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Brighter brighter Event Story - Opening
Trainee Day Feelings

Pastel✽Palettes will be performing with the Talent Agency's trainees.
Hearing this, Aya reminsces about her days as a trainee.


Talent Agency

Staff: Alright then, with that format in mind, we'll be counting on you for your next show. We will be leaving now.
Aya: Okay! Thank you for today!
Aya: ... You guys! What do you think of what they just told us?
Chisato: You mean the part about the agency's idol trainees doing the opening act for our show? We've never done this before, so I think it's quite interesting.
Hina: Speaking of trainees, isn't that what you used to be, Aya-chan?
Maya: Yeah. Trainees are members of the agency that haven't made their debut yet. Idols in the making... is what they're called sometimes.
Eve: Whenever I pass by them in the agency hallway, they always give me such a lively greeting!
Aya: That's because greeting your seniors is one of the absolute basics. I was taught a lot of other important idol stuff too.
Aya: I dreamed of the day when I could make my debut and worked hard during my daily rehearsals... I was so happy when I could first stand on the big stage.
Aya: So those trainees are probably really happy too... Ohhh, I feel like I'm gonna cry...
Hina: Ahaha! There it is, Aya-chan's burst of emotion!
Chisato: Aya-chan is the only one of us to have been a trainee. I'm sure she has a lot in common with them.
Hina: I see~. Aya-chan and I are two different people, so there are probably things only she knows.
Hina: So we're senior idols, huh? I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of juniors we have!
Eve: So am I! I would very much like to share bushido with them!
Maya: Ahaha... It doesn't quite feel like we're senior idols.
Chisato: Fufu. Well, this industry isn't so kind that it'll wait for us to feel that way.
Chisato: In any case, let's put on a good show like we always do so we can be good role models for the trainees.

The Day of the Show
Main Hall - Offstage

Aya: Wow... ! There are so many people!
Maya: Yes, this is the perfect chance to introduce the trainees.
Eve: I hope the fans enjoy it!
Chisato: Doesn't this seem just like our debut show?
Hina: Totally! During their introductions, the trainees were all stiff. It reminded me of Aya-chan from way back!
Aya: Th-they can't help it~! With as hard as they've worked up until today, I'm sure they're just as nervous...
Aya: Ohhh, now I'm kinda worried... Will they all be okay...?
Chisato: ... Aya-chan, the girls have already finished their preparations. The only thing we can do for them now is watch their performance.
Aya: Y-yeah, you're right. We have to make sure to watch them.
Eve: Ah, it's finally starting!
Maya: It looks like we can use that monitor to see the footage from the front. Let's go cheer them on from there.
Trainee's Voice: E-everyone, it's good to meet you! We hope you enjoy our performance today!
Hina: Ahaha, the audience is totally surprised.
Maya: The announcement for their act was right before they started, so it was basically a surprise.
Trainee's Voice: We'll only be on stage for a little bit, but we'll do our best...! Here is our first song!
Hina: ... Huh, these girls aren't a band. They're our juniors, so I thought they'd be playing instruments too.
Chisato: They sing and dance in formation, so it's quite the standard idol performance.
Eve: They have a few more members than we do too.
Aya: Trainees' stage performances are all in this style. Idols in a band are probably a little rare.
Maya: Well, that is one of the selling points of our shows.
Hina: Hm, I wonder if that's why the audience doesn't seem very boppin'.
Aya: Huh...?
Eve: Now that you mention it... The audience was standing before, but people keep sitting down one after another!
Chisato: ... It seems like the audience's interest is waning.
Aya: Th-that can't be...! All the trainees are doing their best, so I can't believe the audience isn't enjoying it...!
Chisato: I agree that they are putting in the effort, but all their hard work might be too assertive.
Maya: You're right... It's like they're trying to forcibly liven things up. They're leaving the audience behind.
Aya: It seems like the audience is a little confused too...
Eve: It is such a shame.
Aya: Yeah. I kinda wanna tell them, but how...?
Maya: That's a little difficult... During the hustle and bustle of an actual performance, there isn't really an opportunity for that...
Chisato: Then... what about joint rehearsals?
Hina: You mean, you want to practice with the trainees?
Chisato: Yes. Teaching someone else will lead to us learning as well. By doing it that way, don't you think we would be able to tell them a variety of things?
Eve: I see! In my kendo club, we have also done joint practices with other schools! They were great experiences where we could all strengthen each other!
Aya: I think that's a great idea too! ... Oh, but is this something that we can decide on our own...?
Chisato: Of course, we'll need to get permission from the agency. Why don't we consult with them once the show is over?
Hina: Yeah, things seem like they'll get interesting again!
Maya: Huhehe, seems like our schedules will be getting busy~.
Chisato: I suppose so. However, just because we'll be doing joint rehearsals doesn't mean we can do away with our own practice time.
Chisato: Things are sure to be tougher than they were before... Is everyone okay with that?
Eve: Of course!
Aya: Yeah! As their senior, I want to do what I can for them!
Chisato: Fufu, then it's settled.
Trainee's Voice: H-here is the last song of our performance!
Maya: Whoa. Before we think about that, we have our own show to do.
Hina: If we're gonna be role models, then we have to clinch it here too!
Aya: Yeah...! Let's go, guys!

