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Ehehe. I can't wait to do fireworks with everyone~!
Blossoming Summer Moon
Blossoming Summer Moon T


Title Blossoming Summer Moon
Member Ako (icon) Udagawa Ako
Episodes Episode
Fireworks Together Part 1
Special Episode
Fireworks Together Part 2
Band Roselia logo white outline
Rarity Star trainedStar trainedStar trainedStar trained
Attribute Pure Pure
Skill Name Sparklers on a Moonlit Night (月夜の線香花火)
Skill (Lvl 5) Perfect Note Score increased by 110% for 7 secs. If the Band is all Roselia members, Perfect Note Score increased by 125%
Availability Gacha599
Server Availability Jp Tw Kr En Cn 
Card ID № 00998


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