes to mind. I'm telling you, just being with you all is great. It's all the fun I need, really.
Kasumi: Come on, do something with us~. There's no need to hold back, Saaya.
Saaya: That's not it at all! I'm being completely honest!
Arisa: Kasumi, let's just drop it. Saaya said she's telling the truth, so isn't that enough? It won't be any fun if we force her to do something.
Kasumi: That's true, but still~...
Tae: If she thinks of something later, we can just come back again.
Saaya: Works for me. I wanna come back with everyone again, anyway!
Saaya: I really had a good time today, guys. Thanks~. I bring my siblings here every now and then, but I've never stayed this long before.
Rimi: I didn't know that. What do you usually do when you come?
Saaya: We often go to the big supermarket downstairs, right? But my brother and sister always wanna go see the toy store, so that's where we end up...
Kasumi: You never really go anywhere that you like?
Saaya: Nah, they'd get bored way too quickly. And then, I take them to the nearby arcade, so we...
Saaya: ... That's it.
Kasumi: Saaya? You okay?
Saaya: I... realized what I want to do...!
Kasumi: No way! What, what?! Tell me~!!

Kasumi: Saaya! Which background is best? There's way too many to choose from!
Saaya: That's easy... The one with all the ☆☆☆. When you say Poppin'Party, it's gotta be ☆.
Rimi: Yeah! I was thinking the same thing!
Tae: Eye size can be adjusted, as well. Should we?
Arisa: I said to stop fiddling with the buttons! You have no idea what you're doing!
Tae: But you don't know either, do you, Arisa?
Arisa: Th-that's not the point!
Kasumi: I'm kind of surprised that Saaya is so interested in these photo booths.
Saaya: Stop embarrassing me like that~. It's just something I see when I bring my siblings. You know, friends all taking pictures together.
Rimi: Now that you mention it, we've actually never taken a group photo together with all five of us.
Saaya: One picture for each of us! It'll be something for us to remember our day together! ... Wait, Arisa. Your smile is so stiff. You're way too nervous!
Arisa: B-but I'm so awful at doing this...!
Kasumi: Okay, okay! We're sticking to these settings! Is everyone ready?! Here goes nothing~!
Others: 3, 2, 1...
Kasumi: It came out so well! Perfect smiles all around, am I right?!
Rimi: Uh-huh! Saaya-chan looks like she's having the time of her life!
Arisa: Way to show us up though! The camera loves her! It's like she was born for this!
Saaya: Fufu, you think so? I was just acting natural ♪
Rimi: You know, Saaya-chan, that's what Kasumi-chan was saying earlier today...
Tae: Arisa... were you having stomach cramps?
Arisa: Leave me alone!
Kasumi: Saaya, here's the pen! As the guest of honor, you get to doodle the decorations!
Saaya: Me? Really? That seems like a big responsibility.
Saaya: What should I draw?! I have no idea what would be good~.
Tae: Give me some rabbit ears, if you please.
Rimi: How cute! Can you draw a pair on me, too?
Kasumi: Arisa and I will take some cat ears! Right, Arisa? You want us to match, don'tcha?!
Arisa: W-well, I'm fine with anything, so sure.
Saaya: Let's see... Rabbit ears for O-Tae and Rimi-rin, and cat ears for Kasumi and Arisa... How does this look?
Kasumi: Hey, these look really good! How about some whiskers around the mouth?!
Saaya: Whiskers...? Like this, you mean?
Arisa: Really, Saaya?! Not those kind of whiskers! O-Tae looks like some kind of aristocrat now!
Saaya: Huh...? Did I mess up?
Rimi: Not that, Saaya-chan~! The ones with three lines from the cheeks!
Saaya: From the cheeks...? Ah, I get it! Hahaha, I totally got mixed up when Kasumi said to add some whiskers.
Kasumi: Me? Aw, I didn't ruin it, did I?!
Saaya: Hahaha... Sorry, sorry. Here, I'll do it again.
Tae: Wait, don't! I like it this way!
Arisa: Well, you shouldn't!

Before the Start of a New Season Event Story - Ending
See You at School Tomorrow

The girls have finally done everything they wanted to do during the summer.
Kasumi is sad to part ways...