Brighter brighter Event Story - Chapter 1
Let the Joint Rehearsals Begin!

Maya and the others meet to talk about their joint rehearsals with the trainees.


Hazawa Coffee

Tsugumi: Sorry to keep you waiting. Here is your shortcake, seasonal tart, cheesecake, and...
Eve: I will help too! You are letting us have our band discussion here, so this is the least I can do!
Tsugumi: No, it's okay. You're a customer today, so have a seat, Eve-chan. Here is your matcha Mont Blanc.
Eve: Wow, it looks so good! Thank you!
Chisato: Sorry to barge in on you with so many people, Tsugumi-chan.
Maya: We'll try not to be an inconvenience.
Tsugumi: You're not an inconvenience! All of you are always so kind to me. Please take your time and relax.
Hina: Okay! Thanks, Tsugu-chan!
Chisato: ... Now then, shall we get started?
Aya: Yeah! We got an official okay from the agency, so we need to start thinking about the joint rehearsals!
Chisato: I heard from a staff member that the trainees will take part in our next show as well.
Hina: Huh, so that's how it is! That means it'll be their chance to make up for last time.
Maya: Yes... I believe so. Let's make these rehearsals count.
Eve: Our next show... That means we do not have much time.
Chisato: Right. And we have a new song as well... We won't be able to take our time.
Hina: We've got our regular idol work too, so this will probably be pretty tough.
Aya: But since we decided to do this, we need to do our best!
Maya: Yeah! Actually, about that. I've actually got something I want everyone to take a look at.
Chisato: What would that be? Is this... a list of the trainees?
Maya: I asked to borrow the video of the show the other day. I watched it and did my own analysis.
Eve: ... Amazing! Everything is written in such detail, from their individual profiles to the parts of each song!
Aya: You're right...! Did you do this on your own, Maya-chan?
Maya: Yeah. I'm used to doing this kind of work in Theater Club.
Hina: Ooh, Maya-chan, you're pretty Tsugurific!
Tsugumi's Voice: Yes! Did you call me!?
Maya: N-no! It's okay!
Chisato: In any case, this list is sure to be a great reference. Thank you, Maya-chan.
Maya: Glad to be of help~!
Chisato: Well then, let's look at this and decide what we want to do.
A Few Days Later
Rehearsal Studio

Chisato: ... As such, we hope to make this joint rehearsal a fruitful experience for both of our groups.
Chisato: Hina-chan and Eve-chan have some other work, so they will not be present for today's rehearsal. However, they will be able to attend the next one. So...
Chisato: We look forward to working with you until the end of the day.
Trainees: Thank you for your help!
Chisato: Now then... Aya-chan, if you would.
Aya: O-okay! Hello everyone! I'm Aya Maruyama from Pastel✽Palettes!
Aya: I might not be a very dependable role model, but I'll do my absolute best right along with you!
Aya: Doing your best is sure to lead to a good show too... So I want to do my best to tell you how important doing your best is!
Aya: So, uh... Yeah! Let's do our best together!
Chisato: ... Aya-chan? You mentioned "doing your best" quite a bit.
Aya: W-well, I mean, that's what I actually believe... Ohhh, Maya-chan! Go next!
Maya: O-okay...! I'm Maya Yamato, and I'm also with Pastel✽Palettes.
Maya: Uhhh... Ummm... Before we start rehearsal, I'd like to ask all of you something.
Chisato: ... Maya-chan?
Maya: What did you all think of your show?
Trainee A: Umm... To be honest, we were frustrated. We did our best, but...
Maya: ... I thought so. We had a similar experience, so we know how you feel.
Maya: Our first stage performance was canceled. Even though we practiced a lot, we weren't able to show it during the actual performance...
Aya: Yeah... There have been a lot of times we've gotten frustrated, but each time we pulled ourselves together, and that's why we're where we are today.
Chisato: Right. There's no shortcut to success. We too have learned from our mistakes and accumulated a great deal of experience.
Maya: So there's no need for you all to feel down. Let's all do our best together to make next time a success!
Maya: ... Seems like I'm also just saying "do your best"... Still...
Maya: at the end of the day, all you can do is your best.
Trainees: ... Okay!
Maya: So let's work hard during our joint rehearsals!

