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Bread-Carrying Race! Card Story - Episode



Hanasakigawa Sports Field
White Team Area
Kasumi: It's lunchtime! Lunchtime, you guys~! I wonder what's in my bento today~ ♪
Kasumi: Hey, why don’t we all show each other our bentos?!
Rimi: U-um, sure...
Tae: Okay, I'll go first. My bento is...
Kasumi: A rabbit-shaped rice ball, rabbit-shaped sausages, rabbit-shaped carrots, and a rabbit-shaped apple!
Rimi: Your bento is amazing, O-Tae-chan... Everything is shaped like a rabbit.
Misaki: Wow... It really is a rabbit fest in there.
Kasumi: It's so cute! Your bento is super cute, O-Tae!
Tae: That's because it's all rabbits.
Misaki: ... I was just thinking, but you love rabbits, Hanazono-san. Can you even eat a rabbit-themed bento?
Tae: Of course, that's what I made it for.
Misaki: Oh, right. As long as that's the case...
Kasumi: Misaki-chan! I wanna see your bento next!
Misaki: My bento is... completely normal. I doubt you'll find it impressive.
Kasumi: ... Huh? You're not very excited, Misaki-chan.
Misaki: Really? I think I'm being the usual old me...
Kasumi: Oh! No one else from Hello, Happy World! is in the white team! No wonder you feel sad!
Misaki: W-who said I feel sad...? Honestly, it's nice and peaceful like this.
Misaki: If anything, it's nice that the three dummies not being around has given me a chance to talk to everyone.
Misaki: Even though we've always been at the same school together, I can't really remember us talking properly.
Rimi: That's true... I think we only said hello to each other in the corridor.
Kasumi: Oh! In that case, let's talk lots and lots today!
Misaki: Uh, yeah, that sounds nice, but we should probably eat lunch...
Tae: We should do something fun together. Let's go somewhere next time.
Kasumi: Nice! O-Tae, Rimi-rin, Misaki-chan, and me! Where do you wanna go?
Rimi: We should go to a place where we can do something. Maybe an amusement park...?
Kasumi: An amusement park! That sounds good! We can go on the teacups, the merry go round, and then the roller coasters!
Kasumi: Ehe~, I can't wait~ ♪
Rimi: K-Kasumi-chan. I'm not sure about roller coasters...
Misaki: (... They're not even listening. This is no different to the three dummies...)
Tae: That reminds me, apparently the amusement park that just opened has a bungee jump.
Rimi: A-a bungee jump?!
Kasumi: Does that mean we can jump through the sky? Yay~, I wanna try it~! Misaki-chan, let's go boiiing together!
Misaki: U-uh... yeah, if our schedules match...
Misaki: (If I go to an amusement park with these guys, I'm going to come home dead tired, guaranteed...)
Rimi: Umm, Kasumi-chan, an amusement would probably be fun, but maybe we should start with something a little more close by?
Tae: Close by... like karaoke?
Kasumi: Ooh~! Karaoke! Nice idea, O-Tae!
Misaki: (She just wants to go out. It doesn't actually matter where...)
Rimi: Karaoke... That makes me feel a little nervous. I'm not a good singer...
Kasumi: That's not true! I know you can sing, Rimi-rin!
Kasumi: ... Soo, Misaki-chan! We'll start with karaoke! How does that sound?
Misaki: Umm, yeah... Okay.
Kasumi: Yeah, that's the spirit! I can't wait!
Tae: How about we go today on our way home? It can be like an after party for our Sports Day.
Misaki: Th-that's a little sudden...
Rimi: I-I'd prefer to go on a different day. I think I'm going to be too tired to sing...
Kasumi: Whaaat? ... Okay... then, let's at least decide what day we're gonna go!
Kasumi: I can't wait for our first karaoke with Misaki-chan~!
Misaki: I'm not that good a singer, mind you. Don't get your hopes up.
Misaki: A-anyway, why don't we eat our bentos now? Lunch break is almost over.
Kasumi: You're right! Itadakimasu~!
Tae: ...
Misaki: Hanazono-san? What are you staring at your bento for? Not hungry anymore?
Tae: No... There's too many rabbits and they're just too adorable to eat.
Misaki: (I knew this was going to happen...)

Bread-Carrying Race! Card Story - Special Episode

What Is "Doing One's Best"?


Edogawa Music

Tae: Oh, this pick is kind of cute... Maybe I should try something like this for a change.
Tae: ...? What a surprise to see you here, BanG Dreamer-san.
Tae: You surprised me.
Tae: ... Hmm? I didn't look surprised? Really? I thought I acted pretty surprised though.
Tae: I was just considering changing the pick I use. I checked out a lot of different colors, but I might just get the usual.
Tae: Yeah, I think I'll stick with the usual. The cute ones can wait until next time.
Tae: ... Huh? You heard about the Sports Day?
Tae: Did you hear that I was on the same team as Misaki and that we did the ball toss together?
Tae: I'm not very good at playing in a team, but it was fun.
Tae: I was able to do it really well because Misaki was so good with her support.
Tae: Apparently, I have an advantage when it comes to the ball toss because of my height.
Tae: The white team won the game because Misaki told me that. I was glad I could help the team.
Tae: It's the same with the band, but it's really fun to do things with other people like that.
Tae: Well, I had fun because I was doing it with people that I know.
Tae: Did you hear about Arisa?
Tae: She was so adorable. She's not good at sports, but she tried so hard regardless...
Tae: Seeing Arisa do that was so nice.
Tae: She always finishes things at school with ease, so it was like we got to see a new side of Arisa.
Tae: Oh, Arisa also made the Oath of Sportsmanship. She seemed nervous, but she did a good job.
Tae: ... Actually, I think Arisa was the one who showed the best sportsmanship.
Tae: I mean, no matter how slow you might be, if you give it your best, then that's a better display of sportsmanship than the people who fool about when they're running.
Tae: Ah... I'm not bad at sports or anything, but I don't love it either.
Tae: I actually go for a run every morning. I like that kind of thing.
Tae: But for something like the Sports Day where we all work together, I've never really gotten that into it.
Tae: I've always just went along because it was a school event...
Tae: Now that I think about it, I don't think I've displayed very good sportsmanship.
Tae: Arisa won't be happy with me, will she?
Tae: If I have to run, I'll run. If I have to do the ball toss then I'll do it...
Tae: But that's not enough for an event like that, is it?
Tae: I just realized that the same thing goes for bands.
Tae: Just being able to play an instrument or sing... isn't enough to reach the people watching you.
Tae: In fact, I feel that maybe bands with less skill that put their entire heart into it are the ones that captivate people.
Tae: Oh, we were talking about the Sports Day, weren't we? I guess the main event was the relay. Hagumi was the anchor runner.
Tae: She's amazingly good at sports. I knew she was a fast runner, but...
Tae: She ran extra fast in the final relay...
Tae: She passed the anchor runner for the white team right at the last moment and got first place.
Tae: Even though she was on the opposite team, I was really moved...
Tae: There's something really emotional about watching someone run as hard as they can.
Tae: There were lots of other things that were moving too. Arisa making the Oath of Sportsmanship, and also Aya-senpai's cheerleading.
Tae: I guess there's just nothing that can beat someone putting their heart into something.
Tae: Seeing Arisa, Aya-senpai, and Hagumi made me feel that I should put my heart into things more too.
Tae: You should come to our Sports Day next year with everyone else from the live house.
Tae: Ah, but if you come, Arisa will probably be really self-conscious.
Tae: That could be interesting too though.
Tae: I hope you'll look forward to our Sports Day next year.