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  • Introduced during the Iris of Secret and Youth event.
  • During Team Live Festivals, players are divided into two 5-person teams. Similarly to a VS Live, all members of your band will be able to use their Skills.
  • The winning team will receive extra rewards at the end of the event.
  • The score calculation (either Accuracy, Energy or Combo) and playable songs are switched depending on the time of the day.
  • As you earn more Event Pts, you will unlock special Event Stories and receive prizes from Event Rewards and Rankings.
  • Medals can be spent to receive gifts from Marina's Gift Box.
  • Team Live Festival Events also have certain Members and Types that provide bonuses.
  • Set each Event's Bonus Members in your Main Band to maximize the amount of Event Pts earned.
  • Event Pts and Medals will not be carried over to the next Team Live Festival.

List of Events

2 events match the category selection:

Event ID Featured Cards Event Type Event Attribute
Event 157.png 157 A Secret Between Us icon.pngI'm a Genius! icon.pngThings That Make My Heart Pound icon.pngLooking at Talent icon.pngThe Starry Night's Flicker icon.png Team Live Festival Powerful.svg Powerful
Event 163.png 163 Gazing Into Expectant Eyes icon.pngPerfect Smile icon.pngWhat's happen!? icon.pngThe One to Talk About icon.pngDetour on the Way Home icon.png Team Live Festival Happy.svg Happy

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