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Boppin'♪ Down The Hallway Event Story - Opening
Haneoka Student Council Meeting

The student council meeting started with the usual statement from Tsugumi.
What does Hina have to say about the students' requests for the school?


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Student Council Room

Hina: Uhm~, is this everyone? Great, then let's start the student council meeting~.
Hina: Alright, guys, give me your ideas~. Whoever has the most boppin'♪ idea gets the special Hina-chan Prize~!
Tsugumi: U-uhm, Hina-senpai. Before that, could I call this meeting to order? It's one of my duties...
Hina: Ah, that's right. Ahaha, I totally forgot~. Go ahead, Tsugu-chan~.
Tsugumi: Thank you. I now call this meeting of the Haneoka Girls' Academy Student Council to order.
Tsugumi: Ready... And... Begin!
Hina: Oh~, that's our Tsugu-chan. You're so good at that~.
Hina: Now~, let me hear those boppin'♪ ideas of yours, everybody~. By the way, how are you all doing? Is every day boppin'?
Tsugumi: Ah, that reminds me, Hina-senpai. We got the surveys about student life back from all the classrooms.
Tsugumi: These are all the answered surveys. The students wrote all sorts of stuff, so please take a look.
Hina: Whoa, look at them all. Some people really wrote a lot too. I guess I'll give them a read! Let's see...
Hina: Oh! Hey, check it out! "Every school day is fun and boppin'♪ thanks to the student council president." Yippee~!
Hina: Ah, and this one says, "Thank you to the student council president for all the boppin'♪ fun." Ahaha, this is great~.
Tsugumi: Our staff advisor also said that the school's attendance rate has gone up since you became president, Hina-senpai.
Hina: Wow~, I had no idea. Well, what matters is that everyone's having fun, so that's good.
Hina: Hm? Tsugu-chan, what about this pile?
Tsugumi: Ah, those are all the surveys that were asking for improvements. I thought it'd be a good idea to organized them separately.
Hina: Improvements, huh? Ah, you're right. Let's see...
Hina: "The principal's morning announcements are always so long. I wish they were shorter."
Tsugumi: Most of the requests are like that. Just things they want the school to do.
Hina: I kinda like the principal's stories, though~. You never know where the story's going to end up. Isn't that exciting?
Tsugumi: Ah~, I guess I've never thought of it that way...
Hina: Actually, why are they telling us this? Can't they just tell the principal themselves?
Hina: If something's not boppin'♪, then it only makes sense to make it boppin'♪, right?
Tsugumi: Well... We can't expect everyone to be able to talk to the principal.
Tsugumi: After all, there are a lot of students who can't speak their minds that easily. It's our job as the student council to represent those students.
Hina: Huh? Why can't they speak their minds? Staying silent isn't going to help. Are they just going to let it keep happening then? Isn't that a bit weird?
Tsugumi: I-I suppose that's one way to look at it... But not everyone can act on their feelings like you, Hina-senpai.
Hina: Wow~, that's really weird~. Why can't everyone just do what they want? It's as simple as that.
Tsugumi: It's harder than it looks... I definitely know what those students are going through.
Hina: But all you have to do is, you know, ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom. And you're done.
Tsugumi: "Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom" is hard enough to understand on its own.
Hina: Whoa~, really? In that case...
Hina: I'll just have to lead by example!
Tsugumi: Huh? By 'example'... What exactly do you mean?
Hina: If I show everyone how to make their school lives more boppin'♪, then everyone will be able to do it!
Hina: Now, Tsugu-chan! Can you make all these requests Tsugurific by tomorrow?
Tsugumi: Make them Tsugurific...? Do you mean go through them and compile the answers?
Hina: Yeah, that!
Tsugumi: How did I even figure out what you were trying to say...?
Tsugumi: Hina-senpai, I think you're using "Tsugurific" incorrectly.
Hina: Ahahaha, am I? I don't really know what it means.
Hina: Anyway, I look forward to your report~.
Tsugumi: Sigh~, understood...

