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Bittersweet Time Card Story - Episode

Put My Feelings in the Chocolate


Shopping Mall

Arisa: Act natural and just... casually pass her the thank-you chocolates...
Arisa: Okay, my plan is perfect. Now, I just need to get the timing right to hand them to Lisa-san.
Arisa: (After all, I was able to make nice Valentine's chocolates thanks to her... I hope she likes my present.)
Lisa: Heya~, Arisa♪ Sorry, did I keep you waiting?
Arisa: Ah, Lisa-san! N-no, I just got here as well...
Lisa: Really? Phew~. Fufu, I'm so happy you invited me out, Arisa~.
Lisa: So where are we heading? Was there something you wanted to see?
Arisa: Huh? Err, not especially...
Arisa: (Darn it...! My head was filled with nothing but this gift.)
Lisa: Oh? Is that so?
Arisa: S-sorry...
Lisa: It's okay. Then how about we look at clothes together? Oh yeah, you can tell me all about your Valentine's Day party while we walk!

Lisa: I see~. So it all went well in the end! Still, resisting sweets in order to eat the ultimate chocolate is a pretty wild idea~.
Arisa: Yeah, I was shocked too when I first heard it...
Lisa: Fufu, well I'm glad it turned out to be a great Valentine's Day party☆
Arisa: Everyone liked the chocolates I made too... So thank you very much for helping me.
Lisa: Ahaha, I hardly did anything~! But you're welcome♪
Arisa: Th-the thing is... there's actually something I wanted to give you...! H-here...
Lisa: Ah... Is this chocolate?
Arisa: Y-yes. Sorry that it's a little late. I had to keep starting over until I made something I was happy with...
Arisa: It's... a thank-you for helping me make those Valentine's chocolates.
Lisa: Wow~, thank you~! Fufu, this is a pleasant surprise~♪
Lisa: Hey, can I open them now?
Arisa: Of course. Oh, although, they're nowhere near as good as the ones you make, Lisa-san...
Lisa: Let's see here~... Whoa, these are super pretty! And the roses you drew on the chocolates are totally cute!
Arisa: Th-thank you very much! Creating the shape of the petals was difficult so they're a little wonky...
Lisa: Not at all! You did a great job when we made chocolates together the other day, but I think these might be even better.
Arisa: R-really? Thank gosh... I was worried because I made them by myself...
Lisa: Fufu, I thought you were acting a little differently today. Now I know the reason.
Arisa: I was so nervous when the moment to give you the chocolates came...
Lisa: I see~. Well, you beat me to the punch~.
Arisa: ...? What do you mean?
Lisa: The truth is, I made these to give to you today♪ Here you go!
Arisa: Huh?! For me? A-are you sure?
Lisa: You bet! Remember when we were cooking together, you said you couldn't eat candy yet?
Lisa: So I was planning on giving these to you after you finished your challenge. Think of it as a belated Valentine's Day gift!
Arisa: Thank you! I'll savor them later.
Lisa: Ah, in that case, do you wanna come over to my place after this?
Lisa: Let's eat each other's chocolates together! I bought a yummy tea that'll go perfectly with them♪

Imai Residence - Living Room

Lisa: Thanks for waiting~. The tea is ready. Are you okay with drinking it hot?
Arisa: Y-yes! That's fine...!
Lisa: ... Oh? Are you feeling nervous again?
Arisa: Um, I didn't anticipate that you'd eat the chocolates I made right in front of me...
Lisa: Fufu, I better not make you wait any longer then. Down the hatch it goes☆
Lisa: Mhm... Interesting...
Arisa: Gulp...
Lisa: Mmm, this is delicious~! The mouthfeel is smooth and the sweetness is just right!
Arisa: Really? Th-that's a relief...
Lisa: Well then, next up is my chocolate! Go on! Give it a try!
Arisa: H-here I go...!
Lisa: Well? I'm quite proud of them...
Arisa: They're absolutely amazing! The sweetness is superb and the fragrance is... How do I put this? Really refreshing!
Lisa: You think so~? I'm glad you like them~.
Lisa: I actually put orange peels in this batch. I think it gave the chocolate a nice, fresh aroma~!
Arisa: Interesting. So this is what happens when you add orange peels... I might give it a try next time...
Lisa: Ah, then would you like to make some together right now? I can show you how to do it♪
Arisa: R-really? I'd love that! Please teach me lots of new techniques!
Lisa: Sure☆ Then let's make chocolate so divine, we'll surprise even ourselves!

Bittersweet Time Card Story - Special Episode

A Long Way to Go


Shopping Mall

Marina: Phew, there were lots of customers today. We better eat a nutritious lunch so we can work hard in the afternoon as well!
Marina: Oh, isn't that...?
Arisa: Hmm, the store-bought stuff is definitely different... The shapes are pretty, and the exterior is glossy...
Marina: I thought that was you, Arisa-chan. Hello. What are you up to?
Arisa: Ah, Marina-san and BanG Dreamer. I was taking a quick look at these chocolates...
Marina: Wow, every one of them looks delicious. Are you here to buy some?
Arisa: No, I didn't come here to buy any. How should I say this...? I was comparing them to the ones I made myself...
Arisa: The Poppin'Party members held a Valentine's party the other day.
Marina: I heard about that. You guys were avoiding eating candy in the lead-up to that day, right?
Arisa: Ah, yes. Rimi complimented the chocolates I made and said they looked store-bought...
Marina: Whoa, Rimi-chan the chocolate expert said that? That's impressive!
Arisa: Nah, I'm sure she was just being polite... When I look at these chocolates for sale here, I can see I've still got a long way to go.
Arisa: Besides, they might've just looked better than usual because we avoided sweet things until the party...
Marina: Really? I think Rimi-chan was telling the truth~.
Marina: Although I haven't seen your chocolates myself, you put all your effort into making them for your friends, right, Arisa-chan?
Arisa: Err, well... Yes.
Marina: In that case, I bet you took great care when creating them. They probably turned out much better than you think.
Arisa: Maybe so... Um, thank you very much.
Marina: Fufu, I bet those who were lucky enough to receive your chocolates were very happy.
Arisa: No way! That's a serious overstatement!
Marina: Oh~, I don't think so.
Arisa: L-like I said... Actually, can we drop this subject?
Marina: Fufu... Sure. We need to go eat lunch anyway.
Arisa: Ah, excuse me. I didn't mean to get in your way!
Marina: Not at all! I'm the one who called out to you in the first place!
Arisa: That's fine. Well, I'll see you next time at CiRCLE.