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Call for Courage Card Story - Episode

Rimi's Passion


Rimi: That cord. It's like... this.
Kasumi: How's this?
Rimi: Yeah! That's good.
Kasumi: Hehehe ♪ I think I finally got it!
Tae: Sorry to keep you waiting. You two are pretty early.
Rimi: Ah, O-Tae-chan.
Tae: I bought some ice cream. Would you guys like?
Kasumi: I do! Thanks, O-Tae!
Tae: Rimi, which flavor would you like?
Rimi: I like every flavor, so I'll have the one that's left after everyone else picks.
Kasumi: Don't be shy~! Are you sure?
Rimi: Mhm.
Kasumi: You're so sweet... I'll have vanilla then!
Tae: I like that about Rimi
Rimi: O-oh, r-really...? Tehe...
Kasumi: Yeah, but sometimes Rimi-rin gets fired up too!
Rimi: Me? Hmm, I don't know...
Tae: Like when you were asking the people downtown to carry out the festival, or when you were asking them all for favors. I think you were "fired up" then.
Kasumi: Yeah! You were super cool!
Tae: If it were soccer, you would be a forward. Charging relentlessly.
Tae: You had the most passion asking them for help. You can really get things done when you need to, Ms. Bassist.
Kasumi: I think your desire to have the festival really got through to them!
Kasumi: That could be the reason we were able to have it again!
Kasumi: Thanks, Rimi-rin!
Rimi: I didn't really do anything, I just...
Rimi: We were really desperate...
Tae: Have you guys heard this saying before? Musicians come to resemble the instruments they play.
Kasumi: Wait, is that a thing?!
Rimi: I've also never heard of that.
Tae: That's because I just made it up.
Rimi: What?!
Tae: I was thinking, Rimi's personality is just like a bass.
Tae: When you think of a bass, you have an instrument that may not be the center of attention but is absolutely necessary.
Tae: It holds everyone else up. It's an important role.
Kasumi: You're right! That's just like Rimi-rin! If we didn't have her, we would be in big trouble!
Tae: You're right! That's just like Rimi-rin! If we didn't have her, we would be in big trouble!
Rimi: I'm sure Poppin'Party wouldn't be the same if we lost any one of us.
Rimi: We can be Poppin'Party because it's us five!
Kasumi: Rimi-rin, you're so right♪
Tae: Why don't we write a song where we sing praises of Rimi?
Kasumi: Let's do it!
Rimi: N-no! That's really embarrassing...
Tae: Okay, let's put that off for another day.
Kasumi: ... Ah! I forgot about my ice cream. It's gonna melt!
Kasumi: Rimi-rin, help me eat this! Here, open up!
Rimi: What?! A-ahh...
Rimi: Mmm, delicious!
Tae: Ah, looks like Arisa and Saya are here.
Rimi: Let's have ice cream first, then we can rehearse!

Call for Courage Card Story - Special Episode

Excited To Play


Rimi: Hi, BanG Dreamer-san.
Rimi: Are you here to see Glitter*Green's show too?
Rimi: I heard a new band is playing as well, so I'm looking forward to it!
Rimi: I'd better learn as much as I can from everyone's performances!
Rimi: ... Huh? There's something you wanted to tell me about...? What is it, BanG Dreamer-san?
Rimi: ... Huh?! The man at the butcher shop downtown was talking about me...?
Rimi: What did he say? Did I do something?
Rimi: Oh, could it be...
Rimi: He saw me humming when I was walking home?
Rimi: I was humming one of our songs kind of loudly... He might have overheard that...
Rimi: ... Huh? It wasn't that? ... Ah! Forget what I just said...! Aww, this is so embarrassing...
Rimi: ... Oh. You were talking about what happened with the festival.
Rimi: The butcher said he was impressed by how hard we tried to discuss things with the grown-ups?
Rimi: That's kind of a relief. I was worried it was going to be something strange.
Rimi: If they said "that girl is always eating chocolate cornets", I think I'd be too embarrassed to go downtown ever again...
Rimi: Oh, I eat other things besides chocolate cornets, just in case you're wondering.
Rimi: I eat melon buns and cream buns too.
Rimi: I love sweet foods.
Rimi: ... Um, I kind of changed the topic, didn't I? Sorry.
Rimi: You were saying the butcher mentioned something else?
Rimi: He didn't think that young people playing in bands were very hard working? ... Hmm.
Rimi: I wonder if there's lots of grown-ups who think like that...
Rimi: It's not true though...
Rimi: My sister and the other members of Glitter*Green have always been really dedicated!
Rimi: Not just them, all of the bands I know really love their music.
Rimi: Poppin'Party too, of course!
Rimi: That's the reason everyone practices so hard every day. Everyone is really serious about their music.
Rimi: So like, I want people to stop getting the wrong idea...
Rimi: Ah, I think my Kansai dialect just came out a little...
Rimi: It happens sometimes when I'm not careful.
Rimi: I thought I was used to using the standard dialect here...
Rimi: Did I surprise you? I'm sorry.
Rimi: Oh, I changed the topic again, didn't I...?
Rimi: Umm, anyway, I'm just sad they think people in bands aren't dedicated or serious!
Rimi: ... That's true, I'm glad the butcher could tell that we're serious about what we do.
Rimi: ... I might buy something from the butcher shop next time.
Rimi: I hear their croquettes are really delicious.
Rimi: I feel a little shy going there by myself though...
Rimi: I think I'll invite the band to go there.
Rimi: Would you like to come too?
Rimi: We can all have some nice freshly-made croquettes!
Rimi: ... Oh. The show is about to start.
Rimi: I always lose track of time when I talk to you.
Rimi: ... It's so exciting just before a show starts, isn't it?
Rimi: I always think about what kind of music they'll play, or what kind of performance I'll get to see.
Rimi: After seeing a show, I sometimes feel a little depressed because I can't play as well as them, but...
Rimi: I like watching live shows.
Rimi: I like performing live too, but I still get self conscious when I play in front of people...
Rimi: I wonder if that'll change if I get better at the bass.
Rimi: ... Ah, it's starting! Let's enjoy the show together, BanG Dreamer-san!