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Cafeteria Sweets! Card Story - Episode

It's All For the Cake


Haneoka Girls' Academy

Moca: Oho~, it sure is crowded today~.
Himari: Of course it is! Today the cafeteria's doing a buffet! I've been looking forward to this for a whole week~!
Tomoe: I still can't believe the cafeteria actually has a buffet.
Ran: I honestly didn't think it would happen when Tsugumi told us about it.
Tsugumi: It's only once a month, but as long as everyone enjoys it, I'm happy with the results.
Himari: Well, I'm really enjoying it! There are so many sweets to choose from!
Tomoe: Even the girls in our class that usually bring bentos said they're coming to the cafeteria today.
Moca: And it's all thanks to our beloved goddesses~. All hail Tsugu-sama and Hina-sama~.
Tsugumi: Ah, actually, Himari-chan contributed as well.
Tomoe: What? Really?
Himari: Fufu~, I sure did! I'm the one who said they should have sweets!
Moca: Oho~! All hail our new goddess, Hima-sama~!
Himari: Fufufu, that's right! Bow before me~!
Ran: You guys better cut the chit-chat and grab some food. Some of the dishes are almost gone.
Himari: Huh?! Really?! Wait, when did you go grab food? And so much food too!
Ran: ... I-I'm just really hungry today!

Tomoe: Man, that was delicious... I'm full!
Tsugumi: Are you sure you don't want dessert, Tomoe-chan? It's all you can eat.
Tomoe: I ate a bit too much, so I don't think I can handle any more food...
Himari: Aww~, what a waste! There's so much to choose from~! They've got mille-feuille, mont blanc, and even mixed berry crepes!
Ran: How do you remember all of that...?
Himari: I'm the one who suggested the menu!
Moca: But Hii-chan~, is it really okay for you to eat all of that~?
Himari: Huh? Sure it is. I always have room for dessert!
Moca: Uhm~, that's not what I mean~.
Ran: You've been eating cake from the cafeteria every day, right? You said you had to try all the new items.
Himari: Yeah, I have. Why do yo- Ah!
Himari: H-have I... gained weight?!
Ran: No, not really. We're just—
Himari: Ooo~... T-Tomoe~! What should I do~?!
Ran: ... She's not listening.
Tomoe: Uhm~, I don't think it's that noticeable. As long as you watch what you eat, you should be fine.
Himari: N-not "that noticeable"?! That means it is a little noticeable, doesn't it?!
Tsugumi: H-Himari-chan, you're overthinking it~!
Himari: Ooo... If I had known this would happen, I wouldn't have suggested adding sweets to the cafeteria menu...
Tsugumi: B-but they're such a big hit! The student council surveys are filled with people saying how happy they are!
Himari: Of course they're happy~! These desserts are all so tasty~! That's why I end up eating them all~!
Himari: Ooo... I want to eat cake... But I don't want to gain weight... But I want to eat cake...
Tomoe: H-hey, Himari... You okay?
Moca: Looks like the angel and devil on her shoulders are fighting it out over cake~.
Himari: I've got it! From now on, I'll just have to burn more calories to make up for all the extra desserts!
Himari: I'll work extra hard at studying, band practice, and all my club activities! That'll fix everything!
Himari: This way, it won't matter if I eat a bit more cake than usual... Probably.
Ran: ... Are you sure about that?
Himari: I sure am!
Tomoe: Well, at least you're motivated to do more. Nothing wrong with that.
Tsugumi: Yeah! Good luck, Himari-chan!
Himari: Don't worry, I've got this~! And I'll do it all for delicious cakes! Here I go~!

Cafeteria Sweets! Card Story - Special Episode

Congenial Student Council


Residential Area

Himari: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Good morning!
Himari: You're up early! Me? I'm about to do some jogging!
Himari: Ah, no, I'm not doing any sort of training. I just want to get some exercise!
Himari: Why? ... This is embarrassing, but I think I've been eating a little too much dessert lately...
Himari: I'm not going to let my bad decisions get the best of me though!
Himari: Why am I eating more dessert? You sure know what questions to ask!
Himari: I know exactly what it is! It's all the school's fault!
Himari: You see, the cafeteria at my school has changed recently. They've started doing a buffet once a month and serving dessert too.
Himari: There are so many kinds of sweets to choose from. They've got cakes, cream puffs, and even crepes!
Himari: So I always end up taking too much...
Himari: It all started when Hina-senpai was telling me how boring the cafeteria was, and I said it'd be nice if they sold crepes. I had no idea it was going to actually happen!
Himari: So really, it's my own fault that I'm eating all these sweets...
Himari: Still, that's pretty amazing, right? I never expected the school to actually start offering dessert. Hina-senpai, Tsugu, and everyone else in the student council sure are working hard.
Himari: The student council came up with all sorts of other improvements too. It wasn't just the cafeteria.
Himari: For example, now the music that plays during lunch is decided by a vote.
Himari: They even played an Afterglow song a while ago! I was so happy~.
Himari: And guess what?! Kaoru-senpai has her own part in the broadcast too! Isn't that just perfect?!
Himari: The student council feels a lot more accessible now that Hina-senpai is president.
Himari: I mean, Hina-senpai's more than happy to talk with everyone, right?
Himari: I think that makes her easier to approach as well.
Himari: I heard from Tsugu that they're already working on their next project.
Himari: I can't wait to see what it is!
Himari: I'm sure it's something I would never have thought of~...
Himari: After all, this is Hina-senpai we're talking about!
Himari: ... Ah, I'm rambling, aren't I? Sorry about that!
Himari: I better get back to exercising! That way I can eat as much cake as I want!