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Bridesmaid Card Story - Episode

My Plans After Class


Haneoka Girls' Academy
Class 2-A

Moca: Come on, Ran~. Let's walk home together~.
Ran: Sorry, I need to stop somewhere. Go home without me.
Moca: Are you going shopping~? Getting food~?
Ran: Neither.
Moca: Well, I've got time either way, so I'll tag along~.
Ran: No, it's fine. It's probably going to take a while...
Moca: Now isn't that suspicious~. You're not hanging around with a bunch of trouble-makers, are you~?
Ran: Of course not. I'm just...
Moca: Just what~?
Ran: ...
Moca: So you can't tell me, huh? That must mean it's bad. Ah~, Ran, you're supposed to be a good girl~.
Ran: I told you, it's nothing like that! I'm just... stopping by the florist.
Moca: Oh~, the florist, huh~? Are you running an errand for your family?
Ran: No, this has nothing to do with them. I'm helping Eve out with work. I guess she's going to be shooting a wedding scene for a commercial.
Ran: Evidently she wants to make the bouquet herself, so I figured I should do a little prep work.
Ran: I've never made a bouquet before. If I want to give her advice, I need to study the basics, like how to balance out a bouquet, or what styles are common.
Ran: I've never made a bouquet before. If I want to give her advice, I need to study the basics, like how to balance out a bouquet, or what styles are common.
Ran: In any case, I need a basic idea to work off of, so I want to stop by the florist to see some actual bouquets. That might give me some inspiration.
Ran: ... That's all.

Moca: I see, I see~. Well, as long as you're not getting into trouble, that's all that matters~.

Ran: ... You know I would never do something like that.
Moca: I know, I know~. Alright, so let's get going~.
Ran: ... I told you, go home without me. I'm going to the florist.
Moca: And I'm going with you~. You never know, being around Moca-chan, the Flower of Haneoka, might give you some inspiration.
Ran: What the heck? I've never heard you called that... Besides, it'll just bore you.
Moca: I'll be fine~. I can make anything entertaining~.
Ran: You're going to come even if I say no, aren't you?
Moca: Are you really going to say no?
Ran: Sigh... Fine. Just don't expect me to entertain you while I'm looking at the flowers.
Ran: I promised Eve I'd help out, and that's what I plan to do. I'm not going to mess around.
Moca: I know~. As long as I get to look at flowers with you, I'm perfectly content~.
Ran: Huh?! What do you mean by that?
Moca: There you go again~. Did I make you blush?
Ran: I'm not blushing! Whatever, let's just go already! We don't have a lot of time.
Moca: Okey-dokey~.
Moca: Ran really does love flowers~. Fufu.

Bridesmaid Card Story - Special Episode

Flowers in the Studio


CiRCLE - Lobby

Ran: Hello. Uhm, do you have a second?
Ran: Do you have a flower vase here? ... Great, take these.
Ran: I brought some leftover flowers. Feel free to decorate CiRCLE with them.
Ran: Huh? No, no reason. I just happened to notice them when I left the house, so I grabbed a few and brought them here.
Ran: It's not like me to bring flowers? ... Yeah, I guess I agree with you.
Ran: Recently, something happened where I had to play around with flowers again.
Ran: No, it wasn't an exhibition or anything like that. Someone just asked for my help.
Ran: Did you hear about Eve's commercial? Yeah, that. I helped her make the bouquet she was carrying in that commercial.
Ran: Well, I say that, but I really didn't do all that much. I just helped her organize her ideas.
Ran: Eve really amazed me. Once she started talking about what kind of bouquet she wanted, she couldn't stop.
Ran: She wanted something with roses, but also something that showcased Japan and Finland... It was all over the place.
Ran: Still, seeing her get so excited about flowers made me feel... Whatever, it doesn't matter.
Ran: Anyway, these flowers are left over from that. I suppose we could use them back home... but I thought having flowers here at CiRCLE wouldn't be so bad either.
Ran: Just make sure you replace the water at least once a day. That way they'll stay alive for much longer.
Ran: And don't overfill the vase. Too much water isn't good for the flowers either.
Ran: They'll wither eventually, but I hope you'll take care of them until then.
Ran: Maybe I'll bring some other flowers next time I come...
Ran: See you later. Take good care of those flowers for me.