• Introduced during the Always Halloween For Kokoro! event.
  • During a VS Live, all members of your band will be able to use their skills, with up to 5 players performing individually at the same time.
  • Selecting VS Live during a VS Live Event Period will earn you Event Pts and Medals.
  • As you earn more Event Pts, you will unlock special Event Stories and receive prizes from Event Rewards and Rankings.
  • Medals can be spent to receive gifts from Marina's Gift Box.
  • To join the Score Rankings, select the designated Event Song from either Event Song Room or the Free Song Room of VS Live.
  • VS Live Events also have certain Members and Types that provide bonuses.
  • Set each Event's Bonus Members in your Main Band to maximize the amount of Event Pts earned.
  • Event Pts and Medals will not be carried over to the next VS Live Event.

List of Events

# Event Cards Gacha Cards
20 Sexy Vampire icon.pngMy First Pair of Cat Ears icon.png Apprentice Witch icon.pngMichelle the Magician icon.pngShy Angel icon.png
23 Making Cookies icon.pngBlue-Rose Maid icon.png The Dessert Instructor icon.pngRough Measurements icon.pngPastel Maid icon.png
26 Party Prep icon.pngBearded Santa icon.png Merry Surprise! icon.pngChristmas For All icon.pngCharging Santa icon.png
30 Many Mementos icon.pngA Fun Performance icon.png On to the Greatest Stage! icon.pngNo Way Except Forward icon.pngNow I'm Nervous icon.png
32 A Joyful Tasting Party icon.pngAn Infinite Appetite icon.png A Heart-Pounding Moment icon.pngLeave Sweet Making to Me icon.pngTime Spent in Secret icon.png
35 Cured By a Prince icon.pngLet's Get Fleeting! icon.png The Star Has Arrived! icon.pngFleeting Beads of Sweat icon.pngDance Lesson icon.png
38 A Solid Player icon.pngTea Ceremony Excellence icon.png Temporary Club Member icon.pngPerfect Form, Perfect Shot icon.pngUnyielding Swordswoman icon.png
42 I'll Protect You! icon.pngA Never-Ending Dream icon.png A Mysterious Beauty icon.pngA Thrilling Development?! icon.pngThat Could Be Interesting icon.png
44 Ample Shouts icon.pngThis Way and that Way icon.png Shining Through the Rain icon.pngThe Thrill of Taiko icon.pngWith the Rain icon.png
47 Puppet Show icon.pngRendezvous of Smiles icon.png Trip Down Memory Lane icon.pngOur Beginnings icon.pngTanzaku from the Past icon.png
50 Prize Watermelon icon.pngRace Me, Fishies! icon.png Arisa's Bushido?! icon.pngSeaside Posing icon.pngMid Summer Jump! icon.png
53 Let's Sing♪ icon.pngArisa's Session icon.png Seeing Rabbits icon.pngA Sparkly Smile icon.pngDay Off with Chocolate icon.png
56 Idol Witch icon.pngLovely Vampire icon.png Aya O' Lantern icon.pngTricky Devil icon.pngSweet Cat icon.png
60 A Quietly Burning Fire icon.pngHidden Fury icon.png VERSUS icon.pngWhat I Believe In icon.pngA Declaration of War icon.png
62 Grand Adventure icon.pngNostalgic Christmas icon.png Let's Play Together icon.pngA Party with Everyone icon.pngCool Red icon.png
65 Fruits of Our Labor icon.pngAnother Explosive Year! icon.png We Did It?! icon.pngLet the Party Begin! icon.pngMy Greatest Talent icon.png
68 A Sweet Gaze icon.pngDecoration icon.png Happy Tears & Chocolate icon.pngSmiley Chocolate Bite icon.pngAya-chan's Night Fight icon.png
71 One-Coin Smile icon.pngPlaced in this Candy icon.png You, Beyond the Glass icon.pngBrimming with Light icon.pngWinning Streak icon.png
74 Relaxing Sakura Party icon.pngMoved by the Sakura icon.png Hearts in Full Bloom icon.pngThere, Perfect! icon.pngLast-Minute Viewing icon.png
77 Right in Half! icon.pngSocial Media Addiction? icon.png Painful Parting icon.pngOverwhelmed icon.pngMysterious Technology icon.png
