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Blue Roses in Harmony (Imai Lisa) Card Story - Episode

New-Outfit Pose



Lisa: Mmm~! Finally, break time!
Lisa: Hm? Something's going on over there. Is that...?
Lisa: Ako~! Whatcha doin'?
Ako: Ah, Lisa-nee!
Lisa: Uhh... What's with the pose?
Ako: Oh, this?! It's a pose for our new outfits!
Ako: But~... Right now, I'm still thinking~.
Lisa: Ohh~, poses for our new outfits, huh...?
Ako: Ah, I know! You should help me out, Lisa-nee!
Lisa: Me?! Now way~, I'm not really that good at this kind of thing...
Ako: That's okay! I'll be doing the pose! You just follow your, uhm... "gut instinct"? And tell me if it's good!
Lisa: Okay, so I just have to follow my instincts, right? That's fine, I guess...
Ako: Hm? Is something wrong, Lisa-nee?
Lisa: We don't even know what the outfits are gonna look like. Isn't it a bit early to be thinking of poses?
Ako: Hmm... Now that you mention it, yeah. Maybe...
Lisa: Always jumping the gun, Ako~.
Ako: Th-that's not true! Like they say, better safe than sorrow!
Lisa: Better safe than sorry, huh? Well, yeah. You might be right...
Lisa: Ah! What kind of outfit would you like to wear, Ako?
Ako: Let's see~. First, I want wings to be growing out of my back!
Lisa: W-wings?
Ako: Mhm! Like... "Buwahhh~!" Something like that!
Lisa: ... "Buwahhh"...? I'm just trying to picture it... That's... interesting...
Ako: Ehehe~♪ Pretty cool, huh?
Ako: And then, and then! Something spiky would be coming out of my shoulders!
Lisa: S-spiky...? L-like what...?
Ako: Like each side would have three things sticking out, and the middle one would be long!
Lisa: O-oh, really? So only one of them is long...
Ako: And then... Yeah! It'd be mostly black, and red around the curves!
Lisa: W-wow~... That's so out of this world, I can't even imagine it.
Lisa: But that outfit you just described... Don't you think it would be pretty hard to perform in?
Ako: Ah! Y-yeah! You might be right... But it's so cool...
Lisa: Ahaha... Sure, yeah... I guess?
Ako: But... Okay, what kind of outfit would work, then?
Lisa: Good question… I don't have anything very specific in mind...
Ako: And I don't really look at fashion magazines, you know...?
Lisa: Alright then! Why don't we go check out some stores after today's rehearsal?
Ako: You and me, together?!
Lisa: Of course! We can go and look for clothes that might help us think of something☆
Ako: That sounds fun! I wanna go shopping with you, Lisa-nee!
Lisa: Mhm, 'kay. Then let's go once practice is over!
Ako: Yeah! It's a promise!
Lisa: Ahaha, yeah. A promise ♪

Blue Roses in Harmony (Imai Lisa) Card Story - Special Episode

Because I've Actually Held It


Shopping Mall
Lisa: Ah! Hey there, BanG Dreamer-san! Perfect timing!
Lisa: I know this is sudden, but take a look at these clothes... Which one do you think is better?
Lisa: Personally, I like this one with the flashy colors... But this other one with the frills is pretty cute too…
Lisa: It's impossible to choose with so many different options, right?
Lisa: ... Hm? No no no. I'm not really looking to buy any new clothes.
Lisa: I was checking out a bunch of outfits to help me think about the new ones we're making.
Lisa: Looking at magazines and stuff is fine and all, but... how do I put this? I guess when it comes to figuring out the image we want, it doesn't get better than going to the stores and seeing everything in person...
Lisa: ... Right, exactly!
Lisa: There's no way you could get the smaller details down without actually having the clothes in your hands.
Lisa: That's why I'm going around and seeing what these shops have in store.
Lisa: ... Yeah, it does take a lot of time, but these are our precious new outfits we're talking about...
Lisa: Can't afford to hold back, now can I☆
Lisa: Ah, but I do have one problem...
Lisa: Coming to actually look at these outfits makes me want to buy them.
Lisa: Not to mention when I'm holding them in my hands… That's when I really feel the urge.
Lisa: If I tried anything on, I wouldn't be able to resist the feeling that I need it...
Lisa: ... Mhm. You hit it right on the nose. I want these clothes I'm holding... so, so, so badly...
Lisa: Wahhh~, what am I gonna do~? Maybe I should just buy them at this point~.
Lisa: But still~... Nghhh~, I don't know~.