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Called to the Gathering Card Story - Episode

Studying "Cool"


Haneoka Girls' Academy - School Gate
Moca: Ran~, hold on~.
Ran: Huh? What's up? You forget something?
Moca: Not something, someone~.
Ran: We're meeting someone? Who?
Ako: Sorry I'm late~! Huff, huff... 'Kay, let's go!
Ran: We were waiting for Ako?
Moca: Uh-huh~. She said she wanted to walk home with us~.
Ran: Oh. Okay, that's fine.
Residential Area
Moca: It was crazy, we ended up getting all of these potato chips~. Apparently, the person who put in the orders when restocking made a mistake.
Ran: Huh. Sounds like a pain to deal with. But I mean, it's a job, right? Guess it can't be all fun and games.
Ako: ... Mhm, okay... "Guess it can't be... all fun and games"... Got it...
Ran: ...?
Moca: That reminds me, how was that manga I lent you, Ran?
Ran: Ah, you know, it wasn't bad, surprisingly. At first, I thought it was just another power-of-friendship story, but some of the stuff later on hits pretty hard.
Ako: Uhhh... "Another power-of-freindship"... Oops. That's not right... "Power-of-friendship story, but"... Hm? Wait, what did you say after that...?
Ran: ... Ako, what have you been doing?
Ako: Huh?! M-me? I-I'm not doing anything!
Ran: Yes, you are. You've been mumbling something to yourself...
Moca: Forget about that, just tell me what you think about the manga~.
Ran: ... I guess I would say the last part was good. I remember thinking that not having a cliché happy ending was nice.
Ako: "I remember thinking... that not having a cliché happy ending was nice"... Okay...
Ran: Ako, seriously, what are you doing? Are those... notes? Are you copying down what I'm saying...?
Ako: Ah...You mean this...? No... I'm just...
Ran: Are you hiding something? I'm gonna tell Tomoe.
Moca: Ran~, that's low~.
Ako: Ngh...! You don't have to! I'm not doing anything bad...
Ran: Okay, what's going on then?
Ako: I just wanted to get some cool words from you so I could study them...
Ran: Cool words?
Moca: Ako-chin's a fan of your lyrics, Ran~. She said they're cool.
Ran: Interesting. Did she now?
Moca: Wow~, always keeping cool~♪ Or are you just playing it cool~?
Ran: Can you chill out?
Ako: They really are! They're different from Roselia's lyrics! It's like they make you feel that "qwish" in your chest!
Ako: I asked my sister for a copy of your lyrics too! Let's see. I really like the ones that go-
Ran: Stop! You don't have to read them to me! I have them all memorized!
Ran: I get it, you like the lyrics that I write, but what does that have to do with the notes you're taking?
Ako: I thought the same type of "cool" would be hidden somewhere in the words you normally use...
Ran: I'm not Seta-san, you know... It's not like I spend time trying to come up with certain words or phrases during my conversations!
Moca: I don't know~. You may not realize it, Ran~, but you use some pretty deep words on an everyday basis~.
Ran: I do not!
Ran: Besides, don't you have that... power of darkness or whatever? Isn't that enough?
Ran: Even if it's hard for people to understand you, you should stick to your guns and use words that match who you are. That'd be cooler.
Ako: Ran-chan...
Ran: Ah... Sorry, I didn't mean to get preachy on you.
Ako: That was so cool, Ran-chan! I could feel what you just said going "woom-woom" in my heart, just like an Afterglow song does!
Ran: Huh...? N-no, that wasn't the point...
Moca: Wow~, that's Ran for ya~.
Ran: Ugh! Come on! Did you hear what I just said?!

Called to the Gathering Card Story - Special Episode

Conveyed Without Words


CiRCLE - Lobby
Marina: Hey, look. Over by the entrance. Isn't that Ran-chan? Who's that with her? I don't recognize that kid...
Ran: Ah, hey.
Marina: Hello~. The person you were talking to by the door, was that your friend?
Ran: Huh? Oh, no... That was someone who saw one of my shows and was nice enough to come up to me...
Ran: I got some feedback. I was told that a bunch of stuff we did was... cool, for example...
Ran: That kid was starting a band and wanted some advice, so I shared what I could.
Marina: Ooo~! So you got to interact with a fan!
Ran: I-I don't know if I would say that...
Marina: Yeah, Afterglow is pretty cool~. I could see why others would want to be like you girls~.
Marina: Kids are always coming in here talking about how cool Afterglow is!
Ran: ... 'Cool', huh?
Marina: Hm? Something wrong?
Ran: Nah, but the other day, Ako was thinking hard about the idea of cool, so that came to mind.
Ran: She was wondering how she could get others to understand what she means when she says something is cool.
Ran: I don't think that's something worth trying so hard to do. Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to what's cool and what's not...
Ran: But it must've been pretty important to her. She put in a lot of effort to try and get people to see what she was seeing.
Ran: She wasn't... satisfied with the way things turned out though. I mean, I was there, and I didn't understand a word coming out of her mouth.
Marina: With Ako-chan, that doesn't surprise me.
Ran: Same. You know, I don't think that's something you should consciously try to explain to people anyway.
Ran: With something like that, you just need to believe in what you're doing and do it. Then, you'll be able to communicate what's on your mind naturally. That's what I think.
Marina: Okay~, so that's how you do things~. And that's how you made yourself so many fans! I'd believe it!
Ran: N-no, this has nothing to do with fans or whatever...!
Ran: And I don't think I'm the one doing anything special. The people just acknowledge what Afterglow is doing as a band.
Marina: Wow~, when do you stop being so cool, Ran-chan?! I bet that kid you were talking to just now is drawn to you because you say stuff like that! Mhm, see, BanG Dreamer-san agrees.
Ran: H-hey! Would you cut it out already?! Wh-whatever! I have practice! Later!