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Check Out This Merch Card Story - Episode

A Boppin' Cheer♪


Talent Agency
Meeting Room
Hina: Hey guys, welcome back~.
Hina: ... Hm? Where's Chisato-chan?
Maya: She wanted to talk to the staff about something.
Aya: Yeah, she said it wouldn't be long.
Eve: I see. Then why don't we just look at this while we wait for her?
Maya: Look at what...? Oh, our fans talking online?
Hina: Yup. Everyone's thinking of new cheers for us, so we've been reading along~.
Aya: They were all at each other's throats until recently, so it's nice to see them all chatting like friends~.
Eve: Yes! Everyone has gathered in peace and harmony!
Hina: And what's more... They're coming up with some really impressive cheers~.
Maya: Yeah, that seems like it'd be pretty difficult. You have to come up with something that fits that person's personality.
Hina: ... Ah! Hey, I've got an idea!
Eve: What is it, Hina-san?
Hina: Why don't we think up cheers for ourselves too?
Aya: Huh? I'm pretty sure that's something you let the fans do on their own.
Hina: Come on~, it'll be fine~! Let's give it a shot! It sounds interesting~!
Hina: I'll go first! Hmm~... Ah, perfect!
Hina: "Bop, bop, boppin' bop! Hina-chan!" What do you think?
Maya: Huhaha... That has your name written all over it. I don't think it comes together that well though.
Hina: Hmm~, this is tougher than I thought! Still, it's pretty fun!
Eve: I've got one for me! "Bushi-bushi-bushido~, Eve-chan!" How's that sound?!
Hina: Wow, that's great! That's perfect for you!
Hina: Alright, next up... Aya-chan! What's your cheer?
Aya: H-huh~?! I can't think of something on the spot like that~!
Hina: Jeez, what are we gonna do with you~? It's okay, I'll think of one for you!
Aya: Huh...? I've got a bad feeling about this...
Hina: ... Got it! "Clumsy, clumsy airhead! Aya-chan!" You like it?!
Aya: A clumsy airhead?! Why?! Give me something cuter~!
Hina: It's so you though! You don't think it's accurate?
Aya: Ngh... It's kinda hard to say it's not...
Hina: HMhm~, this gets more and more entertaining! Can I do yours too, Maya-chan?!
Maya: S-sure! Make it a good one, Hina-san!
Hina: ... Hmm~.
Maya: N-now I'm getting nervous...
Hina: ... Ah! "Huhehe, huhehehe, Maya-chan!"
Maya: Are you even giving these any thought?!
Hina: What~? I am~!
Hina: Now that we've got some great cheers, I better let our fans know!
Chisato: ... Just what do you think you're doing, Hina-chan?
Hina: Huh? Chisato-chan? Why do you look so angry?!
Hina: ... Oh, right! I haven't come up with a cheer for you yet, is that it?! Hmm, what would be good...?
Chisato: Don't even think about it! And no, that's not it!
Chisato: I thought I told you we shouldn't be getting involved with what our fans are doing!
Hina: Aww~! That's what you mean?!
Chisato: Don't give me that. Sigh, I can't believe you... Whatever. It's time for practice anyway, so hurry up.
Hina: C'mon~, I took the time to think them up and everything... Are you sure~?
Chisato: Absolutely!

Check Out This Merch Card Story - Special Episode

Fighting Is Important Too?


CiRCLE Lobby
Hina: Marina-san~! BanG Dreamer-san~! Morning~! Check it out!
Marina: Good morning, Hina-chan. What's going on?
Hina: Ta-da~! Our new single! The one we'll be releasing soon.
Hina: It's a totally cool song, and I wanted you two to give it a listen, so here I am~!
Marina: This is the CD you were promoting at your release event! Thanks, Hina-chan!
Hina: Ehehe, no problem. Let me know what you think!
Marina: Speaking of that event, I heard it was kind of rough there for a minute.
Hina: Hm? What are you talking about?
Marina: Huh...? Uhm, I'm pretty sure it was trending on social media.
Marina: Something about your fans being in the middle of a feud... We were pretty worried, weren't we, BanG Dreamer-san?
Hina: Oh~! That~! Yeah, everyone was really freaking out about it~!
Marina: Does that mean you weren't, Hina-chan?
Hina: Uhh~, not really! After all, people arguing is not always a bad thing.
Hina: Obviously, I hate it when fights get out of hand too...
Hina: But isn't fighting just a clash of emotions?
Hina: I think it's okay to fight once in a while. There are times where you can't get what you're feeling across otherwise.
Marina: I see... You're pretty perceptive, aren't you, Hina-chan?
Hina: You think? I guess I think that way because I've experienced it firsthand!
Hina: My sister and I had a pretty heated fight a while ago...
Hina: But something tells me that we're a little closer now because of it.
Hina: So rather than bottling up everything you want to say and making things awkward, it's way better to just get it all out there in one shot!
Marina: Well... I suppose you're not wrong.
Hina: Think about it. The fights this time around stopped because Eve-chan jumped right in with everyone, putting her own feelings out there...
Hina: I think it's important to be open and let your feelings clash!
Hina: ... Ah, but you know...
Hina: When I told Chisato-chan the same thing, she told me she was worried because I never know how to find a good balance.
Marina: Ufufu... I can see where she's coming from.
Hina: What~, you too? ... Hey, even BanG Dreamer-san's nodding...
Hina: Well, whatever! Practice starts soon, so I better head out!
Hina: Don't forget to tell me what you think of our song!