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Charging Santa Card Story - Episode

Kasumi's Decoration Sense


Shopping Mall
Kasumi: Hmm~. The red and green theme in the mall is nice, but… I kinda feel the colorful lights are more Christmassy…
Kasumi: It’s a special show, so I want to make the stage look as cool as I can, but… Argh~, what am I gonna do~~? I don’t know what to go with now…
Chisato: Oh? Isn’t that Kasumi-chan over there?
Kanon: You’re right… Hm? She looks like she has something on her mind. I wonder if something happened?
Kasumi: Hrm~, I’m getting indecisive… What should I go with~?
Chisato: Kasumi-chan, hello.
Kasumi: Hm? Ahh! Chisato-senpai and Kanon-senpai! Hello!
Chisato: Thank you for your time the other day. I appreciate the invitation to your Christmas show, but unfortunately, I have work that day…
Kasumi: Oh! I heard from Arisa! It’s too bad that no one from Pastel ✽ Palettes can come, but if you got work, then it can’t be helped.
Chisato: If we finish work earlier than expected, would it be possible for us to just attend the party?
Kasumi: Of course~! You’re more than welcome!
Chisato: In that case, we’ll do our best to finish early.
Kasumi: You’re coming to see the show too, right Kanon-senpai?
Kanon: Yeah, that’s the plan. I’ll probably go with Kokoro-chan and the others.
Kasumi: Ooh, I can’t wait~! That means I really have to get serious about the decorations!
Chisato: Oh, that reminds me. You’ve been looking at these party items with a stern look on your face for some time now. Is something the matter?
Kasumi: Well, the thing is, I’m totally confused about what kind of stage decorations I should get for our Christmas show~.
Kanon: You guys are doing all of the decorations yourselves? Wow~.
Kasumi: Ehehe. It’s our very own Christmas show, so we’re going to give it our best!
Chisato: And so what kind of decorations do you have in mind?
Kasumi: For the time being, we made lots of paper chains! We made tons of tissues paper roses too!
Kanon: Paper chains, roses... I-It’s sounds adorable like a school craft festival...
Kasumi: Just now, I was trying to choose some decorations for the stage itself, but... I can’t find anything that hits the spot and now I’m not sure what to do~.
Chisato: Would you mind if we helped you make a decision? It’s Christmas after all, so I think it wouldn’t hurt to be a little more extravagant.
Kasumi: Really?! That’d be a massive help~! But do you guys have that kind of time right now?
Chisato: I have the time so it’s no issue for me... You’re okay too, right Kanon?
Kanon: Yes, of course! It’d like to help too.
Chisato: ... But from what I can see, there aren’t any particularly good decorations in here.
Chisato: We’ll just have to try something else. Would you mind coming with me for a moment?
Kasumi: Huh? Huh? Chisato-senpai, where are we going~?!

Talent Agency
Rehearsal Studio
Chisato: This is the studio we use for our rehearsals here at the talent agency.
Kasumi: B-B-But, why are we here?
Chisato: Kasumi-chan, look over there. There’s a collection of decorations that we’ve used on TV in the past.
Chisato: You can take whatever you like. And don’t worry, I’ve already made sure it’s okay with the staff here at the agency.
Kasumi: R-Really?! Oh my God~!
Kanon: They’re all things that have been used on TV. No wonder they’re so nice... With so much to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for, Kasumi-chan.
Kasumi: Yeah! Thank you so much, Chisato-senpai!
Kasumi: Wow! Look at this one! It’s a big, long string of flags from different countries! This is super cool, right?!
Kanon: Th-The string of national flags...? ... Haha, hahah... Uh, that’s usually what we use on sports day, things like that...
Kasumi: O-Oh really?! I had no idea!
Chisato: Fufu. Okay, how about we help you choose?
Kasumi: Would you?! Yay! You guys would be the biggest help ever! Thank you~!

Charging Santa Card Story - Special Episode

An Amazing Power!


Fast Food Store
Kasumi: Oh! BanG Dreamer-san! Hello~!
Kasumi: You’re not being sneaky and skipping work, are you…?
Kasumi: … Hahaha! Sorry! You’d totally never do that, huh~?
Kasumi: Oh! Did I tell you about our Christmas show that we had the other day?
Kasumi: … Huh? I didn’t? Yay! I finally found someone I haven’t told yet!
Kasumi: Oh man, I’ve seriously told everyone about it, so I was having trouble finding more people to tell! You showed up at just the right time, BanG Dreamer-san!
Kasumi: The Christmas show we did the other day was a great success! You heard from Marina-san, right?!
Kasumi: Like, the most amazing thing was that it really made me understand how many friends we’ve made!
Kasumi: Oh, and something happened when we were getting ready for the show…
Kasumi: Everyone in Poppin’ Party thanked me! They said I did the right thing barging into CiRCLE that day!
Kasumi: Even Arisa thanked me. You have no idea how surprised I was…
Kasumi: … Oh no, I might start crying just thinking about it again…
Kasumi: I’m never going to forget what they said that day…
Kasumi: Arisa ordered me to forget about it though, of course! Ahaha…
Kasumi: … But after that, I started thinking!
Kasumi: I’m not the reason that everyone is so close now!
Kasumi: I’m kinda thinking that it’s because of… the power of music!
Kasumi: … Like, music is really amazing, huh?! It just keeps bringing us sparkling, heart-pounding things!
Kasumi: Okay, so on behalf of everyone…
Kasumi: Gods of music~! Thank you very much for all the happiness you give us~ ♪