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Chandelier Runway Card Story - Episode

With the Runway Part 1


Rehearsal Studio

Eve: Phew... That went well enough. Ah, it's already time. I need to clean up!
Maya & Aya: Good morning~!
Chisato: Good morning, Eve-chan. So you were already here.
Eve: Good morning, everyone!
Hina: Huh? Eve-chan worked up a sweat before rehearsals even started. Were you busy with something~?
Eve: Yes, I was practicing my walk!
Eve: I was actually invited to model at an event known as the "Étoile Collection."
Chisato: The "Étoile Collection" is a rather famous fashion show event. Impressive, Eve-chan.
Eve: Hehehe, thank you very much!
Eve: It has been a while since I stepped onto the runway, so I thought I would spend any time I can find practicing as much as possible.
Hina: I've never seen a fashion show, myself. What goes on at this "Étoile Collection"?
Eve: Well, if I were to summarize, fashions shows are usually intended to either draw attention to the models present or the clothes that they wear...
Eve: This particular show will be for showing off clothing. Even famous designers from overseas have been invited!
Aya: Wow, you don't say! I'm so excited to see what kind of clothes you'll be wearing, Eve-chan!
Eve: As am I! That has not been decided yet, so I am looking forward to it as well!
Eve: They told me to wear this style of high heel shoes to the main event, so I think my clothes will be cool enough to match them!
Aya: Wow! You'll be walking around in shoes that high?
Hina: Cool! They're easily over ten centimeters tall~.
Maya: But if Eve-san is wearing these, she will undoubtedly look incredibly cool~.
Eve: Hehehe. D-do you really think so?
Chisato: But still, it was terribly difficult to learn how to walk in heels that high, was it not?
Eve: Yes, it involved a lot of practice. It takes a long time before you can walk elegantly in them, so I actually went about my daily life wearing heels of a similar height.
Aya: So you wore them even during your free time?! Th-that's amazing...
Hina: Aya-chan, you were about to fall over in those teeny tiny heels you wore during our photo shoot the other day~.
Aya: Y-you knew?! I thought for sure that no one noticed~.
Maya: Hahaha, looks like that wasn't the case, Aya-san. What other areas have you been paying attention to?
Eve: Let's see, I've primarily been watching what I eat. I want the clothes to be shown off in the best way possible!
Aya: Wow, that's unreal~. I always give in to temptation and down some snacks before my photo shoots.
Chisato: Aya-chan...
Aya: B-but I'm being careful now. I swear, Chisato-chan!
Aya: Anyway, Eve-chan sure is something. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help!
Hina: Huh~? From what has been said, do you really think there's something you can help with?
Aya: P-probably not, but still~!
Eve: Fufu, thank you very much! I happily accept your consideration!
Aya: Hey, let's all go see the show together!
Maya: Absolutely! I have seen Eve-san work as a magazine model, but this will be my first time to witness her walk across the runway!
Chisato: Yes, I am looking forward to it. Do your best, Eve-chan.
Eve: Okay! I will strive to make it enjoyable for you all!

Convenience Store

Aya: Phew~. Today's rehearsal was pretty hard stuff.
Hina: Yeah, I'm seriously thirsty~. I'm not sure which juice to get. Mmm, or maybe I'll get a soda~♪
Chisato: I think that I may go with tea. And you, Eve-chan?
Eve: I will have mineral water!
Maya: Ah, Aya-san. They have that new white peach juice that you said you wanted to try!
Aya: Ah, you're right! Nngh~... but I'll go with this for today!
Maya: Huh? Water? That's rare.
Aya: Yeah, I thought I'd go with what Eve-chan is having!
Aya: Holding off on sweets like she is could be my own way of cheering her on.
Eve: Aya-san...
Hina: You sure are funny, Aya-chan! Whether you lose weight or not has nothing to do with Eve-chan!
Aya: I-it's the thought that counts~. Anyway, I want to help her even if this is all I can do.
Maya: If that's the case, then I will also have water.
Chisato: Fufu, maybe I should as well.
Hina: Me too, me too~! We're all the same~♪
Eve: Everyone... I am so happy for your support! I will do my best to make the event a success!

