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Celebration Parfait Card Story - Episode

A Good Senpai



Ako: Good morning, Lisa-nee! Hey, so, what are we doing today?
Lisa: Morning, Ako. Sayo was saying she wanted to have a meeting to discuss improvements.
Yukina: Yes. We may have won, but it isn't over yet. I think we can benefit from re-examining our faults.
Rinko: Yes... I agree.
Sayo: Good morning, everyone. I apologize for the wait. I had to prepare some equipment.
Lisa: Equipment?
Sayo: Correct. I thought we could look over the video from the contest while we talk about potential improvements.
Sayo: Usually, all of our focus and effort is put toward the actual playing, so I figured we might be able to spot something new by looking at the performance from a more objective perspective.
Lisa: Ohhh, okay~. We've done plenty of these meetings, but we've almost never looked at a video of us playing during one of them.
Yukina: Why don't we get started then?
After Watching the Video

Lisa: Whew, quite a number of embarrassing moments, huh?
Yukina: Just feeling embarrassed won't cut it, Lisa. We have to make sure to take another look at ourselves.
Yukina: Partway through, your form started to break down.
Lisa: Ah, you noticed too? Yeah, I think I got too into it. There's no way I can play something worth listening to like that.
Ako: Same here~. I think things became a lot less steady during songs that use a lot of bass drum. I have to be careful next time.
Yukina: Indeed. Is there anything else? Let's all say what we thought so we can talk about it.

Yukina: ... With that, I think we've got all of our thoughts out. There's quite a lot to talk about.
Lisa: There are so many things left for us to do. We've gotta work even harder☆
Sayo: At the contest, we were told that our performance was very powerful and capable of involving the audience, but...
Sayo: It's very possible that our playing drifted in the direction of being for the audience.
Ako: Ngh. I'll do better.
Yukina: You're right. We were able to recognize our shortcomings, a significant plus. Winning doesn't mean we should relax and become complacent. We must push our skills to the limit.
Ako & Rinko: Yeah!
... Mhm.
Sayo & Lisa: Correct.
Ako: Alright~, I've still got more to give! I'm gonna level up and take Roselia even further!
Rinko: Yes... Ako-chan. I will be... doing my best too...
Sayo: I'm glad everyone could come up with a goal.
Sayo: Udagawa-san, have your worries subsided? Whenever you're feeling lost, it can be helpful to look back on things like we're doing now.
Sayo: If you do that while trying to find the next road to walk, you will eventually find your new objective.
Ako: Yes, I'm glad too! Thank you, Sayo-san!
Rinko: Hikawa-san... I want to thank you as well... You wanted us to have this meeting... so that Ako-chan wouldn't worry... didn't you?
Sayo: ... That would be one of the reasons. She seemed concerned about not being able to find a goal.
Sayo: I figured finding one like this would help her relax some.
Ako: Sayo-san~! Thank you! You've moved me like you wouldn't believe! I'm gonna continue working super-duper-ultra hard now, okay?!
Sayo: I-it's only natural that I would do this. I need you to keep putting forth your utmost effort, after all. The real show is only getting started for Roselia.
Ako: Yeah!
Rinko: Isn't that great... Ako-chan?
Lisa: I always knew you were a sweetheart, Sayo~. Ako's got herself a good senpai!
Sayo: Imai-san, please refrain from the teasing. Perhaps you could demonstrate more often that you're older, no?
Lisa: A-ahaha~, what a stickler...
Yukina: All of that aside, having this meeting while watching the video was a great idea, Sayo.
Sayo: Yes, well, I came up with it while watching a TV show that Hina was on with her...
Lisa: Huh? Hold on. Do you watch Hina on TV often?
Sayo: S-sure... I must make sure that she's not causing trouble for the people around her.
Lisa: Mhmmm, and that's the only reason?
Sayo: This conversation has nothing to do with the matter at hand! Don't just stare, Minato-san! Help me!

Celebration Parfait Card Story - Special Episode

To Arrive at an Answer



Sayo: ... BanG Dreamer-san? Good afternoon. Are you headed to work?
Sayo: Yes, I am on my way to the studio as well. We could walk together, if you do not mind.
Sayo: No, we won't be rehearsing. We will be watching the video of our last performance and looking for points of improvement.
Sayo: That is correct. We will be watching the contest video.
Sayo: Oh, thank you. So you know about our victory.
Sayo: Yes, coming this far does come with a lot of emotions.
Sayo: Roselia's goal thus far has been to take part in Future World Fes.
Sayo: We have to make sure we go over every point we can improve so that we can put on the best performance we can.
Sayo: We haven't done many of these meetings while looking at a video of ourselves, but we should be able to learn a lot by seeing ourselves from a more objective perspective.
Sayo: You say it's just like us to keep trying so hard despite winning?
Sayo: Well, we've certainly accomplished a significant victory, but the contest is nothing more than a stepping stone for the fes.
Sayo: The real show hasn't even begun for us. We must look back on our performance and thoughtfully analyze.
Sayo: They say you learn from your experiences... It is important that we look back for the sake of our future.
Sayo: For the sake of the fes that stands before us... For the sake of what lies beyond that.
Sayo: Yes, what lies beyond the fes.
Sayo: Udagawa-san was rather worried about that.
Sayo: The uncertainty of our next goal after the fes weighed heavily on her.
Sayo: We still don't have the answer to that.
Sayo: I feel that the key to figuring out that answer is something that is already inside all of us.
Sayo: We look to the past for the sake of our future. I know we'll find what we're looking for if we move forward.
Sayo: That is what I believe.
Sayo: ... You mean Udagawa-san?
Sayo: The members of the band had a conversation before the contest. I think that helped alleviate some of her worries.
Sayo: Still, there may be a time when she loses sight of her path forward again...
Sayo: I figured that during today's meeting, I should be able to show her how she can find a goal if that does happen.
Sayo: ...? Me? I care about my band members?
Sayo: …………
Sayo: ... Roselia is made of five members. It's only natural that I consider what they're going through and take action.