• Introduced during the Neo Fantasy Online -Journey- event.
  • Playing Live Shows (either Multi or Free) during the Event period will earn you Event Pts and Badges.
  • Live Goals Events contain a number of Goals that can be cleared when performing Live Shows. There are 5 categories of Goals available, with each one having different conditions to clear them.
    • The 5 types of Goals are: Score Goals, Energy Goals, Note Goals, Combo Goals and Multi Goals.
  • Clearing a Goal will earn you extra Event Pts and Badges, helping you to make the most of the event.
  • Clearing all 5 Goals at each level will also earn you Goal Level Prizes, the "Goals Master" title and access to EX Goals.
    • EX Goals are 5 more difficult goals for each category, and if the player manages to complete all of them, they will receive another event-themed title called "EX Goals Master".

List of Events

# Event Cards Gacha Cards
31 Novice Healer icon.pngAmateur Bard icon.png Necromancer of the Abyss icon.pngThe Solo Wizard icon.pngTank in Training icon.png
34 Trendy Hairstyle icon.pngThe Modest Idol icon.png The One and Only Me icon.pngSleepover icon.pngMaruyama is Here! icon.png
37 A Quick Detour icon.pngForgetting Something Important icon.png An Eternal Sunset icon.pngWe're Here! icon.pngOctopus Towel icon.png
40 A Forced Dance icon.pngI Love Fluffy Mascots! icon.png Marie Andromeda icon.pngMessage from Michelle icon.pngDance of Encouragement icon.png
45 I Hate Ghosts and Ghouls! icon.pngHeart-Racing Beat icon.png A Night of Shooting Stars icon.pngA Fleeting Performance icon.pngEye Contact with Ran icon.png
48 I'm Here with You icon.pngGrand Adventure! icon.png How Did this Happen? icon.pngHave Courage icon.pngExciting Find icon.png
52 Midsummer Sunlight icon.pngSeaside Mermaid icon.png In the Glistening Waters icon.pngSparkling Sea Magic icon.pngRound and Round We Go! icon.png
59 The Director's Assistant icon.pngCostume Designer (Minato Yukina) icon.png Stage Director icon.pngCostume Designer icon.pngThe Lead Role icon.png
64 Super Fun Strategy Meeting icon.pngSparkle of the Stars icon.png Join the Astronomy Club icon.pngThe Stars I Saw with You icon.pngStargazing in December icon.png
70 Spiraling Concern icon.pngA Little Too Worried? icon.png Bouquet for a Friend icon.pngMe and the Piano icon.pngTaking on Something New icon.png
72 Memory Lane icon.pngA New Stage icon.png Sakura Season Returns icon.pngSeparated But Together icon.pngWhere I Smile icon.png
76 Serious Disciplinarian icon.pngEffort in Moderation icon.png Into a Great President icon.pngInto a Steady Secretary icon.pngJust a Bit of Help icon.png
82 Where Curiosity Leads icon.pngA Taste of Horror icon.png To Protect Someone icon.pngTake My Hand icon.pngLiving but Dead icon.png
88 Breathtaking Fireworks icon.pngA Fleeting Haiku icon.png Dazzling Bouquet icon.pngRhythm of Smiles icon.pngBig Spark, Small Spark icon.png
94 A Cool Gift icon.pngRelaying One's Feelings icon.png Always By Your Side icon.pngEarnest Dreams icon.pngUnderstanding Art icon.png
99 Excited President icon.pngExcellent Drummer icon.png I've Got Kao-chan icon.pngTogether with Chii-chan icon.pngA Young Girl's Yearning icon.png
105 Inevitable Bond icon.pngJoining Hands icon.png Satisfying Return icon.pngBiggest Supporter icon.pngDestination Reached icon.png
109 Pop-Up Jump icon.pngAn Anticipated Encore icon.png Flourishing Feelings icon.pngCheers from Behind icon.pngEnergy x100! icon.png
111 A+ Leadership icon.pngSAKURA Mode icon.png Welcome to the Party! icon.pngStrike a Pose☆ icon.pngUnknown Encounter icon.png
116 Invincible Song icon.pngRoyal Knight icon.png Chanting Battle Bride icon.pngAn Otherworldly Breeze icon.pngTiara Of Blessing icon.png
119 Getting Along Level Up♪ icon.pngVictorious Flower Crown icon.png Deliver The Treasure! icon.pngEnjoying The Late Night Festival☆ icon.pngA Familiar Figure icon.png
123 Unrefined Melody icon.pngBridge of Words icon.png Heart Rocking Performance icon.pngGraceful Lesson icon.pngRampant Sound icon.png
127 Discoveries are Cool! icon.pngClassical Hope icon.png Recalling Scenes icon.pngTransmitted Tone icon.pngSTOP! icon.png
132 No Concern of Mine icon.pngThe Best Mood Maker icon.png To Indulge in My Aspirations icon.pngMy First Circle icon.pngThe Greatest Songwriter - Futaba Tsukushi icon.png
137 First Time Celebration icon.pngA Shy Pose icon.png A Touching Feeling icon.pngThe Miko's Grand Gesture icon.pngThe Glorious "Excellent Luck" Result icon.png
142 A Session with Everyone icon.pngWild Pop icon.png Within The Time We're Connected icon.pngLock on! icon.pngMatching Dishes icon.png
145 With The Heat icon.pngA Blue Rose's Maintenance icon.pngAlways With Full Power! icon.png An Exciting Moment icon.pngThe Preparations Are Perfect! icon.pngLive Preparations Are My Specialty icon.pngMy Butterfly Knot's Tied Perfectly! icon.png
148 A HOT Inexperience icon.pngI Don't Like Reading icon.png The Scenery Looks A Bit Different Now icon.pngI Did It! The Proof of My Skill icon.pngHow To Translate Foreign Languages icon.png

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