Brighter brighter Event Story - Chapter 2
The Feelings Left Onstage

The trainees perform their song in the studio. Everything seems fine, but...


Rehearsal Studio

Chisato: Now then, seeing as we have Aya-chan with us today, I'd like to look back on your singing and dancing...
Chisato: Aya-chan, we're counting on you to be their trainer.
Aya: O-okay! I'll do my best!
Maya: Now then, trainees, just like the show, we'll play your three songs. Can you please perform while picturing us as the audience?
Trainees: ... Th-thank you very much!
Aya: Amazing! Great work, everyone. You were wonderful~!
Aya: You were able to move through the dances and the songs were cute... I think I might become a fan...
Chisato: ... Aya-chan, while praising them is important, do you remember what the goal of these joint rehearsals was?
Aya: I-I know, but they really did do better compared to their last show... I wonder why.
Maya: I thought so too. Part of it may be that we were watching them from up close. Plus, they used the entire studio, so I felt some intensity as well.
Aya: This studio... Ah, maybe...!
Chisato: Hm? Aya-chan, what's wrong?
Aya: I was just thinking... maybe they don't have a clear idea of an actual performance yet. I mean, this studio and an actual stage are totally different, right?
Maya: I see what you mean... An actual stage is a lot bigger, and, more importantly, the audience is far away.
Chisato: I suppose that means... if they rehearse with just the studio in mind, their performance won't be conveyed all that well during actual shows.
Aya: Yeah, that's it! Also, it seemed like everyone was checking themselves in the mirror as they were dancing, so it kinda felt like their focus was really limited.
Aya: During an actual stage performance, I think about properly expressing my feelings to the entire audience. That's because I want everyone that came to enjoy themselves.
Aya: To do that, I think about where I'm looking and where my fingers point as I'm dancing. You need to have a sense of the feelings you want to convey, even during practic-
Staff: Excuse me.
Aya: ...?!
Staff: The score for your new song came in, so I'll leave it for you here.
Maya: Ooh, we've been waiting for that! Thank you~!
Aya: This is what I think it is, right? This is the new song we'll be doing at our next show! Yay, I've been looking forward to it~!
Chisato: Fufu, Aya-chan. I feel the same way, but right now, I want to hear your opinion as a trainer.
Aya: Ah, r-right! Umm, you have to think about the audience and... So... Huh?
Aya: Ohhh, what do I do...? I forgot everything I wanted to say~!
Maya: Y-you really need momentum for this sort of thing, huh...?
Trainee A: B-but... I totally got what you just said! Thank you so much!
Chisato: There you have it, Aya-chan.
Aya: Th-thank goodness~... I was a little worried I was off base.
Maya: Not at all! It was a wonderful speech that got your way of thinking across!
Chisato: It's true. Idols are nothing without their fans. I hope our entire band will keep that in mind as well.
Trainee B: Um... Can I ask a question?
Chisato: Of course, go ahead.
Trainee B: I do have feelings that I want to get across to the audience, but... I only have a vague idea of what I should convey to them.
Maya: Yes... I think that is a very understandable problem. After all, the songs we all perform on stage are created by professionals of the trade.
Maya: That's why when our band gets a new song, we talk it out with each other. We figure out what the lyrics mean and what the overall theme is.
Maya: As we do that over and over, I think we gradually start to see the feeling that we want to get across.
Maya: Even with the new song that we just got, we'll work together to solidify our image of the song to prepare for the show!
Trainee B: The image of the song...?
Maya: I-is that a bit difficult to understand...?
Trainee B: I'm sorry... I've been mindful of making a sparkling impression and how an idol should look, but...
Maya: Hmm... That's certainly one answer, but... In my opinion, the sparkling impression is the outcome.
Maya: What you feel on the inside turns into something that people can plainly see. For that to happen, I think it's important that we have a clear image of what it is we want to convey!
Trainee B: I see...
Chisato: Fufu. Well, this is just the way we do things. I'm sure you all will find your own methods.
Maya: Y-yeah, exactly! There isn't just one correct interpretation. It's important to find the answer that's right for you guys...
Maya: ... Er, sorry. I got a bit too passionate there... Ahaha...
A Few Hours Later

