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Blossoming Summer Moon Card Story - Episode

Fireworks Together Part 1


CiRCLE - Lobby

Yukina: Good work today, everyone. I shall go and book our next session.
Lisa: Next is Sunday, and then next Wednesday, right?
Rinko: I think our next one... was moved to Saturday...
Lisa: Oh yeah! That was close.
Lisa: So our next session is on Saturday, then! Yukina!
Ako: ...
Sayo: Udagawa-san?
Ako: Uwah! Yes, sorry!
Sayo: Seriously... What exactly were you staring at so intensely?
Ako: This here! It's a poster for a fireworks festival!
Rinko: That reminds me... they were handing out fliers downtown... saying it would be held on Sunday...
Yukina: There was also a large poster hanging in the station.
Ako: I saw that too! It had huge fireworks on it going "kaboom"!
Lisa: Yeah, I saw that. I bet it will get quite the turnout this year too.
Lisa: I love fireworks festivals~. It's so much fun looking at the fireworks and talking about their interesting shapes~.
Ako: Yeah, yeah! I love them too!
Ako: I know! Why don't we all go to the festival together?
Yukina: The five of us? To a festival?
Ako: Yeah!
Ako: We can watch the fireworks, go around the food stalls, and talk about stuff! I just know it'll be so, so much fun!
Sayo: Don't you think that would be a little difficult?
Lisa: I kinda agree with Sayo on this one. I don't think Rinko and Yukina would do too well with the crowds~.
Ako: Ah...! Right! Fireworks festivals do get pretty crowded.
Ako: In that case, hmm... How about we do some fireworks on our own?!
Yukina: I do not mind that... but you understand that means no food stalls, correct?
Ako: I know~! That's a shame and all, but doing fireworks together is the most important part!
Lisa: Ako, that's so nice of you to say!
Rinko: If we do fireworks by ourselves... we can relax more... Yeah. I'm... in.
Rinko: I will look up... where we can do fireworks.
Ako: Yay~! Thanks, Rin-rin!
Rinko: Ah... Ako-chan, it's dangerous... to hug me so suddenly.
Sayo: Unbelievable. Be careful not to mess around too much on the day.
Ako: Ehehe. I will!

A Few Days Later - Recess
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Hallway

Tomoe: Ah! Minato-san! Lisa-san! I just heard!
Lisa: Oh, Tomoe. Heard about what?
Tomoe: About the fireworks. Ako told me you were all gonna do them together. She seemed pretty happy about it.
Tomoe: Ah, also, don't worry about getting any fireworks. We've got a mountain of 'em from when we did some as a family the other day!
Tomoe: Oops, there's the bell. I'd better get to class, then. Have fun with your fireworks~!
Yukina: ... So, Ako did fireworks with her family recently, then?
Lisa: Seems that way... Has she always liked fireworks this much?
Lisa & Yukina: ...?

Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-A

Ako: Fufufu♪
Ako: Ehehe. I can't wait to do fireworks with everyone~!

Blossoming Summer Moon Card Story - Special Episode

Fireworks Together Part 2


Day of the Fireworks

Rinko: Wow... That is impressive...
Lisa: What on earth?! You can't even hold them all in your hands!
Ako: Ehehe~ I brought all of the fireworks we had in the house♪
Yukina: What is this...? It has a rather peculiar shape.
Lisa: I know that one! The handle's always an unusual shape, like an animal or a flower.
Lisa: But that's the only thing different about it, it's just a regular firework.
Yukina: Is that so? There really are so many different types.
Ako: I've got loads more! Okay~, which one should we start with~?
Sayo: Udagawa-san, the fireworks will get damp if you open them all at once.
Sayo: Please open them one bag at a time.
Ako: Ehehe, okay.
Rinko: Fufu... So, shall we begin...?

Ako: Look, Rin-rin! This one changes color halfway through!
Ako: The one Lisa-nee's holding is super bright! Ahaha, wow, wow!
Yukina: ...
Rinko: Huh...? Yukina-san...? What's the matter?
Ako: Did you run out of fireworks? We can just open another bag—
Yukina: No, that is not the issue. I have something I would like to ask you.
Ako: Ask me? What is it?
Yukina: Ako... you did fireworks with your family recently, did you not?
Ako: Huh?! How did you know?
Lisa: We heard from Tomoe. So we were a little surprised, or rather, we thought it was kinda strange.
Lisa: Like, why would you wanna do fireworks with us if you already did them not long ago with your family~?
Yukina: I was not aware that you were this fond of fireworks, Ako.
Yukina: And you were very persistent about it... Was there a particular reason for this?
Ako: Of course there was a reason!
Ako: I wanted to make a fireworks memory with all of Roselia!
Lisa: Hmm...? Wait, huh? That's all?
Ako: Yeah! That's all, but it's super important to me!
Ako: I mean, when it comes to the people you love, it's the more memories the better, right?
Lisa: Memories with the people you love, huh?
Rinko: I am so happy... to hear you say that...
Sayo: ...
Yukina: ... Honestly, you are overreacting.
Lisa: Hey, I know you're both happy too, so why can't you just show it?
Lisa: In that case, though, we'd better make some exceptional memories☆
Sayo: ... What did you have in mind...?
Lisa: Isn't it obvious?! Ta-da! It's time for a sparkler showdown~!
Rinko: A sparkler showdown...? Do you mean... to see whose can last the longest...?
Ako: Huh?! Isn't that really hard?! Mine always run out super quickly.
Yukina: It will be fine if you stay still.
Ako: That's the hard part~!
Lisa: Ahaha! You can do it, Ako~!
Lisa: Anyway, here, take one already! One each, okay?!
Ako: Ngh~. Which one should I pick~?
Sayo: They are all the same, so does it even matter?
Ako: They look the same, but I'm sure they're different! Just watch, I'm definitely gonna pick a strong one...!
Rinko: Fufu...
Sayo: Sigh, unbelievable.
Lisa: Are we ready? Here we go then~. Everybody, light your sparklers together~...
Ako: Ready... Go!