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Beyond Frustration Card Story - Episode

I'm a Sensitive Person


Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Touko: ... All right, I'm ready to take notes! Nanami, you can start whenever!
Tsukushi: I'm also ready to start recording once you are!
Nanami: Ahaha... It's kind of hard to play when you're all so focused on me~.
Mashiro: I-I'm sorry... I'll try not to look then.
Nanami: Uhhh, your kindness makes me feel bad~... I guess I can do this just one more time~.
Touko: That's totally fine! Thanks a lot!
Tsukushi: None of us would've been able to figure out Rui-san's phrase!
Tsukushi: I don’t know what we would've done without you, Nanami-chan!
Nanami: I'm not going to play more just because you praise me, okay~? Alright, I'll start from the top~...

Touko: Oh, I get it... Huh! I see~! So that's how that part is played~!
Nanami: ... And that concludes my super lucky, totally-by-chance performance of Rui-rui's phrase~.
Mashiro: I was shocked when I heard it the first time, but the second time was just as amazing...!
Tsukushi: Yeah, I can't believe you can get lucky and do something like that!
Nanami: Y-yeah~... Funny how that works, huh~?
Touko: ... All written down! Now I won't forget! Nanami, thanks so much!
Nanami: No problem. I'm glad I could help~.
Tsukushi: So, Toko-chan, do you think you can practice now?
Touko: Totally. I'm so going to beat Rui now. I can feel the power of the god of guitars in my right arm!
Mashiro: J-just your right arm?
Tsukushi: Oh yeah... I have something that might help you out, Toko-chan!
Touko: Oh? What is it? What are you getting out?!
Tsukushi: Fufu! A music magazine! It has a lot of information on how to practice the guitar!
Tsukushi: If your fundamentals improve, it'll be easier for you to master the phrase, right?
Nanami: Oooh~, I had no idea you read magazines like this, Tsu-chan.
Tsukushi: Of course, I study magazines like this. I'm the band's leader, after all!
Touko: How to practice, huh...?
Tsukushi: H-huh...? You don't seem that excited...
Touko: It's just that I'm not good at stuff like that. I can't seem to make sense of what I'm reading.
Touko: I wish there was a way I could just pick it up and do it~.
Nanami: Ahaha, you're definitely the intuitive type that doesn't think about things like theories.
Touko: Yeah, that's probably it. Even the musical notes just look like tadpoles to me.
Tsukushi: Tadpoles...? How have you been learning our songs then?
Touko: By listening to Rui's samples and copying them.
Tsukushi: ... Then what were you writing down just now...?
Touko: Oh, wanna see? I just wrote down what I heard! Here!
Mashiro: Louder, "Make it more sparkly," "Kick it up a notch..."
Tsukushi: Th-these are literally just descriptions of how the parts sound to you...
Nanami: Can you actually form an image of the song in your mind with this, Toko-chan?
Touko: ...? Yeah, that's why I wrote it down. Uh, did I write something weird?
Nanami: No, I like it~. It's very you~.
Touko: Right? I think I did a pretty good job of writing it down!
Tsukushi: W-well... As long as you can work with it, I guess it's okay...
Mashiro: Rui-san would probably have a fit if she saw this...
Touko: All right! Time to get down to practice!

Beyond Frustration Card Story - Special Episode

Being Uncool Is So Not Cool


Edogawa Music

Marina: ... Hm? Toko-chan?
Touko: Oh, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san!
Touko: Ooh, what are you two doing slacking off here? I didn't think you had it in you!
Marina: W-we're not slacking off! We just came to purchase some supplies. Are you here to shop, Toko-chan?
Touko: Yeah! My strings broke, so I need replacements.
Marina: I see. That happens to all guitar players~.
Touko: But it's such a pain. It's been happening every day...
Marina: E-everyday?! That seems like a bit much... Are you sure you're not changing them wrong?
Touko: Nah, I had one of the staff here show me how to do it, so I've got it down perfectly.
Touko: It's probably 'cause I'm practicing from morning to night every day~.
Marina: Wow, you're practicing that much? That's pretty amazing!
Touko: Right~? I'm working my butt off, but Rui's still telling me my performance isn't perfect!
Touko: Even though I can play the flashiest part of the song now!
Marina: So you're practicing the highlight of the song?
Touko: Uh-huh! It's the super awesome part that stands out, right? The way I see it, it's the best way to get people to pay attention to my guitar more!
Touko: But when I first told Rui I wanted to do it, she said no because she thought I wouldn't be able to handle it! Pretty rude, right?
Touko: She was acting like she knew what I was capable of, even though I hadn't even tried. I wasn't gonna take that from her.
Touko: That's why I was determined to prove her wrong!
Marina: I see... I think Rui-chan had her own reasons, though.
Touko: I don't know about that... But it looks like Rui's been doing a lot of stuff to get to where she is.
Marina: I'm sure she practices a lot to be as good as she is.
Touko: Yeah. That's why I thought it'd be pretty lame if I don't practice at least that much.
Touko: I practiced in the morning at school and at the atelier after school... I even canceled all the plans I had with my other friends.
Touko: Still, when someone like me practices, it's a given that things are gonna turn out awesome.
Marina: So, who's going to be playing the highlight?
Touko: Me, of course! Rui's still saying my performance isn't perfect, though.
Marina: Ahaha, I bet you're really looking forward to your next show then!
Touko: Yeah! Be sure to come, okay? I'm gonna show you two some sweet riffs!