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Cat-Eared Producer Card Story - Episode



CHU²'s Penthouse - Studio

CHUCHU: Greetings! I am RAISE A SUILEN's producer, CHU².
CHUCHU: As the strongest band, we are the trailblazers in this age of girl bands.
CHUCHU: No other band compares to us. Come to one of our concerts, and you'll see for yourself.
CHUCHU: Our overwhelming strength as a band is something the likes of which you'll never feel elsewhere... You won't be able to take your eyes off of us.
CHUCHU: It doesn't matter where or what another band performs. Our music will drown out all of them!
CHUCHU: We'll be releasing a concert schedule shortly, and it goes without saying that there'll be a new song.
CHUCHU: It'll be another electrifying number by us, one that's the very definition of best!
CHUCHU: Come and see us for yourselves. Are you ready?

Cat-Eared Producer Card Story - Special Episode

The Greatest Music



CHUCHU: ... I already did this with that song. This would work better... but...
CHUCHU: ... Ah, greetings, BanG Dreamer.
CHUCHU: My apologies, I didn't realize you were there. I was too focused.
CHUCHU: On what? Isn't it obvious? I was working on RAS' new song.
CHUCHU: ... You don't need to tell me the park isn't the best place to do this! MASKING and the others kept nagging me to go out and get some sunlight!
CHUCHU: Working at a different place also helps me to come up with new ideas!
CHUCHU: ... Yes, we did release a new song recently. What's your point?
CHUCHU: Sigh... Listen. The world of music is constantly evolving. That's why we can't remain idle.
CHUCHU: RAS also needs to constantly release the best music.
CHUCHU: Yes, the best music. And that's why I'm always listening to the latest songs and studying them.
CHUCHU: However, only a fool would neglect existing musical theory in the pursuit of the creation of new things.
CHUCHU: Relying on instinct without proper knowledge is preposterous! That isn't how a true professional does things.
CHUCHU: Only by knowing what's traditional can one truly break from tradition. That's why I listen to the latest music while still taking time to reflect on the positive qualities of classical music.
CHUCHU: That's how I create the best music there is.
CHUCHU: And what fully brings my music to life is RAS' ability to perform music and their flawless live performances at concerts!
CHUCHU: If you finally understand, please leave me alone. I need to focus.
CHUCHU: See you at our next concert. Farewell.