Boppin'♪ Down The Hallway Event Story - Chapter 1
Boppin' Requests

Tsugumi summarizes the students' requests for Hina.
Among them, they found quite the boppin' request...


The Next Day - After School
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Student Council Room

Tsugumi: Well, I managed to compile all the answers. Some of the surveys asked for the same thing, so I put the number of repeats next to each request.
Hina: Whoa~, now this is organized! Good job, Tsugu-chan! That's my vice president for you~.
Tsugumi: Since this survey was anonymous, we got a lot of very direct requests this time.
Hina: That must have made it hard to organize, huh~? Thanks again~.
Tsugumi: It was no problem at all. I'm slowly learning to keep up with you, Hina-senpai.
Hina: Oh~, what a trustworthy underclassman.
Hina: You know, I remember taking a peek at your notes once. You keep them organized too~.
Tsugumi: How do you take notes, Hina-senpai? I'm sure it's very interesting.
Hina: I don't take notes in class. I can usually memorize something after hearing it once.
Tsugumi: N-no way...
Hina: I didn't realize there were so many requests here though. If school's so awful, why doesn't someone do something about it?
Tsugumi: Most of the requests here seem to be asking for small improvements instead of big changes.
Tsugumi: Besides, we have a lot of students in this school. It's only natural that we'd get a lot of answers.
Hina: Then why haven't any of them decided to do something about it?
Tsugumi: Like I said yesterday, a lot of people find it hard to act on their own.
Hina: Yeah, I tried thinking about that some more once I got home yesterday, but I still don't get it.
Hina: School's a part of our lives, right? So shouldn't we want to make it more fun? It seems so obvious to me.
Hina: Instead of trying to fit in at school, shouldn't we be trying to make school fit us?
Tsugumi: ...?!
Tsugumi: (Instead of fitting in at school, we should make school fit us, huh...?)
Tsugumi: (That's...)
Hina: Hm? Something wrong?
Tsugumi: N-no, it's nothing...
Hina: Alright, then let's see what kind of requests we have here. Other than the one about the principal's announcements being too long, what else is there?
Hina: Hm? What's this one...? "I want class to start later."
Tsugumi: Ah, that's right. There were a few requests like that... However...
Tsugumi: We don't actually have to deal with every single one of these requests.
Tsugumi: ... In fact, if we even try to, the school might actually-
Hina: Ahaha, don't worry, I know. You worry too much, Tsugu-chan.
Hina: If classes started later, then school would have to end later too, right?
Hina: That's not a very boppin'♪ request. Out it goes~.
Tsugumi: Thank goodness. I was so nervous putting all these requests together. I didn't know what I would do if you tried some of these ideas.
Hina: Well, an un-boppin' request isn't any fun~. Don't worry, you don't need to be that Tsugurific.
Tsugumi: Uhm... What's that supposed to mean?
Hina: Uhm, good question. I'm just using it randomly.
Tsugumi: I thought as much...
Hina: What else is there...? "I want to take less tests." Hmm~, no, that's not very boppin'♪ either.
Hina: Let's see... Hm? Wait... Now this is boppin'♪
Tsugumi: Huh? Which one?
Hina: This one! "I wish the cafeteria had a bigger menu!"
Hina: That sounds cool! Having more to choose from would make school way more fun!
Tsugumi: The cafeteria menu, huh...?
Hina: What's on the menu now?
Tsugumi: Well, there's soba noodles, udon noodles, and... I-I'm sorry, I usually bring a bento to school with me, so I don't really go to the cafeteria...
Hina: Ah, in that case, let's go check it out! That's way faster anyway! Come on, let's go! To the cafeteria~!
Tsugumi: W-wait, Hina-senpai...! No running in the halls~!

Boppin'♪ Down The Hallway Event Story - Chapter 2
Reform the Cafeteria Menu!

Hina and Tsugumi arrive at the cafeteria.
Seeing the uninspiring menu sparks ideas in Hina.


