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Birdcage Diva Card Story - Episode

Yukina's Announcement


Ako: Rin-rin! That last part you played was so awesome~!
Rinko: Really...?
Ako: Yeah! It was so cool how you went da-da-daaan!
Rinko: Th-thanks...
Rinko: Um... Ako-chan... why don't we take a break... before the others arrive...?
Ako: Good idea! I'm a tiny bit tired after all that drumming~.
Rinko: That's not surprising... since we started rehearsing... really early today...
Ako: But you got here even earlier than I did, right Rin-rin?
Rinko: That's because... I was thinking about rehearsals... and I woke up too early...
Ako: Me too! I woke up super early cause I couldn't wait to get back on the drums after our last gig!
Ako: That gig was just so awesome, wasn't it?!
Rinko: Yes... I want to play more shows... like that...
Lisa: Huh? Hey guys.
Ako: Oh! Lisa-nee! And Sayo... san! Good morning!
Sayo: Good morning. You two are rather early today.
Ako: Our last gig was sooo much fun that I couldn't wait any longer to get back on the drums! Right, Rin-rin?
Rinko: Y-yes...
Lisa: I know what you mean! I've had this urge to play the bass ever since. I thought I might be too early today, but I guess not.
Ako: Did you come early because you were still excited from our last gig too, Sayo-san?
Sayo: I just...
Lisa: Just what?
Sayo: ... I just wanted to start rehearsing as soon as possible to review what we gained from our last performance.
Lisa: Ahaha, so I guess we're all on the same page then♪
Ako: It was just sooo much fun!
Rinko: Yes... it was so fun... time just... flew by...
Lisa: Totally! I had fun playing all the songs, but it was the last one that really did it for me.
Lisa: Yukina was so full of life when she was singing that one♪
Ako: *sigh*... Yukina-san was so cool when she was singing that new song...
Ako: Rin-rin, I'm so glad we convinced her to do it!
Rinko: Me too... that song... and Yukina-san's voice... were really nice...
Sayo: I agree. It was Minato-san that drew out the full potential of that song.
Lisa: Ooh, it's not every day Sayo lays out the praise!
Sayo: I'm... simply giving an accurate evaluation of our performance.
Lisa: Are you now~?
Sayo: Why are you grinning like that? Don't mock me.
Lisa: Ahaha, my bad~.
Yukina: ... Oh?
Ako: Ah, Yukina-san! Good morning!
Yukina: Good morning, everyone. You're all here early. What's going on?
Lisa: We're all still pumped from our last gig, and we just couldn't wait any longer to start.
Yukina: I see...
Yukina: (I couldn't get our last show out of my head either, which is why I came in early... It seems like it was the same for everyone else too.)
Lisa: (Yukina looks kind of happy now.)
Sayo: (Minato-san sang with even more power than usual during that last song... It was impossible for anyone to take their eyes off her.)
Rinko: (Yukina-san... was so cool that day...)
Ako: (Argh, just looking at Yukina-san reminds me of our gig!)
Yukina: ...?
Yukina: (I can't help but feel I'm being stared at...)
Yukina: What's going on here...?
Lisa: We were just talking about how you sang so well the other day... And how the last song was just so good.
Yukina: I see... I feel like I was able to convey my feelings the most in the last song too.
Yukina: I owe this to all of you... If it wasn't for your support, I might not have chosen to sing it.
Yukina: I haven't said this properly yet, have I? ... Thank you.
Lisa & Sayo: !
Ako & Rinko: !
Ako: Oh my god~! Yukina-san thanked us!
Rinko: U-umm... uh... thank you... too...
Lisa: Oh man~, like I'm surprised, but... being thanked like this kinda makes me feel weird!
Yukina: Is this something to be so surprised about...?
Sayo: (Everyone is in high spirits.)
Sayo: (But... part of me kind of likes it. It seems what we have here is starting to grow on me...)
Ako: Yukina-san said "thank you"...
Ako: *gasp* I should've recorded it! Aww, I can't believe I missed my chance~!
Sayo: ... Settle down, Udagawa-san.
Sayo: It's about time we start rehearsing. I'm sure you all agree?
Yukina: Of course. Let's give it everything we've got.

Birdcage Diva Card Story - Special Episode

Face The Music


Yukina: The score has seen quite a lot of use. I wrote so many notes on it too...
Yukina: I don't think there's a single unmarked page.
Yukina: Oh? BanG Dreamer-san. Are you on your break?
Yukina: I was just looking at my scores. This is the one from our last gig. I looked at it so many times that it's starting to fall apart.
Yukina: This particular song... is one that my father used to sing.
Yukina: I found it on an old cassette tape of my father's, and I was stunned the first time I listened to it.
Yukina: There was something intense and emotive about it... I couldn't move after I listened to it...
Yukina: I didn't know music like that existed...
Yukina: The song was so powerful, and I wanted to sing it...
Yukina: ... Like my father did. This is what went through my mind...
Yukina: But I was worried if I could sing it or not. This song requires quite a high level of skill. And not only that...
Yukina: I... wasn't sure if I was worthy of singing it.
Yukina: I could sense a purity in this song, a single-minded passion towards music... How could I sing something like that?
Yukina: I was tortured by these thoughts.
Yukina: But despite this, I chose to sing it... I suppose it was the things the people I treasure said to me that helped me make that decision.
Yukina: That trying to face this song was proof that my passion towards music was pure.
Yukina: There's no such thing as a song that can't be played...
Yukina: ... This is why I decided to sing this song. Even if I was imperfect, and still lacking something.
Yukina: That's right. Thanks to everyone, I was able to sing with my head held higher than usual. I can't say I had a completely clear conscience, but...
Yukina: I'm not going to run from those feelings. I see now that it's important not to.
Yukina: Thanks to this song, I feel that I've been able to take a step forward. For the band also, it was a big stepping stone for improvement.
Yukina: So, in that sense as well, I'm thankful that I found this song... No, not only that.
Yukina: I'm thankful to all the members of Roselia.
Yukina: Everyone stayed back late and practiced it again and again to improve the quality of our performance...
Yukina: If it wasn't for them, we could never have performed this song.
Yukina: ... That's true. The me of the past would never have reached this realization.
Yukina: I've grown through singing... through our music. And I don't just mean that I sing better... I feel like I've grown as a person.
Yukina: Music is a mysterious thing, isn't it...? It can change a person's way of thinking.
Yukina: You think I smile more than I used to? ... Fufu, I suppose you're right.
Yukina: That's the power of music? True. It's also... the power of the people you treasure.
Yukina: That doesn't sound like something I would say, does it? I'm sorry, I've been talking your ears off.
Yukina: BanG Dreamer-san. Roselia can reach greater heights than this... I know this now.
Yukina: I wonder how I will look at music when we reach those heights...
Yukina: And what kind of relationship I will have with my music then. It's still so far away yet I can't wait to find out.
Yukina: I will put what I feel into song... And someday you'll hear it.
Yukina: I hope you look forward to that day as much as I do.