Chandelier Runway Card Story - Special Episode

With the Runway Part 2


Étoile Collection - Day of the Event
Event Venue

Aya: Ah~... I'm feeling kind of nervous~.
Chisato: I don't think your nervousness matters much, Aya-chan.
Hina: Wow, the seats are filled with a lot of fancy-looking people~. This is gonna be great♪
Maya: The models walk the runway one at a time. Imagine the intense pressure you would be under doing that...
Chisato: Quiet, everyone. I think it's starting.
Aya: Wow, they all look so slim and cool~! And their clothes are wonderful too.
Hina: Ah, there's Eve-chan! You can do it, Eve-chan~♪
Maya: H-Hina-san, not so loud.
Aya: Wow...
Hina: So cool~...!
Chisato & Maya: ...
Chisato: She seems very confident. The way her skirt sways out with each step is positively gorgeous.
Maya: I agree...! Maintaining that dashing vibe in such high heels... So cool.
Hina: Now that's a stylish outfit. I want to try it on~!
Aya: She looks so cool and composed. Just like an adult. It's almost like she's a different person from the one I know... Eve-chan... you're amazing...!

Dressing Room

Staff: Great work, Eve-san! The designers said that you were fantastic.
Eve: Yes, thank you so much! Still, the others are late. Did something happen?
Hina: Good job, Eve-chan!
Maya: P-pardon the intrusion~.
Eve: I'm glad you made it, everyone! I was beginning to think you had gotten lost!
Aya: Eve-chan... There's the girl I know~.
Eve: Huh? What's wrong, Aya-san?
Chisato: Fufu, she said that you were so beautiful on the runway that you almost seemed like a different person.
Eve: Huh?! Really?
Hina: You were totally different out there~! Like the type who would never say "bushido!"
Maya: Hahaha... On a more positive note, it felt like we were able to see a new side of you. A cool and incredible beauty.
Chisato: Indeed. Your clothes were very stylish as well. It was amazing how utterly charming you were.
Aya: For sure! I got more and more hooked with every step you took!
Eve: Thank you so much, everyone. Hearing that makes me so happy! Everything that I accomplished today was all thanks to you—
Staff: Eve-san! Pardon me. Please come take part in the after-party!
Eve: Oh, okay! I'll be right there!
Chisato: Then we will be taking our leave now. Once again, you did very well today.
Hina: Good job, Eve-chan. Later~♪
Eve: O-okay...!

Event Venue - Outside

Maya: Wow~, Eve-san was so unbelievably cool~! She really got me excited!
Chisato: Without a doubt. I was surprised that the cute Eve-chan we know was capable of having such a sharp demeanor.
Aya: Yeah... It's too bad we didn't get to talk with her much.
Hina: What's this~? Feeling lonely already, Aya-chan~?
Aya: I-it's not that. I'm just sad that I couldn't tell Eve-chan what I thought of today's event.
Maya: I can understand that. We'll see her at tomorrow's rehearsal, though, so you can tell her then.
Aya: True...
Eve: E-everyone!
Maya: Huh?! Eve-san?!
Chisato: What is it? Didn't you go to the after-party?
Eve: W-well, I stepped away for a moment because I wanted to tell you how thankful I was!
Eve: I had always assumed that the job of a model was one of solitude. However, you were there to support me. You even joined in on my diet.
Eve: So I had a wonderful time today. I didn't feel alone at all when up on the runway! Thank you so much, everyone!
Aya: E-Eve-chan. You were... so amazing out there~.
Hina: Jeez, you cry too easily, Aya-chan~.
Maya: Eve-san. Even if our jobs are different, we are still a team. No matter where or when, we will always support you.
Chisato: Fufu, well said.
Eve: Yes! Pastel✽Palettes walk the same path together! Ah, sorry, but I need to head back now.
Maya: Okay, see you at tomorrow's rehearsal. We'll fill you in on all the great things we saw today. Right, Aya-san?
Aya: Yeah! I'll get all my thoughts in a row first.
Hina: Oh, maybe she'll fill up another notebook~.
Eve: Yay, how exciting! I can hardly wait until tomorrow!