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Calm Sea, Singing Winds Card Story - Episode

Seaside Phrase Part 1



Tae: Look, look! The weather's amazing! I wonder if we can see the ocean yet.
Arisa: I doubt we'll be able to for a while. We still have to switch trains.
Saaya: Fufu. You're even more energetic than usual, O-Tae. You must be really looking forward to going to this seaside park.
Rimi: So am I~. I was so excited that I checked my belongings multiple times.
Kasumi: I know, right? I know I haven't forgotten anything because I checked my stuff ten times! I have my lunch, my handkerchief, my tissues, and Random Star!
Arisa: Sheesh, Kasumi, you bring Random Star everywhere. You know we're not going there to practice, right?
Kasumi: But I might get an idea for a song!
Tae: I'm sure you will! We're going to the sea, after all!
Arisa: Y-you sound awfully convinced...
Rimi: What did you bring, Arisa-chan? You seem to have a lot of things...
Arisa: Huh? Err, y'know... Stuff.
Kasumi: What, what~? Tell me, Arisa~!
Arisa: Ah, get off me! And I'm not the only one with a lot. Look at Saaya.
Saaya: Oh, these? Fufu, I brought badminton rackets! The park's supposed to be pretty large, so I thought we could all play.
Tae: Wow, that'll be fun! We should play a ton of games.
Kasumi: Thanks, Saaya! Now I have even more things to look forward to~!
Arisa: H-hey, Kasumi! We're on the train! Pipe down!
Kasumi: Okay~♪

Seaside Park

Kasumi: We're here~!
Tae: It's so huge~!
Kasumi & Tae: Wow~!
Arisa: G-guys! Start acting your age and stop runnin' around!
Tae: The grass feels so nice. C'mon, Arisa! Let's go!
Arisa: Ah! Hey, O-Tae! My hand... Stop pulling me!
Rimi: Fufu, now Arisa-chan's run off too.
Saaya: Yeah. Despite how she was acting, she must've been looking forward to today. The same goes for me too! C'mon, Rimi-rin, off we go!
Rimi: Okay!

Kasumi: Phew~! I'm so tired~!
Rimi: Sigh~... I haven't run around this much in ages.
Arisa: Pant... Pant... Playing tag at a park is for kids in elementary school, you know...
Saaya: Fufufu, it's hard not to want to run around a large park like this.
Kasumi: Badminton was fun too, wasn't it? Let's play again later, Rimi-rin!
Rimi: Okay. I think I've started to get the hang of serving, so I should be able to do better next time!
Tae: Mmm, the grass feels so nice. I wish I'd brought Oddie and the others.
Rimi: Fufu. You're going to be covered in grass if you roll around so much, O-Tae-chan.
Kasumi: ...! I-I'm getting kinda hungry...
Saaya: Fufu, sounds like your stomach's demanding your attention, Kasumi. Why don't we do lunch?
Kasumi: Great idea~!
Rimi: Okay, I'll spread out the blanket!

All: Let's eat~!
Rimi: O-Tae-chan, you're going to want my karaage, right? I had my mom make extras.
Tae: Yay~! I'll trade you my broccoli then.
Arisa: Jeez, don't you think you're always spoiling her too much?
Rimi: I don't think so. I just love seeing how much she enjoys eating~.
Arisa: I guess I can see where you're coming from... Oh yeah. Here, I've got some stuff for you guys...
Kasumi: Wow! What are these? You can see through them, and they're so jiggly!
Saaya: I think they're mizu manju. They look so yummy! Thanks, Arisa!
Arisa: It wasn't me... Grandma insisted that I take these... and I figured they'd be good for dessert...
Tae: Arisa, these are so yummy! I could eat a ton of them!
Arisa: Hey, O-Tae! I just said they're for dessert, and dessert's supposed to come after a meal, not before!
Rimi: So this was why you were carrying so much, Arisa-chan. Thank you for these tasty manju.
Arisa: I-it's not like they were that heavy or anything... Well, I'll let Grandma know.

Calm Sea, Singing Winds Card Story - Special Episode

Seaside Phrase Part 2


Seaside Park

All: That was delicious!
Rimi: Phew, it really was~! It seemed tastier than our usual lunches at school~.
Arisa: Yeah. I wonder if being surrounded by nature made the food taste better.
Saaya: You know, there's a lot of grass and stuff around here, but you can't really make out the sea.
Kasumi: You can see a tiny of it over there~.
Tae: Hmm... Ah! That looks like a nice spot!
Arisa: Huh?! Hey, O-Tae, where you going?!
Saaya: Let's follow her!
Kasumi & Rimi: Okay!

A Place With a View of the Sea

Tae: Pant... Pant... This is so amazing...!
Kasumi: Y-you're too fast, O-Tae~! ... Wow! It's the sea!
Saaya: Yeah! And just look at the view~!
Rimi: Ah! Look over there! You can see seagulls flying! I could keep watching them forever.
Arisa: Sheesh... I can't believe you guys ran while carrying stuff... Especially you, Kasumi! You've got Random Star with you, so be careful!
Kasumi: I know~! But look, Arisa! It's the sea! You can see so much of it from here!
Tae: I think I'm going to go higher.
Saaya: Higher...? W-wait, are you going to climb that tree?!
Arisa: H-hey! You might get hurt if you fall!
Tae: I'll be fine. Look, this branch is sturdy. Just relax and enjoy the view.
Rimi: The way you climbed up the tree so easily was amazing, O-Tae-chan~. Why don't we just sit by this fence here?
Saaya: Yeah. This sure is a nice view...
Arisa: No kidding. I didn't expect there to be a place like this.
Tae: The sea breeze, seagulls, the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves...
Kasumi: What is it, O-Tae?
Tae: I'm just putting the things I'm seeing and feeling into words.
Kasumi: Oh, I see~! I think I might be able to turn that into a new song!
Tae: Look, guys. Is that as island? There's something off in the distance.
Kasumi: Huh? I can't see it from here...
Kasumi: But maybe I'll be able to if I climb up your tree! I wanna see what you're seeing!
Arisa: Hey, Kasumi. Leave your guitar if you're gonna climb, okay?
Kasumi: I know~.
Saaya: Ooo, you're also a good climber, Kasumi! You're already all the way up there...
Tae: Look, Kasumi. Over there. You can make out something in the distance, right?
Kasumi: Hmm... Ah, I see it! It's tiny, but I think it's an island!
Kasumi: A small island in the distance, a shared view...
Tae: The warmth of the tree, fluffy clouds, gentle sunlight flittering through the leaves...
Rimi: A white beach, waves lapping at the footsteps...
Saaya: A fence bathed in light, hair caressed by the wind...
Arisa: The horizon, the water darkens...
Kasumi: The water darkens...? Ah, you're right! The color of the sea does get darker further out!
Arisa: H-hey, don't ruin it by explaining it...
Tae: ...
Rimi: What is it, O-Tae-chan? You haven't said a word.
Tae: I was just thinking how fun this is. Coming here together, making a song, and sharing the same feelings...
Tae: I suppose you could call this happiness.
Kasumi: O-Tae~, I feel the same way, too~!
Arisa: I-I can't believe you can say something so corny...! Sheesh, you're always so direct, O-Tae.
Saaya: Fufu, but that's what's good about her.
Arisa: I-I won't deny that.
Rimi: O-Tae-chan. We'll visit all kinds of places together and make lots of memories!
Tae: Yeah!