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Bunny Strategy Card Story - Episode

Working In Unison



Arisa: Mmm~...!
Arisa: Ahh~, what a nice day~.
Tae: Yeah.
Arisa: Blue skies, white clouds... The perfect time to take a walk.
Tae: Doesn't that sound kinda like the lyrics to a song?
Arisa: Hm? You think so? I wasn't really thinking about that though...
Tae: Ah, that cloud...
Arisa: ... Cloud? Which one?
Tae: Right in front of you... Look.
Tae: Doesn't it look like a rabbit?
Arisa: Ahh... Yeah, now that you mention it...
Eve: Boo! If it isn't Tae-san and Arisa-san!
Arisa: Wah!
Tae: Ah, it's Eve.
Arisa: Don't sneak up behind us like that! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!
Eve: Fufufu... Greetings. I am the shinobi known as Eve-nin!
Arisa: E-Eve-nin? What are you saying...?
Eve: What are you two up to? A stroll?
Tae: I'm walking Arisa.
Arisa: Hey! I'm not a dog!
Tae: Oh, sorry. I meant, "Walking with Arisa."
Arisa: Don't mess that up...
Tae: Got it. I'll be careful next time.
Tae: Oh, yeah. Eve, thanks for the other day.
Eve: Hm? What happened the other day?
Tae: The rabbits. You helped us catch them.
Eve: Ah! A few days back! You're welcome!
Eve: We must help each other in times of need. Companionship for the road and compassion in life!
Eve: Those rabbits were so cute and cuddly!
Tae: Mhm, and snuggly and warm. Makes me wanna pet them again.
Arisa: Now that you mention it, you were smiling a lot more than usual that day, O-Tae.
Arisa: But I do know what you mean by snuggly and warm. They were nice and fluffy...
Arisa: ... But that doesn't mean I plan on running around and chasing them again. You can count me out next time.
Tae: We were able to catch them as a team that day...
Tae: Like we were all in sync. Thanks for helping out, too, Arisa.
Arisa: It's no big deal... I had to since everyone else was doing it...
Arisa: It's not like I was chasing them because I liked it.
Eve: Fufu, Arisa-san. You don't have to hide your true feelings.
Arisa: Huh?!
Tae: Arisa, your face is red. Do you have a sunburn?
Arisa: N-no! Forget about it...!
Eve: Oh, I have an idea! Let's all go to the zoo some time!
Arisa: That came out of nowhere.
Eve: There are so many different types of animals. It'll be fun!
Tae: The zoo...
Tae: They have bears, pandas, grizzlies...
Arisa: Those are all bears...
Tae: I wonder if they have rabbits.
Eve: I'm sure they do!
Tae: I see. I want to go... With Kasumi, Saaya and Rimi, too.
Tae: Arisa, are you gonna come?
Arisa: ...! I-if you really wanna go that much, I guess I can't say no...
Tae: Then's it's decided. Let's all go as a group, Eve.
Eve: Okay! Let's invite Chisato-san and the others, too~. It'll be a great day!
Tae: I can't wait.
Tae: Do zoos have mascots?
Eve: I wonder. I think there have to be people dressed in costumes, no?
Tae: Costumes... Oh, right...
Tae: What happened with the rabbit costumes? We were all gonna wear one. Right, Arisa?
Arisa: You were being serious about that?!
Tae: You don't want to, Arisa of Wonderland?
Arisa: G-give me a break...

Bunny Strategy Card Story - Special Episode

Soft & Fluffy


Tae: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san.
Tae: Hey, do you like fluffy things?
Tae: Like, rabbits, for example...
Tae: You do, right? I do too.
Tae: Rabbits are cuddly and warm, and they have a nice scent.
Tae: They're like cotton candy, and they're cute.
Tae: I just wanna pet them again. Those snuggly bunnies.
Tae: Huh? Why am I talking about rabbits?
Tae: So the other day, the rabbits at school escaped from their room.
Tae: That's when Arisa and I started chasing them, but we had a pretty hard time catching any.
Tae: Luckily we ran into Eve, Chisato-senpai and Kanon-senpai. They gave us a hand.
Tae: We were all trying, but rabbits are really fast, so we couldn't keep up...
Tae: But in the end, we were able to work together and bring them all back to their room.
Tae: Because of that, we were all worn out, but afterward, we were able to play with the rabbits.
Tae: Petting them was so relaxing, and it woke us right up.
Tae: We played and played, and we left them in the pet room once we were done.
Tae: I don't think I would have been able to catch them alone.
Tae: Arisa was making a big fuss about it, but she helped along with Eve, Chisato-senpai and Kanon-senpai.
Tae: Yeah, I'm thankful for everyone's help.
Tae: The girl in charge of the pet room was grateful as well, and we got to pet fluffy bunnies. I'm glad everything worked out.
Tae: That time spent playing with the rabbits was a reward for our ability to work so well together.
Tae: BanG Dreamer-san, have you ever worked as a group to get something done?
Tae: Being in unison as a group is a really nice feeling.
Tae: It's kind of like performing with a band. Being able to play in sync with everyone else is great.
Tae: You get what I'm saying? Mhm, that's good.
Tae: That reminds me, there was one rabbit that jumped on top of Arisa, and she screamed.
Tae: Fufu... Just thinking about it makes me laugh.
Tae: Huh? Do I think she'd get mad if she heard me talking about it?
Tae: Yeah, probably...
Tae: Ah, but you know, Arisa is kinda like a rabbit. Like how they purr.
Tae: She makes a lot of noise, just like them, right?
Tae: Fufu, you should listen closely next time. She'll be making a lot of noise, I'm sure.
Tae: Oh, yeah. There was actually one more thing I got out of that day. Cuddling with the rabbits gave me an idea.
Tae: I thought that a song that's snug and warm like when you're holding a rabbit... A song like that might be good.
Tae: Unfortunately, the lyrics aren't really coming to me. Does anything come to mind?
Tae: ... You can't write lyrics on the spot? Ahaha, that's fair.
Tae: Hmm... How about a song with almost no lyrics? Just cuddly, cuddly~, snuggly, snuggly~, and that's it. What do you think?
Tae: Yeah, sounds like fun, right? ... Huh? What if we wear an animal costume while singing it...? Hmm...
Tae: An animal costume... Yeah, that's an interesting idea.
Tae: Thanks, BanG Dreamer-san.
Tae: Maybe our band can wear animal costumes at our next performance.
Tae: Poppin'Party wearing fluffy rabbit costumes. Mhm, that's cute.
Tae: I'm sure they'll all agree. And maybe Arisa will... make a lot of noise about it, as usual.
Tae: Fufu... I can't wait.