Aya: W-we managed to get through the first day... Good work, you two
Chisato: Good work today, Aya-chan. I hope we can keep up this pace for the upcoming rehearsals.
Maya: Right. Next time it'll be me, Hina-san, and Eve-san, correct?
Chisato: Yes. I have another appointment, so I'll be joining you partway through.
Aya: Ohhh, I'm sorry... I have to film a show that day...
Maya: No, no, it's fine! We'll work enough for the both of you!
Chisato: Fufu. If you have that much energy, then you should have no problem with our practice after this.
Maya: Ahaha, I'll do my best...
Hina: Hey everyone! Looks like you're working hard!
Eve: I am sorry I am late! I apologize for keeping you all waiting!
Aya: Welcome back, you two! We were taking a break anyway, so it's okay!
Chisato: Well then, now that we have everyone here... Shall we begin?

Brighter brighter Event Story - Chapter 3
Internal Conflict?!

Day two of the joint rehearsals.
Hina gives her honest opinion on what she felt during the trainees' performance.


Rehearsal Studio

Maya: Well then, I'd like to go ahead and start our second joint rehearsal!
Trainees: Thank you for your help!
Hina: Ahaha, it's good to work with you all! Hey, Maya-chan, what did you guys do the first time?
Maya: We had them show us their singing and dancing. Then we gave them our opinions.
Eve: I see! You had them display their expertise!
Maya: S-something like that.
Hina: Got it, got it. But we're gonna be doing something different today, right? I mean, our main thing is playing instruments.
Maya: Right, I think that's a good idea too. Looking back on their performance the other day, did either of you have anything to say?
Hina: Hmm... I thought the trainees' performance was pretty good, but...
Hina: They seemed to be desperate when they were dancing, and they kinda had forced smiles when they were emceeing.
Hina: The fact that they weren't able to hide all that was pretty awkward. You could even say watching them gave me a chill.
Hina: I haven't seen that sorta show very much, so I thought it was pretty interesting. What did you think, Eve-chan?
Eve: I was the opposite of Hina-san, as I was concerned by that impression.
Eve: I could feel all of them panicking, and it was somewhat painful to watch.
Hina: Yeah, they didn't feel very boppin', huh? The audience might've sensed that.
Hina: Are you guys not very close?
Maya: H-Hina-san?! That's not the case at all1 Even during the previous rehearsal, I could tell they're close.
Trainee A: Yeah... We know we need to put out that friendly vibe on stage like all of you, but... It's pretty hard.
Hina: Really? I don't think you need to worry about it all that much. I mean, it's normal for there to be groups that aren't very close.
Maya: ... Anyway, by trying too hard to put out that image, it'll create a weird feeling instead.
Maya: The issue with the force smiles might be the same way.
Hina: Mhm. No one decided that idols need to be a certain way!
Hina: So I think it's fine if you don't get along.
Maya: Hina-san! I'm telling you, they are actually very close~!
Trainee A: B-but... Isn't a smile important? Without one, we won't sparkle...
Eve: Of course, a smile is very important. But I think the audience can tell if it is a fake smile.
Eve: Performances are serious bouts with the audience. You cannot deceive their eyes.
Trainee A: That's...
Maya: ... Do you remember what Aya-san said yesterday? She said that she wants everyone that comes to a performance to enjoy themselves...
Maya: I think you all had that same desire, but you can't achieve it with a forced smile.
Maya: If the audience can see that you are enjoying your stage performance from the heart, they are able to enjoy themselves too.
Trainee A: Okay...
Hina: Anyway, you don't need to think about it too hard.
Hina: Basically, you just need to make sure that everyone is boppin'♪
Eve: I agree! Let us think of a way for everyone to enjoy themselves together!
