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Best Shopping Effort Card Story - Episode

Shopping with Kanon Part 1


Fast Food Store

Kanon: So... We need to talk about sweets and drinks for the event, right?
Rimi: Yes. Tsugumi-chan is taking care of drinks for us, so we're in charge of sweets.
Saaya: Mostly because my dad got overexcited about how much bread he'd be baking.
Kanon: Ah, actually, about that. If we just serve the bread your father made for us, I feel like it won't feel very special...
Saaya: I see... You're probably right.
Kanon: Everyone else is working to make something original for the event, so I think we should do the same...
Kanon: Since we have this opportunity, I think we should make something that only we can make. I thought maybe some sort of original pastry would be nice... What do you two think?
Rimi: An original pastry only we can make... That sounds so exciting!
Saaya: Yeah, seems like a great idea to me! I'm all for it!
Saaya: Ah, then how does this sound?
Saaya: We'll come up with a few different ideas, I'll show them to my dad, and he can make us some samples.
Kanon: Your father making samples...? W-we wouldn't want to take up his time... He already has to make bread for the bakery too...
Saaya: Don't worry about it! It's fine! Dad loves doing this kind of stuff.
Rimi: And Saaya-chan's father makes some of the tastiest bread in the world, so I think it's a great idea to have him help us out.
Kanon: I see. Then if it's not too much trouble... would it be alright to ask your father for his help?
Saaya: Of course! And with that settled, let's put on our thinking caps and come up with some ideas!

Kanon: Phew~... We sure came up with a lot of different pastries.
Saaya: No kidding! I'm sure any of these would make a great addition to the event!
Rimi: I like this Michelle-shaped bread a lot. It's super cute, so it would probably be really popular.
Kanon: Ah, if it's possible... could we have her eyes and nose made out of big chocolate chips, and then draw the stars of her eyes in white chocolate?
Rimi: Kanon-senpai... You're very particular when it comes to Michelle.
Kanon: E-ehehe... Well, she is one of my precious bandmates.
Saaya: Hang on, let me write that down... "White-chocolate stars in the eyes"... Got it!
Kanon: Thank you, Saaya-chan.
Rimi: As long as we're talking about details... maybe it'd be a good idea to change the pastry dough too.
Kanon: Wait, the dough?
Rimi: Yes. Uhm... Regular dough gives the bread a glossy finish, so Michelle's fluffiness might not really come across.
Saaya: Yeah, her fluffiness is a big part of her charm~.
Saaya: Okay~! I'll ask my dad what we can do about that. "Make it fluffy..." Noted! Let's see, the next thing is...
Saaya: Oh, about these bagels... The plan is to have everyone help decorate and package them once they're finished, right?
Kanon: That's right. We should do all of that together.
Kanon: Okay then, we'll have Saaya-chan's father make these two samples...
Rimi: U-uhm... After some thought, I do think we should add chocolate cornets to the menu! The way Saaya-chan's family makes them is just so amazing!
Saaya: Fufu, thanks, Rimi-rin. But chocolate cornets are a regular item at our bakery, so they're probably not the best choice if we want something original.
Kanon: What if... you changed the cream you use as filling?
Saaya: Change... the filling...?
Kanon: Yes. Like instead of chocolate cream, you add something else.
Rimi: That sounds great! Let's do that!
Saaya: Something instead of chocolate, huh...? All I can think of is custard cream and whipped cream...
Saaya: ... And you see cornets with those fillings all the time~.
Kanon: That's true, neither of those fillings are very unique. Do you have any ideas, Rimi-chan?
Rimi: Uhh... Uhm... Hmm~...
Rimi: S-sorry... Their chocolate cornets are so tasty, I can't imagine them with any other filling...
Kanon: Fufu. How about we put that idea aside for now, and meet up tomorrow to buy decorations for everything?
Saaya: Good idea! Rimi-rin, you're coming too, right?!
Rimi: Mhm!

Best Shopping Effort Card Story - Special Episode

Shopping with Kanon Part 2


Shopping Mall

Kanon: Hmm... Do we have everything we need for decorating and packaging?
Rimi: Yes! If we put our pastries in these bags and then put these stickers and stuff on them, they'll be super cute!
Saaya: And my dad was very excited about the ideas we had for the bread, so we don't have to worry about that either!
Kanon: That's good. That just leaves the candy decorations.
Rimi: Chocolate chips and powdered sugar, right? Should we head over to the grocery store?
Kanon: The grocery store...
Saaya: Huh? Is something wrong, Kanon-senpai?
Kanon: N-no, it's just... the grocery store here always gives me such a hard time...
Rimi: What do you mean... it gives you a hard time...?
Kanon: There are so many aisles inside a grocery store... I never know which one's which, and I end up getting lost...
Saaya: I-is that so...? I suppose all the aisles do look similar... Rimi-rin and I are with you today, though, so it'll be fine.
Kanon: Y-yeah...! You're right.
Rimi: Let's head over then.

Kanon: Chocolate chips... Chocolate pens... What else?
Saaya: The only thing left is powdered sugar. Let's see... Doesn't look like it's around here...
Rimi: I'll go check the shelves over there.
Saaya: Thanks, Rimi-rin~. I'll go check the next aisle.
Kanon: Okay. I'll keep looking around here then.
Saaya: If you don't mind.
Kanon: Let's see... Powdered sugar, powdered sugar... Here's regular sugar...
Kanon: Ah, don't they sell cakes over that way? Maybe they have it over there... No harm in looking...
Saaya: Great eye, Rimi-rin! I can't believe they put it so far back on the top shelf. I totally missed it.
Rimi: I'm just glad we found it~!
Rimi: ... Ah, wait... Kanon-senpai... She's gone.
Saaya: You're right... I wonder where she went.
Rimi: Maybe... she got lost. We have to find her...
Saaya: Y-yeah!

Kanon: Huh...? I thought I was heading toward the entrance... Where am I? The coffee section?
Kanon: Tsugumi-chan is already taking care of drinks... What I need to find is the powdered sugar...
Kanon: Fueee~... Looks like I'm lost...
Saaya: Ah! There she is! Kanon-senpai!
Kanon: Saaya-chan, Rimi-chan...
Rimi: I'm so glad we found you...
Kanon: I-I'm sorry... I went looking for the powdered sugar but somehow ended up in the coffee section...
Saaya: So that's what happened. I thought maybe you were considering using coffee as a decoration.
Kanon: Coffee as a... decoration...? That's it!
Rimi: What's it?
Kanon: Remember yesterday when we were trying to think of a new filling for chocolate cornets?
Rimi: Y-yes...
Kanon: How about using coffee cream?
Saaya: Hm? Coffee cream?
Kanon: Mhm. We could use coffee from Tsugumi-chan's shop and mix it into the cream. Then, we can use that as the filling for the cornets...
Saaya: That... sounds amazing! Using coffee from there pretty much guarantees that they'll be delicious!
Rimi: I-I'd like to try them too.
Saaya: Plus, using bread from Yamabuki Bakery and coffee from Hazawa Coffee will make those cornets something original that only we can make! I'll ask my dad about it!
Saaya: What a great idea! We can always count on you, Kanon-senpai!
Kanon: Ehehe... Thank you, you two. I may have gotten lost, but I'm glad something good came out of it.