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Bride For A Day Card Story - Episode

The Perfect Match Pair


Yamabuki Bakery

Saaya: That'll be 860 yen, please.
Saaya: Thank you, come again.
Saaya: Phew... Looks like that was the last customer. I guess I can take a break now.
Saaya: Th-This poster... Come on, Dad. You didn't have to hang this up...
Rimi: Hello~.
Saaya: Welcome t- Oh, Rimi-rin.
Rimi: Ah, right. Today is your shift. Are there any more chocolate cornets left?
Saaya: You sure love those. That's alright, there's still some here.
Rimi: Thank goodness~. I don't know what I would've done if there weren't~.
Saaya: Ahaha, you worry too much.
Others: What's up, guys?
Saaya: Welcome.
Rimi: Ah, Udagawa-san. Good afternoon.
Tomoe: Yo. I see you're working today, Saaya.
Saaya: Yep. My mom went out for a bit.
Tomoe: I see. Now, what should I buy today~...?
Rimi: Udagawa-san, do you come here a lot as well?
Tomoe: Yeah, my friends are huge fans of the bread here.
Saaya: Especially Moca, right? We get a lot of love from the members of Afterglow.
Rimi: Oh, right. Well, I personally like the chocolate cornets!
Rimi: The chocolate is so creamy, and the bread is soft. They're really delicious!
Tomoe: Is it actually that good...? I see Moca eating those every now and then, but I've never had one. Maybe that's what I'll get, then.
Tomoe: Hm? This poster...
Saaya: Ahh, that. Yeah, my dad brought it.
Tomoe: Wow... Really? He's the same as I remember.
Tomoe: Man, I was really taken by surprise that day.
Saaya: You? I should be saying that. With you and Ako barging in and all.
Rimi: Haha, that really was something...
Tomoe: My bad, my bad. We were just so shocked, we didn't know what was going on.
Tomoe: I didn't think I would see you wearing a wedding dress, not even in my dreams.
Rimi: Saaya-chan looked so beautiful that day...
Tomoe: Definitely. Like a real model.
Saaya: R-Really? Thanks.
Tomoe: It was fitting enough to make me think you were actually getting married.
Saaya: Yeah, you did crash the party, after all.
Tomoe: You guys gave me a real scare. I thought I might have a heart attack.
Rimi: I understand how you felt.
Saaya: Yeah?
Rimi: If you think about it, Saaya-chan and Kaoru-san really looked like they might be in love...
Rimi: If you didn't know what was happening, you might've thought it was real.
Tomoe: Sounds about right. They were getting along pretty well.
Saaya: But you know, I don't think I would have been able to take those pictures on my own.
Tomoe: Really? Looked like you were doing just fine to me.
Saaya: Yeah. But the reason for that is...
Saaya: I had everyone there supporting me, and I had Kaoru-san leading.
Saaya: She's really amazing. Just by standing there together, I felt like I had also become an actress.
Tomoe: I mean, she is the star of our theater club, and a lot of our students have pride in that. But I think you held your own, too.
Saaya: Ahaha, thanks.
Rimi: Sigh... Kaoru-san was so handsome...
Rimi: I wish she would lead me, too...
Tomoe: Haha, looks like she's got a new fan in Rimi.
Saaya: I think anyone could become a fan if they saw her like that.
Tomoe: No doubt. You could say she's an actress beyond the stage.
Rimi: Ooo... Even thinking about it now, I can't forget just how cool she looked...
Saaya: Yeah~... But marriage, huh...?
Tomoe: Hm? Something wrong?
Saaya: No, I was just thinking about how it's never crossed my mind.
Tomoe: Hey, hey... Don't jump the gun, okay? You know you're still a freshman in high school, right?
Saaya: Hm~... Yeah, you're right.
Tomoe: But you've definitely got that vibe that says, "Great wife."
Saaya: Wha-?! S-Stop, don't make fun of me.
Saaya: Besides! Right now, I'm focusing on the band! I don't have time to be thinking about that kind of thing.
Tomoe: You got that right. I'll be working just as hard too, you know.
Saaya: There's no way Poppin'Party will fall behind. We'll have a show so great that even you will be screaming for an encore!

Bride For A Day Card Story - Special Episode

Everyone's Help


Residential Area

Saaya: Ah...! Th-There's more...?
Saaya: Ungh... So embarrassing... I can't believe they're posted here, too...
Saaya: Ah! BanG Dreamer-san?!
Saaya: Ahaha, wh-what a coincidence, seeing you here...
Saaya: Wh-What? Weird? Me? No no, I'm acting like I always do... Natural! I just didn't think I would see you here...
Saaya: R-Really! Th-There's nothing strange going on...!
Saaya: ... BanG Dreamer-san, have you seen the posters downtown?
Saaya: No, uhh... It's just a poster, you know. If you haven't seen it, then that's fi- On the telephone poles too?!
Saaya: Ah! BanG Dreamer-san! Don't look over...!!
Saaya: Sigh... You saw it... didn't you...?
Saaya: Ah, haha... Yes, that's... me.
Saaya: Actually, the other day, someone I know asked me for a favor, and I ended up modeling as a newlywed for a photoshoot.
Saaya: Hmm~, I guess it was 'cause it's someone I see a lot downtown...
Saaya: Or maybe that I didn't want to ignore someone who needed my help...
Saaya: I mean, I was also a bit interested in wedding dresses as well...
Saaya: But I didn't think I would be wearing one so soon.
Saaya: You think it looks good? Eh, hehe... Thanks.
Saaya: But I didn't have any modeling experience, so when the shoot started, I was so nervous and my heart was beating so hard...
Saaya: Then, while I was wondering what I should do, the groom appeared... Fufu, and who do you think it was?
Saaya: A pro model? Ooo~, so close! Well, actually... Maybe even better than that, depending on how you look at it...
Saaya: It was Kaoru-san from Hello, Happy World!! Didn't expect that, did you?
Saaya: She's so amazing! Part of it has to do with her being in the theater club, but... there's just something different about her...
Saaya: Hmm, what could it be? Maybe 'cause she's used to performing? And her presence is so commanding.
Saaya: She's cool when she doesn't speak, but when she opens her mouth... "Fleeting..." Fufu, I don't know if she's interesting or strange.
Saaya: Thanks to Kaoru-san, though, I was able to smile and relax in front of the camera... I'm glad she ended up being my partner...
Saaya: ... But just when everything was going well, Tomoe and Ako came running in and everything became a mess.
Saaya: I'd never seen Tomoe lose her cool before.
Saaya: ... You know, when I told Rimi-rin that I was feeling unsure about the whole thing, you know what she said to me?
Saaya: ”I think it's amazing that you'd try something you've never done, no matter what the reason is!”
Saaya: Thanks to those words, I felt like I wanted to give it my best shot...
Saaya: And the day of, Kasumi, Kaoru-san and the others all helped me get through it in their own way.
Saaya: It's like, even though it was such a small thing, everyone around me was nice enough to help out.
Saaya: I'm not really one to look for help or let people spoil me, so it's kind of weird. I guess I feel bad... or maybe uneasy. I don't know, but...
Saaya: I've been getting used to it, little by little, as of lately. It's alright... And it's nice to have people care about you and support you.
Saaya: Makes me wonder whether I should let them do it some more...
Saaya: Ahaha, actually, that still doesn't seem like it's gonna work so well. It's more like, we help each other out... Yeah, definitely.
Saaya: ... I've gotten way off track, but that's how big of a deal all of this is to me!
Saaya: Alright, I have to repay everyone for their help! And to start, I can give Rimi-rin... a chocolate cornet, I guess. Fufu ♪