Maya: A way for everyone at the venue to enjoy themselves... Something that lets you relax and gets the audience pumped up...
Hina: ... Ah! What about that one thing? Y'know, Aya-chan's introduction!
Maya: Do you mean her "Fluffy pink" speech?
Hina: Yeah, I love that! She gets excited too, so I feel really boppin' just watching her♪
Eve: I do too! It makes all the people in the audience really smile!
Hina: I know, right? Something like that might be good! Give it a try, trainees!
Maya: I-I don't know... I think that sort of thing requires a certain knack...
Hina: Really? Now that I think about it, don't you have an introduction too, Maya-chan? What was it? I haven't heard it in a while, so I forgot what it was.
Maya: Are you referring to this one? "Read it forwards or backwards, it's the same in Japanese! Ya-ma-to Ma-ya!"
Hina: Yeah, that! That's a great example! Give us a boppin' demonstration♪
Maya: What!? You want me to do that introduction!? I don't know...
Hina: It's for the trainees~.
Maya: ... For the trainees...!
Maya: O-okay...! I'll do it! No, please let me give it a shot!
Hina: Whoa! Maya-chan, you're on fire! Okay, let's go full force on this! Three, two, one... Go!
Chisato: Sorry to be so late...
Maya: I-I'm Maya Yamato from Pastel✽Palettes! Read it forwards or backwards, it's the same in Japanese! Ya-ma-to Ma-ya♪
Trainees: ...
Chisato: ... Maya-chan?
Maya: Ah, h-hello there...
Chisato: ... I see. You were doing an introduction like Aya-chan's...
Maya: Yeah. I swear I wasn't goofing around...
Hina: Oh man, that was the greatest, Maya-chan! You should do that at the next show!
Eve: Yes! Your gallant figure was truly splendid!
Chisato: Come on now... This is supposed to be a joint rehearsal, so you have to teach the trainees properly for them to learn.
Maya: Ohhh, I'm sorry...
Chisato: However... I think the idea of enjoying yourself for the audience's sake is quite reasonable.
Chisato: You were all fixated on appearing like idols, so while you had something you wanted to show, you had nothing you wanted to convey. And that produced a gap between you and the audience.
Chisato: In order to get the audience to enjoy themselves, it is necessary to have something to convey... In your case, I believe that would be a sense of enjoyment.
Trainee B: I-I see... Thank you so much!
Maya: ... Thanks for helping, Chisato-san. I did what I could for them to understand, but...
Maya: It's not going all that well.
Chisato: I don't think you have anything to worry about. The trainees should be able to tell you are doing your best.
Maya: Y-you think so? That's a relief... Huhehe.
Chisato: ... Right.

Brighter brighter Event Story - Chapter 4
What Maya Saw

Chisato is worried about Maya. What's on her mind regarding Maya...?


Rehearsal Studio

Hina: Phew. That was pretty good just now, right?
Eve: Yes! I feel like we have finally grasped the new song as well!
Aya: Thank goodness~. We've been working on this as well as the joint rehearsals, so it's been pretty tough.
Maya: But we still have places that we should focus on. Let's make sure we get it perfect by the day of the show!
Chisato: Indeed. We only have one more joint rehearsal. Now that we've reached this point, all we need to do is see it through.
Hina: I agree, but for now, can we take a break? We've been playing non-stop since we started practice.
Chisato: You have a pint. Well then, let's pick this up again in a little while.
Hina: Yay! Break time, break time!
Maya: Oh, I'm going to go buy something to drink. I'll just head to the convenience store outside, so I'll be right back.
Chisato: ... In that case, is it all right if I go with you? I've run out of water.
Hina: What's that, the convenience store? I wanna go too!
Chisato: Hina-chan, if too many of us go outside, we may get discovered by our fans.
Chisato: If you send me a message with what you want, I will buy it for you.
Hina: Really? Okay, let's go with that! Thanks!
Chisato: Of course. Now then, shall we, Maya-chan?
Station Entrance