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Cafeteria

Hina: We're here~! You're so slow, Tsugu-chan~.
Tsugumi: Y-you're just super fast, Hina-senpai!
Schoolgirl: Ah, Hina-senpai, hello! Are you working on something for student council right now?
Hina: You bet! We're doing our best to make this school extra boppin'♪ Isn't that right, Tsugu-chan?!
Tsugumi: I told you, no running in the halls.
Hina: Ahaha, sorry~. I've got rehearsal at the talent agency after this, so I'm in a rush~.
Tsugumi: That doesn't make it okay to run in the halls!
Hina: Okay~. Sorry~.
Tsugumi: A-are you really though...?
Schoolgirl: School's been so much more fun ever since you became student council president! Just know that we're here for you, as our president and as Pastel✽Palettes fans!
Hina: Thank you~. Well? Sounds like they're expecting a lot from us.
Tsugumi: (Hina-senpai really is popular... It always feels like something good will happen when she's around. The school feels happier somehow...)
Tsugumi: (If only I could learn how to do that from Hina-senpai...)
Hina: Alright, why don't we take a look at the cafeteria menu? ... Hm? Is everything okay?
Tsugumi: Ah, yes. I'm fine.
Hina: I don't really come to the cafeteria~. Where's the menu anyway?
Tsugumi: I usually bring a bento to eat with everyone in Afterglow, so I don't really come here either.
Hina: Oh yeah, doesn't Afterglow usually hang out on the roof?
Hina: I always call the roof Afterglow's turf.
Tsugumi: P-please don't call it that. Ah, here's the menu.
Hina: Oh yeah! Ramen, udon, soba... Ah, they've got curry too.
Tsugumi: Looks like they have a daily special as well, and they're selling salads and buns over there.
Hina: I see~...
Tsugumi: I think this is pretty good for a school cafeteria. I don't know what else we could possibly add to make it better...
Hina: Well, this won't do at all~.
Tsugumi: Huh...?
Hina: Come on, you see it too, right? This is so boring.
Tsugumi: Boring...?
Hina: This is just a normal cafeteria. That doesn't seem very boppin' to me.
Tsugumi: I... suppose you're right... Although, are you sure it's not just you...?
Hina: Personally, I'd wanna see hamburgers~.
Tsugumi: Hamburgers?!
Hina: Wouldn't that be awesome? Then you could eat a burger while reading.
Tsugumi: But hamburgers are... I don't know... They don't seem like the best thing to add to the menu...
Hina: Huh? Why not? Isn't one of the daily specials Hamburg steak?
Tsugumi: That's true... I think it's the Tuesday special.
Hina: And they've got buns over there. If we can eat them separately, why can't we eat the two together? Isn't that a bit weird?
Tsugumi: I-I guess when you put it that way...
Hina: We should have them sell hamburgers as a set with fries and a drink! I think I remember seeing fries listed as a side somewhere, so it should be fine, right?
Tsugumi: A burger and fries set, huh...?
Hina: If I could eat that for lunch, that'd make my day extra boppin'♪ for sure~.
Hina: Ah, and what about this?! We could have a buffet! I'd love to be able to eat all of my favorite foods at once.
Tsugumi: A buffet? That sounds like a very interesting idea, but-
Hina: I bet it'd be super popular too! Let's do it~!
Tsugumi: O-okay, I'll do some research to see if there are any schools with similar systems.
Hina: Thank you~!
Hina: Ah, why don't we go talk to the cafeteria staff right now? We should strike while the iron is still hot, right?
Tsugumi: Ah, we need to prepare a few documents beforehand, like a formal request and proposal, so I think it's best to wait.
Hina: Gotcha. That all sounds so tedious, but whatever~. Alright, Tsugu-chan, do your thing and make it Tsugurific!
Tsugumi: What...?
Himari: Hm? Isn't that Tsugu and... Hina-senpai...?
Himari: What are they doing...?

Boppin'♪ Down The Hallway Event Story - Chapter 3
Kindred Spirits

After hearing Hina's ideas, Himari shares some ideas of her own...