80 Flowery Dress Up icon.pngBridesmaid icon.png Happiness in Hand icon.pngAs Love Rains Down icon.pngBashful Veil Girl icon.png
83 Friendship Bands icon.pngLet's Party! icon.png Thanks to Everyone icon.pngSpecial Memories icon.pngSurprise Present icon.png
86 Undersea Aquarium icon.pngBeach Paradise icon.png Caressing the Water icon.pngLighten Your Heart icon.pngI Can't Wait Anymore! icon.png
89 Can't See, but it's OK icon.pngToward The Light icon.png Dark Walker icon.pngThe Future Approaching icon.pngCelebration Parfait icon.png
92 Not Scary at All icon.pngHalloween Rabbit icon.png Front Row Riding Hood icon.pngMy Sister the Witch icon.pngHugging Jiangshi icon.png
95 Drawing Upon Memories icon.pngFoxes of Fall icon.png Seizing the Season icon.pngEyes on Autumn icon.pngPut the Camera Away! icon.png
98 For A Special Night icon.pngDressed for Christmas icon.png Party Time! icon.pngLost Santa icon.pngFor All the Good Kids icon.png
101 Confetti Dance icon.pngDreamlike Dancer icon.png Gentle Breeze icon.pngFor My Sister icon.pngThe Fruit of Dreams icon.png
104 Decorations Complete! icon.pngValentine's Day Smile icon.png Boppidy Bop Boppin'♪ icon.pngTempering Time☆ icon.pngCareful Mixing! icon.png
107 Codename Moca icon.pngWhite Day Time icon.png Gift-Giving Helper icon.pngPopular with Everyone icon.pngGift-Giving Standby icon.png
110 Number 8, Catcher icon.pngNumber 7, Right Field icon.png Number 4, Pitcher icon.pngNumber 1, Center Field icon.pngNumber 5, Second Base icon.png
112 Joy Bursting Forth icon.pngYou Can Count On Me! icon.png Supporting Each Other icon.pngLaughing Together icon.pngI'm Here for You! icon.png
114 Any Ideas? icon.pngWonderful Tour icon.png First Candy Shop Visit icon.pngHina's Big Score icon.pngWhat We're Looking For! icon.png
118 Flowers Floating On The Water's Surface icon.pngThe Sun's Smile icon.png Intimate Umbrella icon.pngRainy Day Picnic♪ icon.pngSmiling Hydrangea icon.png
121 Sparkling Friends icon.pngSummer Happiness icon.png Invited by the Summer Light icon.pngChatting Under the Stardust icon.pngThe Reason for Those Fleeting Tears icon.png
124 A Refreshing Surprise icon.pngA Beloved Princess icon.png Sunbathing in A Mermaid's Sanctuary☆ icon.pngFound The Sea Post☆ icon.pngMulticolored Rocks icon.png
126 Overlapping Feelings icon.pngThe Idol Road's Senpai icon.png Enjoy Yourself icon.pngInto the Stage's Light icon.pngThe Mood Maker Senpai icon.png
128 King of Passion icon.pngDoing "That" with the Power of Darkness Costume icon.png Halloween Together! icon.pngSweet Time icon.pngBlack Cat Guide icon.png
134 Searching Gaze icon.pngWhite Christmas icon.png Little Gemini icon.pngTwin Star Duet icon.pngTone Image icon.png
138 Innocent Expectations icon.pngQuiet Support icon.png Graceful Enthusiasm icon.pngEloquent Passion icon.pngGentle Aid icon.png
140 Sweet Bitter Time icon.pngWhite Chocolate Cornet icon.png Angel and Devil's Whispers icon.pngCaptivating Scent icon.pngMelty Paradise icon.png
143 Boppin'♪ and Spreading! icon.pngManager x Idol icon.png I'll Always Love You icon.pngPlease, This Voice is icon.pngI'm so excited! icon.png
146 Struggling With the Food Report... icon.pngCosmos Crew icon.png The Path You Clear Through On Your Own icon.pngTogether With the Falling Cherry Blossoms icon.pngCosmos Navigator icon.png
149 Because It's Important! icon.pngYou Can Definitely Do It icon.png Choosing Neither Answer icon.pngThis is Fate! icon.pngControl Your Mind icon.png

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