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Breathless Winter Card Story - Episode

More Than Words Part One


Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Courtyard

Tsukushi: It's a beautiful day. The sun feels so nice and warm~.
Nanami: You're in a good mood, Tsu-chan~.
Mashiro: Yes, you're smiling quite a lot. Did something good happen?
Touko: Of course she is, Shiro. Because we don't have practice today for the first time in forever!
Touko: I've gotta try the new sweets at that café, and I have to check out that one brand's shop ♪ Ahh~, isn't this exciting, Fusuke?!
Rui: I think you should still do some individual practice on your day off.
Touko: You don't get it, Rui. As the saying goes, if you can't enjoy your days off, you can't enjoy your days on either!
Rui: I have never heard such a saying.
Tsukushi: No~. That's not it, Touko-chan. Today is my mom's birthday.
Tsukushi: I'm planning on making her dinner for her birthday present. My whole family is looking forward to it~♪
Nanami: So that's why you're so cheerful~.
Touko: Huh, Fusuke, you can cook?! For real? Isn't that amazing?
Tsukushi: Fufuuun! Of course I can cook, I'm a Tsukinomori student~!
Mashiro: Making dinner as a gift is so wonderful. It's like something out of a storybook. What kind of food do you plan to make?
Tsukushi: Uhh, hold on. I think the recipe was on this page... Here! First, I'm going to make this. Beef stroganoff! Then after that~...
Mashiro: Wow, you have a lot of sticky notes in here...
Nanami: She does too. It feels like it's been read over and over again~.
Nanami: Tsu-chan, you did say that you could cook, but... Are you sure you haven't been secretly training~?
Tsukushi: Huh? N-no! I haven't done any training at all! Umm, it's just~...!
Touko: Ohh~♪ This shortcake looks delicious!
Mashiro: You can make cakes like the ones they sell in stores? That's amazing, Tsukushi-chan!
Tsukushi: R-right~?!
Touko: That's nice~. I wanna try making sweets too~!
Touko: Whenever I try to do something in the kitchen, Grandma comes in and tells me to "be quiet and watch." Isn't that super mean? I could do it if she let me try~.
Rui: It is the job of those around you to evaluate your capabilities.
Touko: Huh~? Why should they~? My capabilities are insane, anyway.
Nanami: Ahaha~. So that's how your family is, Touko-chan~. In my case, I guess I cook occasionally~.
Nanami: Ah, but I really like adding sauces and Sichuan peppers ♪
Tsukushi: Seriously~?! I've said this before, but pouring hot sauce all over your lunch is bad for you!
Nanami: Tasty things are meant to be good for you though~. How strange~.
Tsukushi: Your taste buds are what's strange, Nanami-chan!
Mashiro: So Nanami-chan also cooks... I don't... Knives scare me anyway...
Touko: Ahaha, I bet they do! I'd be too scared to even make you hold one! I wouldn't wanna stand next to you~!
Mashiro: D-don't say that, Touko-chan...
Tsukushi: What about you, Rui-san? Do you do much cooking at home?
Rui: No, I do not. After all, I only need to consume enough nutrients to meet my needs.
Nanami: Anyhow, you're really something, Tsu-chan. Making dinner for your family like that and all~.
Tsukushi: It's only proper. It's for a precious family member's birthday, after all! And I'm always thanking my mom for doing things for me.
Tsukushi: So I want to try and turn these feelings of gratitude into something physical.
Mashiro: Turning feelings into something physical... That is very wonderful.
Nanami: Yeah, yeah. I hope she gets your message~. Good luck, Tsu-chan.
Tsukushi: Thanks! I'm going to have a busy schedule today. First, I have to hurry home and get my bike to go shopping!
Touko: You're getting really into this, Fusuke~!
Tsukushi: Of course I am! But first, I have to get through my afternoon classes. Alright, here I go~!

After School
Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Class 1-A

Rui: Excuse me.
Touko: Oh~? It's Rui!
Mashiro: Rui-san, it's rare to see you come to our classroom.
Touko: You've got super good timing! Wanna go drink some macaron milkshakes? I was just about to invite Shiro~.
Nanami: Come with us, Rui-rui~.
Rui: What about Futaba-san?
Mashiro: Ah, Tsukushi-chan left as soon as the bell rang. She said she had to hurry and go shopping.
Nanami: Did you need something from her~?
Rui: There were some documents I wanted her to submit to the student council... No matter. Where might her desk be?
Mashiro: Ah, it's this one... Huh? This book...
Rui: It seems to be Futaba-san's cookbook.
Nanami: What~?! Did she forget her cookbook~?
Touko: Whoa, what a klutz!
Mashiro: Wh-what should we do...?