Maya: Brrr... It certainly gets cold when it gets to be this late.
Chisato: You're right. But we've been cooped up in the studio this whole time, so it's a nice change of pace.
Chisato: ... Maya-chan, I was wondering if I might ask you a couple questions. I've been trying to find some time for us to speak alone.
Maya: ...? Sure, what is it?
Chisato: About our join rehearsals... Are you satisfied with how they are going?
Maya: Hmm... I still feel like I'm not quite good enough. I realized that teaching something to others is difficult.
Maya: I've been trying different things, but it's not going all that well.
Chisato: Fufu. The moment I entered the studio and heard your introduction, I was at a loss for what to do.
Chisato: I had never seen you like that.
Maya: Ahaha... Please forget you saw that.
Chisato: Tell me, Maya-chan. Why are you trying so hard?
Maya: ... Huh?
Chisato: During our joint rehearsals, there have been multiple times where I saw a side of you that was different from your normal self, so... I've been a bit worried.
Chisato: I thought... that you might be pushing yourself too hard again.
Maya: Huh...? N-no, no! That's not the case at all!
Chisato: ... Really?
Maya: Really! I might've been doing a lot, but I'm not pushing myself too hard! ... Have I been worrying you...?
Chisato: ... I see. If it was a misunderstanding on my part, then it's fine.
Maya: I'm sorry... To think you thought that about me is so embarrassing...!
Chisato: But if that's the case, why are you trying so hard?
Maya: U-umm... I kind of felt like I couldn't neglect the trainees.
Maya: When I first saw the trainees' performance, all I thought about was how they could improve it.
Maya: But after their performance ended and we switched places, I happened to catch a glimpse of them.
Maya: They were crying.
Maya: They went back to the dressing room right away, so it was really only for just an instant, but they were all tearing up out of frustration...
Maya: I felt like I understood just how serious they were, as well as what obstacles they had faced...
Maya: And that's when I remembered the moment we were told that we would be their senior idols.
Maya: When I joined Pastel✽Palettes, everyone helped me out... And thanks to that, I found my own way to be an idol.
Maya: I decided that I wouldn't put myself down anymore... So I figured there has to be something that I can do.
Chisato: So... That was the reason.
Maya: I wonder if I seemed like I was trying to sound cool or something. I'm not all that great when it comes to talking about myself...
Chisato: That's not true. I legitimately felt your feelings for those girls.
Maya: Huhehe... Thank you.
Chisato: So that is your current motivation.
Maya: I generally prefer to provide support to people that shine on stage from the shadows. It must be in my nature.
Chisato: ... True. I think that is a very good quality to have... But you are mistaken about one thing.
Chisato: Right now, you aren't in the shadows. You yourself are giving off a very charming light.
Maya: H-huh?! No way, someone like me couldn't possibly...
Chisato: Oh. Didn't you say you wouldn't put yourself down anymore?
Maya: Oops, that's right... Still, it feels awkward being praised for something I'm not aware of.
Chisato: Fufu. One does not always see their own radiance. Our leader is the same way, is she not?
Maya: ... You have a point. Thank you, Chisato-san. Thanks to you, I feel like I can do a bit better.
Chisato: You are quite welcome. Now then, we have taken quite a bit of time. Let's hurry to the convenience store.
Maya: Right. We're losing out on practice time!

Brighter brighter Event Story - Chapter 5
I Love Idols

On the last day of their joint rehearsals, Aya and the others play a song in front of the trainees.


