• Introduced during the event Wholehearted Song for Me.
  • Mission Lives have the same event flow like normal lives, with an addition of missions which are specifically available during the event only. The missions can be checked at the "Mission" tab and completing the missions will provide rewards.
  • Also, an "Event Support Band" will assist you in gaining the event points. The members of event support band were chosen from your owned cards other than the cards in your main team which will provide the highest band power for highest event score possible.

List of Events

# Event Cards Gacha Cards
61 Refreshments in Hand icon.pngCheering for You icon.png Song-Writing Time icon.pngReassuring Friends icon.pngDowntown's Call icon.png
67 We're Here~!! icon.pngA Short Trip? icon.png Late-Night Talk icon.pngFleeting Game of Old Maid icon.pngA Pop-up Book icon.png
73 Glorious Showtime icon.pngThat's an Idol icon.png Secret Arrangement icon.pngHeaded the Same Way icon.pngLong-Awaited Star MC icon.png
79 Glistening Colors icon.pngAn Elegant Patrol icon.png Through the Marble icon.pngFlower-Blooming Smiles icon.pngSurprising Contents icon.png
85 Searching Together icon.pngA Joyful Tea Time icon.png Who I Wish to Be icon.pngWalk Down Memory Lane icon.pngMany Voices as One icon.png
91 Gazing up at the Sky icon.pngPouncing Rabbit icon.png Lightning Speed! icon.pngAwe-Inspiring Poet icon.pngCalm Sunlight icon.png
96 This Special Moment icon.pngFresh Hop icon.png With My Real Face icon.pngMy Dream Stage icon.pngGirls Snapshot icon.png
102 We're Collecting Toys! icon.pngKarakuri Bisque Doll icon.png Memories from Back Then icon.pngToy Friends icon.pngThe Tin Rabbit icon.png
106 Diligent Songwriting! icon.pngDid You Like Our Song? icon.png That Day's Scenery icon.pngShy About Gifts☆ icon.pngHow Far Do We Go? icon.png
108 Window Side Smile icon.pngCountry Flower icon.png Today's a Special Day icon.pngSo Many Moments icon.pngNo More Falling! icon.png
113 Pre-Show Excitement icon.pngTo that Joyous Place! icon.png At Long Last! icon.pngOur Future Destination icon.pngStaying True to Us icon.png
117 Girl's Cooking icon.pngRecruit, Guitarist! icon.png Rokka's Full Power icon.pngThe Power To Change The World icon.pngA Delicious Affair icon.png
120 Beyond Frustration icon.pngPassion, Transmitted Thoughts icon.png Used Musical Score icon.pngMorning Call icon.pngAn Unconcealed Secret icon.png
122 Bashful Maiden icon.pngLovely Summer Girl icon.png Vacation Portrait icon.pngSplash Style icon.pngRIDE the WAVE icon.png
125 As I Thought, Bands Are... icon.pngCloset Tears icon.png The Star That Began To Glitter icon.pngThe Winds That Tore Through The Dead Of Night icon.pngBecause You Were Here icon.png
129 I'll Protect My Friends icon.pngI'll Never Give Up icon.png Rebellious Spirit icon.pngThe Usual "Thing" icon.pngLooking for Answers icon.png
131 Fleeting Witch icon.pngCarefree Witch icon.png Smile Witch icon.pngPowerful Witch icon.png"Good Grief" Witch icon.png
133 Affectionate Gaze icon.pngTo Expose My Throbbing Spirit icon.png Booth-Wrecking Storm icon.pngWorld is ours! icon.pngLet's Go Eat Some Ramen! icon.png
135 Can't Hold These Feelings Back icon.pngA Zappin' Introduction! icon.png Wrapped In The Sunrise icon.pngFor Everyone icon.pngThrough This Hand icon.png
139 Confused Maiden icon.pngUnwavering Soul icon.png The Ring of Fear Keeps Spreading icon.pngEvil Spirits, Begone! icon.pngTerrified Musician icon.png
141 At My Heart's Content icon.pngNew Friends icon.png The Smile That Connects the World icon.pngMy Courage icon.pngOne Night In a Thousand Years icon.png
144 Special Shot icon.pngCute Roar! icon.png "Himarie", Go! icon.pngWe're the Best icon.pngReal Honest Feelings icon.png
147 TRY! icon.pngPoppin'Party's Strong Points icon.png STAR☆ icon.pngWe're Here Now icon.pngThe Sound That Makes My Heart Tremble icon.png

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