Breathless Winter Card Story - Special Episode

More Than Words Part Two


Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Courtyard

Tsukushi: Guys... Thank you so much for yesterday! You really saved me~.
Nanami: You're welcome~. I'm glad we were able to give it to you at the station~.
Touko: It was seriously like one second before your train left! Right~?! I guess it's a good thing we ran to the station, huh?
Tsukushi: Huh, you all ran to the station just for me?
Mashiro: Y-yeah. Although Touko-chan was so fast, I couldn't keep up at all...
Touko: Well, I'm kinda the star rookie of the track team~♪ I'm awesome at sprinting!
Nanami: Rui-rui got really mad at you for running in the hallway though~.
Rui: It's a rule, so of course I did.
Touko: Well, it was a friend emergency~. You're such a diamondhead, Rui~.
Mashiro: D-diamondhead? Wh-what does that mean?
Touko: It means she's suuuper stubborn!
Rui: A rule is a rule.
Mashiro: So, did your mother enjoy her gift?
Tsukushi: Yeah! She was really happy~! Here, look at this.
Touko: Wah~, that looks tasty! Nice one, Fusuke!
Mashiro: Ah, are these your little sisters?
Nanami: Ahaha, they've got cream on their cheeks~. How cute~♪
Touko: Whoa, they look just like you. Like mini Fusukes! You're already pretty mini yourself though.
Tsukushi: Hey~, you didn't need to say that, Touko-chan!
Mashiro: I'm an only child, so I'm not sure about things like this but, how does it feel to have younger sisters?
Nanami: Oh, I want to hear about this too~. What kind of things do you usually do together?
Tsukushi: Hmm, I guess we go to the park together. They both follow me around like, "Sis, Sis..." Fufu, it's really cute.
Tsukushi: But they're always fighting with each other, so it's quite stressful. But I guess that's what it means to be a big sister.
Nanami: So I guess it's no different to when you're with Morfonica then~. You're the mediator when we fight~♪
Tsukushi: Fufu, that might be true.
Touko: Huh~? I thought I was the big sister of Morfonica?
Rui: No, it is most definitely not you.
Touko: Well, it's not you either, Rui!
Tsukushi: Enough~. Just eat together in peace, you two... Ah, that reminds me! Here, take this. As thanks for yesterday!
Mashiro: Wah... Cupcakes.
Nanami: Thanks, Tsu-chan! Now we've got dessert~♪
Touko: Mmm! They're kinda bitter, like more savory than sweet! This is a new texture for me, Fusuke!
Tsukushi: Fufu, I'm glad to hear it. Guys, thank you so much for getting my book back to me yesterday.
Nanami: Ehehe, it was our pleasure~.
Mashiro: Ah, our next class is in a different room. We'd better hurry.
Touko: Ooh, this is bad. I swear I'm gonna fall asleep.
Nanami: You sure do have a weakness for the sandman, Touko-chan~.
Tsukushi: Ah, guys, wait~! Rui-san, let's go with them.
Rui: Futaba-san, your finger...
Tsukushi: Ah! Y-you saw that? ... Actually, I was a bit too eager with the knife yesterday.
Rui: Give me your hand.
Tsukushi: Huh?
Rui: ...
Tsukushi: W-wait, are you mad at me, Rui-san? I guess musicians really shouldn't injure their fingers. I-I'm sorry!
Rui: It's fine, so hold out your hand... Here.
Tsukushi: ...? This is...?
Rui: A salve for cuts. I always use it to care for my own fingers. I think it will slightly speed the healing process along.
Rui: Apologies for giving you one I have already opened.
Tsukushi: S-sorry. I didn't mean to injure myself like this.
Rui: You cannot help what has already occurred. Be careful in the future. We cannot aim for our goals if there are impediments to our performance.
Tsukushi: Yeah, I will be more careful next time.
Tsukushi: I know! I'll make you some sweets as thanks! Rui-san, what would you like me to make for you?
Rui: There is no need for that.
Tsukushi: It's fine, it's fine, don't be like that. Ah! Were my cupcakes burnt after all? I thought I'd picked the least messed-up ones, but...
Rui: I haven't eaten mine yet, but... I see.
Tsukushi: Ah, o-oops!
Tsukushi: Umm... Could you keep this between us? I'm so embarrassed that I messed them up.
Rui: If that is what you wish, Futaba-san, I will not tell a soul.
Tsukushi: Thank you, Rui-san! So what kind of sweets would you like?
Rui: ... Red bean soup with mochi.
Tsukushi: Red bean soup with mochi it is! Okay, I will make some for next time. Look forward to it!