Rehearsal Studio

Chisato: Since this is our last joint rehearsal, today, we would like to show you all how we practice.
Chisato: If there's anything that you are curious about, please feel free to say something.
Trainees: Thank you for your help!
Eve: We have not had someone watch us practice since that time with the members of Afterglow! It really sharpens the senses!
Aya: Yeah! There's a feeling of tension, so it'll really motivate us!
Hina: Alright, where should we start? Since we've got the chance, want to show them that one thing?
Maya: Ooh, sounds good! We've got it finished to a good point, so I'm all for it!
Chisato: Well then, let's do that. Is everyone ready?
Maya: ... Okay, let's go!
Hina: Mmm! This song is definitely boppin'♪ I can't wait to perform it at the show!
Maya: Yeah, me either! ... So, now that you've seen one of our songs, what did you all think?
Trainee A: Umm... Was the song just now your new song?
Trainee B: You only just got the music score recently... And yet you're already this far...!
Eve: Warriors must never be negligent with their training!
Chisato: Right. Although I'm not quite sure about warriors, as professionals, we have to do what is required of us.
Trainee A: Even though you had your regular work, not to mention the rehearsals with us, you've already gotten this far with the song...!
Aya: Ehehe. We managed to make time for all of us to get together, and we did our best with practice!
Hina: Mhm, you really did your best, Aya-chan. When practice would end and we were eating, you were half asleep!
Aya: Ohhh, you're supposed to keep that a secret~!
Maya: But the start of the hook still isn't perfect. I'd like to be a bit more careful as we sync up.
Maya: The world created by the song starts from this point on. We need to make sure to match up our sounds so it's easier for our listeners to jump in.
Aya: Right... I'll try to listen to everyone's parts better!
Maya: I'll try adding an accent to the preceding phrase so the timing is easier to understand!
Aya: Okay! Thanks, Maya-chan!
Trainee B: Um... Are you always this detailed...?
Chisato: Yes. Like Maya-chan said on the first day, we compare and adjust our impressions of the song and utilize that during the performance.
Trainee B: I see... By doing all of this...
Trainee A: You can see what it is you want to convey...!
Chisato: Fufu, I'm glad you understand. You could say this is the way Pastel✽Palettes does things.
Chisato: In order to make sure the audience enjoys their time with us, we earnestly try to face the music while we enjoy ourselves.
Trainee A: You enjoy yourselves...
Chisato: Yes. If you look at Maya-chan during a performance, you can really tell. She's always having such fun while she's performing.
Maya: Wh-who, me?!
Hina: When she's sitting at her drums, the look in her eyes totally changes!
Eve: When Maya-san is in the studio, she is even more dependable than normal!
Aya: Even during a show, she's super energetic! Whenever I look back at her on stage, I always get encouraged.
Maya: Th-thanks... I'm just doing what I love to do in a way I love to do it.
Maya: So maybe... that's why I naturally look like I'm having fun.
Trainee A: That makes sense... The sight of you drumming away was really wonderful. It's like you were sparkling... Ah.
Chisato: Exactly. I believe that is her charm as an idol.
Chisato: She doesn't forcibly change herself to match an image. That's why you can see her shining in her own way. She's being herself.
Maya: Ahaha... That's because nothing good comes from forcibly changing yourself.
Trainee A: So... We have to find our own enjoyment too..
Aya: ... Hey, girls. Do you like idols?
Trainee B: Y-yes. Of course!
Aya: I thought so! You dreamed of being idols and did your best to practice the whole time... And now your chance has finally come.
Aya: It's because you like them that you were able to get this far without giving up. Those feelings are connected to having fun, so you'll definitely be okay!
Aya: The moment when you stand on stage, illuminated by the spotlight... That's when your new dream will begin!
Trainee B: ...! Okay, we'll try our best!
A Few Hours Later

Aya: ... Sorry, can I try syncing up with everyone on that part one more time? I want to adjust the place where I take a breath.
Chisato: Of course. This is our long-awaited new song, so we should work on it until we're satisfied.
Hina: Ahaha, you're all so energetic! How many hours has it been since the joint rehearsal ended?
Eve: Our show is drawing near, so this is the critical stage!
Maya: Right. Let's do everything that we can.
Chisato: The trainees' next performance is certain to be better than before. So as their seniors, we have to work just as hard... No, we need to work even harder...!
Aya: You're right. We have to aim even higher! We can't look bad in front of them!
Hina: I see what you mean~. But will the trainees really be okay? They still looked kinda anxious.
Chisato: True... I believe we told them everything that we wanted to, but...
Eve: So does that mean... the rest depends on how well the trainees do?
Maya: ... Um, about that... I actually have an idea.
Maya: Could I ask everyone to stop what they're doing and hear me out for a bit?
Chisato: I don't mind... Fufu. I see you still plan on doing your best too.
Maya: Yeah. Just a bit more, for those girls... I think there's something we can do from a different angle.
Hina: Hm? Do you have something interesting in mind?
Eve: That is wonderful! Please let me help too!
Aya: Yeah, I'll help out too. What should we do?
Maya: Huhehe, thanks. Well, I guess you could say...
Maya: We've got some extra work to do after the joint rehearsals!

Brighter brighter Event Story - Ending
Shining Figure

The girls are energized after seeing the trainees' sparkling performance.