7:15 P.M.
Station Entrance

Saaya: Ow, my stomach hurts from laughing so much~. I had a lot of fun today, guys.
Arisa: Saaya ended up stealing the show at the end~. I still how no idea how that was her first thought when hearing "whiskers."
Saaya: Just rub it in, why don’t you~. It's already bad enough that I got my wires crossed...!
Tae: Hey, I liked it.
Saaya: Thanks, O-Tae. At least someone has my back in this!
Rimi: Fufufu. At least Saaya-chan was able to find something she wanted to do. Now it's officially the best day off ever! Right, Kasumi-chan?
Kasumi: ... Hmmm~.
Rimi: Kasumi-chan? Is something wrong?
Kasumi: It's just... well, the day is over now. I hate that it has to end. I always get lonely when I think about going back home. If only we could be together just a bit longer~.
Saaya: Fufu. We'll see each other at school tomorrow. It'll be alright.
Rimi: With the end of today comes a new tomorrow. Don't you think so, Kasumi-chan? We'll see each other bright and early at school!
Arisa: Kasumi, weren't you the one who was happy summer vacation ended?
Kasumi: I did say that, didn't I...? Hm... Yeah, you're right! We'll definitely meet up at school, anyway, so it'll be fine!
Tae: Kasumi, don't forget that our afternoon lessons start tomorrow, as well. Be sure to pack a lunch to bring with you.
Kasumi: O-Tae, you're a lifesaver! I had completely forgotten!
Tae: I... know this is out of nowhere, but... do you remember when we all hung out and ate lunch in the courtyard for the first time?
Kasumi: Huh? Yeah? What about it?
Tae: You all said that I was your friend. That... really shocked me. In a good way. Nobody had ever considered me a friend before that.
Kasumi: Yeah, but... what brought this on?
Tae: Up until then, I had spent all of my free time cooped up practicing guitar. Which is fine because I love the guitar. But it meant that I never really hung out with other people...
Tae: And yet, playing guitar is what helped us to become friends. And that's what brought about all the fun days we've been able to spend together.
Tae: As strange as this may sound, a part of me thinks learning guitar was fate. So I could meet all of you.
Kasumi: Wh-wha-?! Where's this coming from?!
Arisa: O-O-Tae! Did too many trips to the drink bar mess with your brain or something?!
Tae: No, I was just saying what was on my mind. Wait, did I say something weird?
Arisa: N-not exactly, but...! You just surprised me, spouting that out!
Kasumi: O-Tae...! Thank you for saying that~!
Rimi: I agree with everything O-Tae-chan said. All the great memories I've made, including today, were possible because I met you all.
Saaya: You got that right. I totally appreciate you guys.
Kasumi: Why did ya have to go and say all that~? Now it's gonna be even harder to say goodbye today...
Arisa: This is nice and all, but how long are we gonna chat here...?! It's already past seven. Kasumi and O-Tae have to take the train back, so they have to get a move on.
Saaya: Yup! Our families will get worried if we leave any later than this. I know it's hard, but it's time for everyone to say their goodbyes!
Kasumi: Alright, catch you all tomorrow! Boo, I wish it were already morning~.
Rimi: I'll walk you two to the station. If you don't mind.
Kasumi: Sounds good, thanks! Let's go, O-Tae!
Tae: Wait... A rabbit. Right there...
Arisa: There she goes again. What sort of mutated rock or stump did you find this time?
Tae: Not a rock. Look. Up there. ... The moon.
Arisa: Huh? The moon?
Saaya: Yeah... It is, without a doubt... a rabbit.
Kasumi: Wow, it sure is pretty tonight~.
Rimi: The harvest moon season will be here fairly soon.
Kasumi: O-Tae! Photo! You've gotta take a photo of it! You said you haven't found that rabbit-like something that you really like yet, right?!
Tae: Hold on, everyone. One picture of the moon, coming up. ... You ready up there? Say "cheese"!
Arisa: I don't think it can hear you...
Kasumi: ... Did you snap a good one?
Tae: You bet... It'll be a masterpiece!
Kasumi: Yay~! We finally, for real this time, finished our to-do list!
Kasumi: ... Hey, I have an idea! Let's watch the moon together here on the bench! Just 10 minutes! And not a second more, I promise! Are you okay with that, O-Tae?
Tae: Of course.
Rimi: The next train isn't scheduled to come for a little while. We should have 10 minutes to spare, I think?
Arisa: ... You'd never let us hear the end of it if we refused. I hope you know you're staying too, Saaya.
Saaya: Okay, I will... But only for 10 minutes♪
Kasumi: Awesome~! O-Tae, show me the picture you just took!
Rimi: Show me next!
Tae: Why don't we start from the beginning? Rabbits All Around Us: a collection of photographs by Tae Hanazono! And for our first piece, we have-
Arisa: There's no way they'll wade through all those in 10 minutes.
Saaya: Who knows? I wouldn't count on it, though.
Saaya: Ahhh, feel that cool evening breeze. It beats the afternoon heat any day.
Arisa: It sure does. Feels like fall is just around the corner.
Kasumi: Get over here, Saaya! Arisa! You're missing all the fun! See, this one really does look like a bunny!
Arisa: Stop encouraging her! Here, I'll be the judge of that! Scooch over!
Saaya: Now this, I've gotta see. Make some room~.

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