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Cafeteria

Himari: Tsugu~! Hina-senpai~!
Tsugumi: Ah, Himari-chan!
Hina: Hey~. Are you here for club stuff?
Himari: Yup! We have a match coming up, so I've got practice today! And seeing as you two are together, I'm guessing you're doing something for student council?
Hina: Yup, bingo~.
Himari: Don't put too much on Tsugu's plate, okay~? Tsugu tends to overdo it if it means making things Tsugurific.
Hina: I know, don't worry~. I'm not overworking you, right, Tsugu-chan?
Tsugumi: Right...
Himari: Alright, if you say so. So what's the student council doing here?
Hina: Well, we're trying to find ways to make the school even more boppin'♪
Himari: Boppin'? What do you mean...?
Tsugumi: Well, for example...

Himari: Gotcha! So that's what you're up to!
Tsugumi: One of the suggestions we got was to add more items to the cafeteria's menu, so we were just discussing it.
Himari: What?! You're going to add stuff to the menu?!
Tsugumi: We don't know yet. We have to submit a proposal to the school first.
Hina: Right now, we're just brainstorming~.
Himari: That's such a good idea though! I'd like it if we had a bigger selection too.
Himari: Doesn't the current menu just scream "school cafeteria?"
Hina: Right? That's what I was thinking.
Tsugumi: To think I'd find someone who thinks like Hina-senpai so close by...
Himari: So what are you thinking of adding to the menu?
Hina: As of right now, we want to suggest adding a burger-and-fries set. We also think it'd be fun to do a buffet-style menu.
Himari: A buffet?! That would be amazing! I'm already feeling more boppin'♪ just thinking about it!
Hina: Ehehe, good to know we made you feel boppin'♪
Himari: Uhm, this is just me, but... I think it'd be even more boppin'♪ if we had desserts too...
Hina: Yeah! That's a great idea, Himari-chan!
Himari: Wouldn't it be nice to finish lunch with a parfait or piece of cake? Then this cafeteria would be perfect~.
Hina: You're right~! As for me~, I'd want to eat crepes~. Like a chocolate banana crepe with tons of whipped cream on top.
Himari: Crepes! That's a great idea! If our cafeteria had that, coming to school would be even more fun!
Hina: What kind of crepes do you like, Tsugu-chan?
Tsugumi: It's strawberry crepes for me. Strawberries and whipped cream just go so well together.
Himari: I know~. It's the best combination ever.
Hina: But when you think of crepes, don't you think of chocolate banana? Which one do you like, Himari-chan?
Himari: Well~, I like strawberry banana crepes~.
Hina: Ah, that's cheating~. Ahahaha.
Hina: Crepe's really are boppin'♪, huh?
Himari: Yeah, they sure are~.
Tsugumi: (Himari-chan and Hina-senpai are completely in sync...)
Hina: You heard her, Tsugu-chan! Make sure you add Himari-chan's opinion to our proposal♪
Himari: Huh...?
Himari: T-Tsugu... I'm sorry~! I didn't make your job harder, did I?
Tsugumi: Fufufu, don't worry. I thought this might happen, so I was already taking notes.
Tsugumi: Besides, seeing you get so excited makes me want to do a good job. Thank you, Himari-chan.
Himari: Oh~, Tsugu, Why are you such a good girl~? I love you~.
Tsugumi: C-come on, you're embarrassing me.
Hina: Alright, I guess we can call that request fulfilled.
Tsugumi: Agreed. Now we can move on to the next one.
Hina: Oh~, that's the spirit, Tsugu-chan! We'll get through these requests in no time!

Boppin'♪ Down The Hallway Event Story - Chapter 4
Whoosh, Tsugu-chan!

Hina and Tsugumi select the next request to work on.
Hina has her eye on one regarding the school's afternoon broadcast...