The Day of the Show
Main Hall - Offstage

Aya: Wow...! There are so many people today too!
Chisato: True. The trainees still have stiff expressions though...
Hina: ... More importantly, where's Maya-chan? The show is about to start.
Eve: I saw her speaking with a staff member just a moment ago... Ah! There she is! Maya-san, over here!
Maya: S-sorry... The offstage area is so dark that I couldn't see you all...
Chisato: You just made it. It's almost time...
Maya: Right. Everything is ready.
Trainee A: U-um! We'll do our best to apply everything you taught us!
Trainee B: So please... watch over us!
Aya: Yeah, of course! We'll be waiting for you right here.
Hina: Oh, here we go♪
Trainee A: Okay, we'll see you aft-
Maya: Um! Can you wait for just a bit? There's going to be an opening act before yours today.
Trainees: ...?
Maya: Watch the screen at the back of the stage.
Aya: Hello to everyone here at the venue~! We are...
All: Pastel✽Palettes!
Chisato: Thank you all for coming today... Now then, has everyone taken a look at the guidebook you were given when you came in?
Eve: It is a book we made that covers everything you need to know about the trainees!
Hina: You'll find a whole bunch of stuff written about the trainees in it. It even has a song analysis column written by Maya-chan!
Eve: In other words, it is a book of hidden secrets!
Maya: ... As you all know, since our last show, the trainees have been doing their own performance as our opening act.
Maya: But there may be some people that haven't been able to fully enjoy their performance because they didn't know who the girls were...
Maya: So if you are one of those people, this guidebook is for you! Once you read this, you'll know everything from their profiles to the hot points of their tunes!
Maya: I personally recommend page twelve... Right here! This song's chord progression right before the big hook is so well done and-
Chisato: Maya-chan, if you talk about it too much, you may ruin the experience for the fans.
Maya: Ah! Sorry, I got carried away... Huhehe.
Chisato: In any case, they are such wonderful girls that we couldn't possibly express it all here in this book. So please watch over them during their performance.
Aya: We would be so happy if everyone in the audience enjoys themselves with the girls!
Eve: We will also be partying with all our might just offstage!
Aya: ... With that said, that's all from Pastel✽Palettes!
Hina: See everyone later!
Chisato: ... This is the girl's third and final song...
Chisato: It seems like our extra efforts paid off.
Eve: Yes! The trainees and the fans have such great smiles!
Hina: way to go, Maya-chan!
Maya: Wow, that's a relief... But this is not the end.
Aya: Huh? We did the guidebook and the video letter... Was there something else?
Maya: Yeah. You said it on the day of the last rehearsal. They'll stand in the spotlight on stage and their new dream will begin...
Maya: So I talked with the staff a little while ago... Look, here itt comes.
Chisato: Ah... During their solo singing parts...
Eve: The light is shining on each member...!
Maya: I think today's show is sure to be their first step... Their beginning as idols.
Maya: So shouldn't they have stage effects worthy of that?
Maya: ... There I go trying to sound cool again.
Aya: Come on, that's not true... Look, Maya-chan. The girls are totally sparkling...!
Trainee's Voice: ... Thank you all so very much!
Chisato: We may have inadvertently trained some very formidable juniors.
Aya: Sniffle... Thank goodness, I'm so happy...
Hina: Come on, Aya-chan, we're just about to go on.
Eve: She cannot help it with all this fervor! Tears are the perspiration of the heart!
Trainee A: Um... Everyone! Huff, huff... We've finished! Thank you all... for everything you did for us!
Aya: Ohhh, you guys... That was so great... Really...
Chisato: Yes, you put on quite the lovely performance. Well done.
Eve: We cannot be outdone either!
Hina: Yeah, totally~! Now I'm fired up!
Maya: ... So, what did you think of your show?
Trainee B: It still kinda feels like we're dreaming, but... it was so much fun!
Maya: Great, I'm glad to hear that!
Staff: Pastel✽Palettes, you're on!
Chisato: Well then, from here on out, it's our turn.
Aya: Yeah. Everyone... Watch us sparkle from where you are!
Aya: Hello, everyone~! We are...
All: Pastel✽Palettes!
Aya: To start off our show today, we'll be premiering our newest song!
Aya: So Maya-chan... Hit it!

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