• Introduced with the When the Flowers Bloom event.
  • Playing Live Shows (either Free or Multi) during the Event period will earn you Event Pts and Challenge Pts.
  • As you earn more Event Pts, you will unlock special Event Stories and receive prizes from Event Rewards and Rankings.
  • Challenge Pts can be spent to play a Live Challenge show for a chance to earn a great deal of Event Pts.
  • Challenge Songs each have their own Score Rankings, with the highest scoring players receiving Titles and other Ranking Prizes.
  • In the event of a tie in Event Pts Rankings, the first player to reach their total will be ranked higher.
  • Challenge Live Events also have certain Members and Types that provide bonuses.
  • Setting each Event's Bonus Members in your Main Band to maximize the amount of Event Pts earned from Free Live and Multi Live.
  • In Challenge Live shows, bonus members will have their own overall power increased (+20% if matching event's attribute, +10% if matching members), making it easier to obtain higher scores.
  • Challenge Pts and Medals will not be carried over to the next Challenge Live Event.

List of Events

# Event Cards Gacha Cards
13 Moved To Tears icon.pngFull Support icon.png My Confidante icon.pngBouquet of Sincerity icon.pngBackstage icon.png
16 Fifty-Fifty Fear icon.pngTsugu the Fearless icon.png The Forgetful Ghost icon.pngHaneoka's Seven Mysteries icon.pngThe Spooky Scare-case icon.png
18 A Happy Revolution! icon.pngThis, Too, is Fleeting icon.png What's Important to Me icon.pngI Want to Help icon.pngFired Up! icon.png
21 Eternal Aspiration! icon.pngA Crucial Member icon.png Beyond Clear Autumn Skies icon.pngTeardrops and Rainfall icon.pngQuietly Worrying icon.png
24 Transformation Technique? icon.pngTemporary Chaperone icon.png First-Rate Hospitality icon.pngOrigami Fun icon.pngMy Own Kind of Good icon.png
29 A Reporter's Job icon.pngPart-Time Shrine Maiden icon.png First-Time Mochi Maker icon.pngNew Year's is Full of Fun icon.pngCute Holiday Kimono icon.png
33 Ski Slopes Are Super! icon.pngStrong Skier icon.png A Brave Challenger icon.pngI'll Teach You! icon.pngWinter Wear icon.png
36 Striving to Be the Perfect Idol icon.pngHere We Go, Guys! icon.png Unwavering Friendship icon.pngToward Greater Heights icon.pngPerforming with Everyone icon.png
39 Picture Perfect? icon.pngRules of Being an Idol icon.png My Bushido! icon.pngEureka! Treasure! icon.pngCheck Out This Merch icon.png
49 Feisty Val icon.pngBarista icon.png Scarlet icon.pngQT icon.pngHun Gree icon.png
51 Getting Along icon.pngThings You Can Say to Me icon.png A Big Sister's Pride icon.pngI Want to Be Like You icon.pngIt's So Hot... icon.png
55 Forest Filtered Sunlight icon.pngFragrance of a Caffe Latte icon.png Moment in the Sun icon.pngPicnic Under Autumn Skies icon.pngFirst Time Latte Art icon.png
58 High Energy! icon.pngA Tough Punk? icon.png Coming Out of My Shell icon.pngCommunication Level MAX icon.pngThinking Too Much? icon.png
63 A Lucky Find icon.pngThe Feeling of Giving icon.png Aim for Total Success icon.pngHimari Style icon.pngA Wonderful Assortment icon.png
66 A Model Idol icon.pngStubborn? icon.png Ideals Versus Reality icon.pngStill Got a Lot to Learn icon.pngAll's Well that Ends Well icon.png
69 The Destined... Cat icon.pngPart-Time Debut? icon.png Poster Girl icon.pngAll Out with My Spatula icon.pngThose Who Know the Way icon.png
75 Intense Upperclassmen icon.pngAlways at My Own Pace icon.png Me and My Glasses icon.pngBusy Vice President! icon.pngI'm Beat~! icon.png
78 Bewitching Inquiry icon.pngTwilight Battler icon.png Awakened Demon Princess icon.pngGuide to the Underworld icon.pngCalled to the Gathering icon.png
81 Our Future Together icon.pngHidden Passion icon.png Our First Jam Session icon.pngOur Promise icon.pngFor Lisa-nee! icon.png
84 Melody of Hope icon.pngThrough Our Music icon.png Assembling Sound icon.pngBridge of Emotions icon.pngStep Up icon.png
87 As My Own Natural Self icon.pngFeel the Nordic Wind icon.png Our Moment of Luxury icon.pngA Grandiose Entrance! icon.pngUnder Starry Skies icon.png
90 Cafeteria Sweets! icon.pngA Fleeting Afternoon icon.png Hey, Hina-senpai... icon.pngWhat is it, Tsugu-chan? icon.pngFor a New Attempt icon.png
93 Masterpiece Predictions icon.pngFarmer-Style icon.png Growing Closer icon.pngA Tingling Feeling icon.pngEternally Fleeting icon.png
97 Friends in Crisis icon.pngLong Live Fantasy! icon.png All Paws on Deck icon.pngSeizing Glory icon.pngUnleashed Power icon.png
100 A Touch & A Hop♪ icon.pngWalking With Rabbit Ran icon.png Oshiruko Party♪ icon.pngReconciliation icon.pngTreasure by the River icon.png
103 Lion-Dance Pressure icon.pngComplete Transformation icon.png Dance, Dragon! icon.pngA Lit Smile icon.pngDifferently Exquisite icon.png
115 Step To Tomorrow icon.pngReignite! icon.png Facing the Same Sky icon.pngA Step Forward Together icon.pngEmergency! icon.png
130 Pamphlet Making icon.pngRabbit Hut Introduction icon.png The Bond Which Binds Us icon.pngAn Understanding Relationship icon.pngFull Interview! icon.png
136 Skilled Interviewer icon.pngHimari Peace☆ icon.png Burning Pride icon.pngBoasting About My Unstoppable Childhood Friend icon.pngFaith In My Friends icon.png

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