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Blue Roses in Harmony (Hikawa Sayo) Card Story - Episode

Sayo's Sketchbook



Sayo: Minato-san... I appreciate you joining me for my solo practice. Thank you for your time.
Yukina: What's with the sudden formalities?
Sayo: Whether you're here to sing or not creates a different level of pressure when I'm rehearsing.
Sayo: I have this vague feeling that receiving your help results in a more productive session than just accumulating hours and hours of practice.
Yukina: That's nice to hear.
Sayo: That's why I wanted to find a way in which I could support you. I brought something with me for that purpose.
Sayo: Would you mind taking a look at it?
Yukina: No, not at all. What'd you bring?
Sayo: ... This. Please, see for yourself.
Yukina: Is this... a sketchbook?
Sayo: I put my best effort into designing outfits for Roselia.
Sayo: I know you've been contemplating new designs, so I started to wonder if there was anything I could do to help...
Yukina: Fufu... I'm happy to hear that.
Yukina: Can I open it?
Sayo: Yes. Please do...
Yukina: Alright. Here I go.
Sayo: ... What do you think?
Yukina: ... Uhm, Sayo? May I ask a few questions?
Sayo: Go ahead.
Yukina: We all seem to be wearing a baseball cap of sorts... What was the thought process behind that?
Sayo: There are times when we're on stage and the lighting is so bright that I'm unable to see my hands. I added the caps so that wouldn't hinder our performance.
Yukina: ... Oh. I actually... hadn't realized that until now...
Yukina: I'd like to ask one more question... We all have a towel hanging from our necks... Why's that?
Sayo: Right, so during practice, we always end up sweating. I figured if we had a way to quickly wipe it away, there would be fewer things to interfere with our playing. That's why I included them.
Yukina: ... I see. Seems like we'd be able to concentrate on performing... if we had those things...
Sayo: Thank your for saying that.
Sayo: How is it, Minato-san? Was I helpful at all?
Yukina: ... Certainly... I'll use these as reference.
Sayo: I appreciate that. I actually have several more designs if you think you'll need th--
Yukina: No. Don't worry about it... This sketchbook will be enough.
Yukina: ... Fufu.
Sayo: Did... I do something funny?
Yukina: Not at all. My apologies. It's simply that... this design feels like it's brimming with your personality...
Sayo: My... personality...?
Yukina: You really... like playing the guitar, don't you?
Yukina: I laughed unintentionally just thinking about that... Thank you, Sayo.
Sayo: Does that mean... the look for our new outfits have been decided on now that you have those designs...?
Yukina: ... Let's just say... I'll keep them in mind.

Blue Roses in Harmony (Hikawa Sayo) Card Story - Special Episode

Where I Belong


Edogawa Music

Sayo: Ah, good afternoon, BanG Dreamer-san.
Sayo: ... Me? Oh, I'm just doing a bit of thinking...
Sayo: ... Yes. I'm fond of the air in this place.
Sayo: I find being here makes it very easy for me to concentrate.
Sayo: ... Yes. I'm currently pondering Roselia's new outfit designs.
Sayo: What would be most appropriate to help us further improve in terms of musicality...?
Sayo: What sort of look would be most suitable for our music...?
Sayo: I've been wondering about these things for a while.
Sayo: ... No. I wouldn't use the word 'passionate'...
Sayo: Please, I have to ask that you don't give me so much credit. What you're saying is definitely not true.
Sayo: Simply put, this is all I have...
Sayo: That's why when I take a moment to think about Roselia like this, I start to feel calm.
Sayo: It's a place where I can relax. The place where I belong...
Sayo: Something like that.
Sayo: ... Fufu. Certainly. Roselia to me, and CiRCLE to you...
Sayo: You might be able to say that those two things are very similar.
Sayo: If you happen to think of something, be sure to let me know.
Sayo: I'd love to take your opinion into consideration if possible.
Sayo: Okay, I'll be looking forward to it.