Haneoka Girls Academy - Student Council Room

Hina: Let's see~, what should we do next~?
Tsugumi: It's hard to pick from all these suggestions, isn't it?
Hina: Ah! Now this is a boppin'♪ idea!
Tsugumi: Th-that was fast...
Hina: What do you think, Tsugu-chan? "I wish the lunchtime broadcast was more interesting." I totally agree.
Hina: I mean, the lunch broadcast only ever plays classical music. That's not boppin'♪ at all. Don't you want to hear other songs too?
Tsugumi: I like the classical music though. It's so soothing.
Hina: Oh~, do you listen to a lot of classical music then?
Tsugumi: Not really, but I like having it play during lunchtime.
Hina: I think having more types of music would be better. We could play songs from Pastel✽Palettes and Afterglow. Roselia would be a good choice too.
Hina: Being able to listen to my sister's guitar while eating would make lunchtime perfect~.
Tsugumi: That does sound like fun, but there are also a lot of people who want to relax during their lunch breaks. Changing the lineup to songs you like could be seen as a bit inconsiderate...
Hina: Oh yeah, I suppose you're right~.
Hina: Hmm~, what to do...?
Hina: Ah, I've got a boppin'♪ idea!
Hina: What if we asked everyone what songs they wanted to hear?!
Tsugumi: How do we do that...?
Hina: We could have everyone vote for what song to play, and then we can present the winning song at the end! We could do the voting online or in person too!
Hina: If people want to listen to classical music, then they just have to vote for a classical song. That's fair, right?
Tsugumi: So it's like a popularity contest... It sounds like something you'd see on TV...
Hina: Doesn't it sound fun though?! Plus, then we'll all know what kind of music is popular at our school, so it'll give everyone something to talk about!
Hina: This is a great idea! Let's do it!
Tsugumi: It does sound fun, but the broadcast committee is in charge of that, so we'll have to talk to them first.
Hina: Alright, then off we go~!
Tsugumi: W-we can't just rush over there like that! I'll make a proposal first, and then we can bring our documents to them together.
Hina: Ah, right. Okay then, Tsugu-chan! I expect your proposal to be ready by tomorrow~.
Tsugumi: Tomorrow...?! Okay...
Kaoru: Excuse me. Could I ask for a moment of your time?
Hina: Wow~, it's Kaoru-kun~.
Kaoru: Oh my, the student council president and vice president in one place. This will make things much easier. Lucky me.
Tsugumi: Hello. It's nice to see you.
Hina: What's up, Kaoru-kun? Do you need something from the student council?
Kaoru: I'm here to submit the theater club's next performance dates... What are my little kittens up to?
Hina: Well, we're...

Kaoru: I see. In order to improve our school lives, you're seeking to reform the lunchtime broadcasts... It is but that.
Hina: Yup. It is but that.
Kaoru: Ah, what courageous little kittens you are. To take on the world and strive to make our school all the more fleeting... You have my deepest respects.
Hina: I don't know about fleeting. We're just trying to make it more boppin'♪.
Hina: Anyway, we were thinking of having the school vote on what music plays during lunch. Do you have any other ideas, Kaoru-kun?
Kaoru: Fufufu, but of course I do. Why don't I recite one of my original poems?
Hina: A poetry reading?! That sounds so interesting! Let's do it!
Hina: Leave it to Kaoru-kun to come up with such a great idea, right?
Tsugumi: I suppose only she would come up with an idea like that...
Kaoru: Fufu, I merely seek to grant the wishes of my little kittens here at school.
Tsugumi: You do have a large fan base in our school, don't you? I'm sure Himari-chan would love it...
Hina: What about this?! We could have Kaoru-kun introduce one Shakespeare quote every day!
Hina: I love Kaoru-kun's Shakespeare quotes~. They're so interesting~.
Kaoru: Perhaps we could call it something like "Shakespeare with Kaoru Seta?"
Hina: Yeah! That name's perfect! Will you do it, Kaoru-kun?
Kaoru: Fufu, how could I turn down the student council president's request?
Tsugumi: Sounds to me like you're the one who wants to do it...
Hina: Wow~, this is all so exciting~. School's gonna be way more boppin'♪ now!
Tsugumi: Well, nothing's decided yet, but I'll make sure to add this to my proposal.
Hina: Thanks, Tsugu-chan. You're the best~!

Boppin'♪ Down The Hallway Event Story - Chapter 5
Words that Strike a Chord

While Tsugumi was working on writing a proposal,
Maya pops by the student council room.


The Next Day - After School
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Student Council Room

Tsugumi: Uhm... What should I put down for the reason...?
Tsugumi: I can't just write "Because we want to make the school more boppin'♪" ... What should I do~?
Maya: Excuse me. Is anyone here?
Tsugumi: Huh? Maya-senpai?
Maya: Oh, Hazawa-san! So this is where you were! I went to your classroom, but you weren't there, so I thought you might be here instead.
Tsugumi: Do you need something from me, Maya-senpai? Did something happen?
Maya: No, I don't need anything. I just happened to hear about yesterday from Hina-san during our rehearsal...
Maya: Hina-san told me she left all the document writing to you, so I got a little worried...
Tsugumi: Huh? Is that why you're here...?
Maya: Yeah. You have a lot of work to do, right? If you want, I could help.
Tsugumi: No, it's fine! This is part of my job as vice president.
Tsugumi: I appreciate the thought, though. Thank you!
Maya: Are you sure...? I know Hina-san tends to rush into things much quicker than others...
Maya: Everyone in Pastel✽Palettes is used to it by now, but still.
Tsugumi: Fufufu, you're right. At first, I was really surprised. I'd never met someone like her before.
Tsugumi: However, I think I'm slowly getting used to it.
Maya: I see. That's good to hear.
Tsugumi: How do I put this...? Hina-senpai is a real free-spirit. Ah, I mean that in a good way, of course.
Tsugumi: She's so open-minded. She doesn't seem to worry about what's normal or popular.
Maya: I know exactly what you mean. She's a real free-thinker.
Tsugumi: Even when we were going through these suggestions, she just kept coming up with ideas. She's so quick.
Tsugumi: Hina-senpai and I don't share a lot of the same viewpoints, so it's fun to work with her in student council.
Tsugumi: I'm sure Hina-senpai is only doing what she thinks is boppin'♪, but I'll work hard to follow her the best I can!
Maya: Is that so? Then I guess I was worrying too much.
Tsugumi: Uhm... Maya-senpai.
Maya: Yes?
Tsugumi: Do you remember when we were practicing Marina-san's old song a while ago? Back then, you told me I shouldn't limit myself.

Maya: Uhm, Hazawa-san... You shouldn't belittle yourself like that.
Tsugumi: Huh?
Maya: The only one here is you, the person doing their best to learn and grow every day.
Maya: So don't say things like "someone like me." If you put limits on yourself like that, you'll never change.

Maya: You're right... I did say something like that, didn't I?
Tsugumi: Hina-senpai said something really similar.

Hina: School's a part of our lives, right? So shouldn't we want to make it more fun? It seems so obvious to me.
Hina: Instead of trying to fit in at school, shouldn't we be trying to make school fit us?

Tsugumi: I get the feeling that working with Hina-senpai is going to teach me how to get rid of those limits I put on myself.
Maya: Ah, now that I think about it... It was Hina-san who said that to me, too.
Tsugumi: Talking to Hina-senpai really puts your mind at ease, doesn't it?
Maya: Yeah, I know what you mean.
Tsugumi: Anyway, I only have a little bit more to do on these documents. I'll do my best!
Maya: Huhehe, I can't wait to see what kind of boppin'♪ things you two will come up with!
Tsugumi: Yeah! We'll make this school boppin'♪ for sure~! You're going to love it!

Boppin'♪ Down The Hallway Event Story - Ending
The Famous Student Council Duo

Hina and Tsugumi enjoy a boppin' meal at the cafeteria and have a fine afternoon together.


One Month Later
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Cafeteria

Hina: Wow~! Doesn't this gratin look good?! I'll take this too!
Tsugumi: H-Hina-senpai! Are you really going to be able to finish all that? We don't want to waste food!
Hina: I know, I know~! It's fine!
Tsugumi: But you already ordered the burger and fries set, right? Are you really that hungry?
Hina: You worry too much~. If I can't finish it all, I'll just give my leftovers to you~.
Tsugumi: Well, I won't take them.
Hina: Still, how boppin'♪ is it that we get to eat as much of our favorite foods as we like~?!
Tsugumi: This buffet is only going to happen once a month, but everyone was really excited about it.
Hina: The school even said they'd consider doing it more often if it's popular enough. I'm sure that'll happen at this rate.
Tsugumi: I've never seen so many people in the cafeteria before.
Hina: By the way, where are the members of Afterglow? Are they guarding their turf?
Tsugumi: It's not our turf. They said they'll come by later, once there are fewer people around.
Hina: Gotcha. Good thing I grabbed us some seats~. I rushed over here as soon as class ended♪
Tsugumi: I thought I told you no running in the halls!
Hina: Don't worry about it~. Come on, have a seat, Tsugu-chan! Ready?
Hina & Tsugumi: Cheers~! Ch-cheers...
Hina: Now where should I start~? I think I'll go with the french fries first.
Hina: Hm... Mmhm... These are delicious~!!!
Tsugumi: H-Hina-senpai! Quiet down!
Hina: Ah, Tsugu-chan! It's time! Listen!
School Intercom: And now for the most requested song of the week! The number one spot goes to...
Hina: Wow! It's "Luminous!" We won!
Hina: Remember how Afterglow's song was number one last week? Well, I went around and asked everyone to vote for Pastel✽Palettes this week!
Tsugumi: Y-you... campaigned for your own band...?! Is that even allowed?!
Hina: Ahaha. It's fine, right? It's not like it's a crime or anything.
Hina: Everybody~! I hope you'll vote for Pastel✽Palettes again next week~! Ah, or Roselia! Then we can listen to my sister play guitar together~!
Tsugumi: Oh~... I guess I can't stop you... Fufufu.
Hina: Phew~, I'm stuffed. That dessert was so good. What a great lunch!
Tsugumi: I can't believe you were able to eat all of that... You even went back for seconds and thirds.
Hina: It was all so tasty~. How could I resist? That burger was really good too. Next time I'll try the teriyaki burger.
Hina: Ah, it's starting!
Kaoru: Greetings, my little kittens. Are you enjoying your meals? Our fleeting time together has finally arrived.
Kaoru: Welcome to "Shakespeare with Kaoru Seta," where I get to spend a fleeting moment with you, my dear little kittens... I hope you will enjoy the show.
Hina: I wonder what the quote of the day is~. I can't wait!
Tsugumi: The cafeteria was so rowdy just a second ago. Now everyone's fixated on the broadcast...
Tsugumi: Seta-senpai... She really is amazing...
Hina: She's the best, isn't she~?
Tsugumi: Himari-chan said she's started recording the broadcasts on her phone.
Hina: Maybe I should come up with something to broadcast~. Listening to Kaoru-kun makes me want to give it a try too!
Tsugumi: Should we start coming up with another plan then?
Hina: Ahaha, good thinking~. I've got so many ideas~.
Hina: ... Hm?
Tsugumi: What is it, Hina-senpai?
Hina: I just had the most boppin'♪ idea!
Tsugumi: Wh-what is it...?
Hina: You're going to love it! You know how they're going to repaint the warehouse with the gym equipment? Before that, we...
Tsugumi: What~?! A-are you serious?! W-well, I suppose I could write up a proposal...
Tsugumi: Hm? In that case... how about incorporating an idea like this?
Hina: Ahaha! Interesting~! That'd be fantastic! Now we're boppin'!
Tsugumi: Alright, then I'll add it to our proposal.
Hina: Thank you~. Make it Tsugutastic for me~.
Tsugumi: That's not even the right word!
Hina: Huh? It's not? Oh well~.

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