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Cheering for You Card Story - Episode

O-Tae's Way of Relaxing


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy
Rabbit Pet Room

Tae: Sorry for the wait, Rimi. I had someone from the middle school let us in. Okay, let's head inside.
Rimi: O-okay. Pardon the intrusion...
Rimi: (I came because she asked me if I had a moment to spare after school, but this is the pet room, I believe. Does she have something planned...?)
Tae: Hey, it's Boo-chan. 'Kay, Rimi. Here you go.
Rimi: Th-thank you... So, what should I do now...?
Tae: Rabbits like to be pet, of course. Try behind the ears. It'll be fluffy and wonderful.
Rimi: Th-they don't mind? ... You're right. So soft... and warm... Fufu.
Tae: Another good spot is the underside of the hind leg, near the stomach. Boo-chan, you'd enjoy that, wouldn't you?
Rimi: A-alright, then...

Class 1-A

Tae: How were the rabbits, Rimi?
Rimi: W-well... They were very soft, and being around them was kind of relaxing.
Tae: That's good~. Up next is this.
Rimi: Uhhh, is this... clay?
Tae: Yes, it is. Shall we get started?
Rimi: Huh? Started on what...?
Tae: I think I'll make a lop-eared rabbit. How about you?
Rimi: Oh, u-uhm... I guess I'll make a rabbit too, then...?
Tae: Let's see who can make the most accurate rabbit... Prepare yourself, Rimi.
Rimi: H-hey, O-Tae-chan? Why exactly are we doing this?
Tae: Whoops, I guess I forgot to mention that. You worked yourself to the bone making our most recent song, so I figured you could use a nice change of pace.
Rimi: What do you mean?
Tae: In my case, I find petting rabbits and fiddling with clay are good ways to switch things up and clear my mind.
Rimi: Oh... So that's what you were aiming for.
Rimi: Thanks, O-Tae-chan.
Tae: The next time you feel worn out, even if it's in the middle of writing a song, give it a try.
Rimi: O-okay! I'll keep it in mind.
Tae: And now, let the clay-rabbit crafting... commence!


Rimi: Thanks for today, O-Tae-chan.
Tae: So how did the change of pace work out for you?
Rimi: It was great! I was sort of surprised at first, but I was enjoying myself by the end of it!
Tae: Glad to hear that. I would also like to compliment you on your skillfully crafted bunny.
Rimi: You mean it?!
Tae: I believe you used... Boo-chan as the model?
Rimi: You could actually tell?! Petting something so fluffy left such an impression on me that I thought I'd try my hand at sculpting it.
Tae: It was a perfect likeness. I'm sure it makes Boo-chan happy too!
Rimi: Fufu. Are you about ready to head home now?
Tae: Huh? But we still have to go running. It's the most effective change of pace of them all!
Rimi: Running...? Now?!
Tae: Okay, Rimi! On your mark, get set... Go!
Rimi: W-wait for me! O-Tae-chan~!

Cheering for You Card Story - Special Episode

Image Song



Marina: Oh, Tae-chan? Hi there!
Tae: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello.
Marina: Yes, now I remember. Poppin'Party is scheduled to be here today.
Tae: Yes, we are. I arrived a tad early and thought I'd have a cup of tea.
Marina: Understandable. Oh, hey! I had the chance to hear the downtown song~! That's one of Poppin'Party's tracks, isn't it?
Tae: Yes, it is. Rimi worked very hard to write it.
Marina: Did she now?! It came out very well. Shopping is even more fun than it used to be. BanG Dreamer-san even stopped to have a listen.
Tae: Glad to hear that you like it. It was written specifically to bring happiness to people downtown, after all.
Tae: During our planning sessions, we discussed what sort of song to make, but how each person viewed the downtown area was surprisingly different.
Marina: How they viewed it? What do you mean?
Tae: For some, downtown might make them think of the Yamabuki Bakery, but others may initially be reminded of the festivals or the bustling of shoppers... We all have very different images.
Tae: Rimi is the one who composed the piece, but it makes you wonder what it would've been like if another one of us had been behind the pen.
Tae: Thinking of all the various possibilities is pretty interesting, I thought.
Marina: I get it now. Spending time pondering such things can be fun. One's idea of something can vary greatly depending on how it's approached.
Tae: I agree. Like how even though I can see rabbits all around me, no one else is able to see them for some reason.
Marina: Fufufu... You know, all this talk has got me wondering how everyone views CiRCLE. Intriguing, isn't it, BanG Dreamer-san?
Tae: If so, then perhaps composing a song that captures CiRCLE's image would be interesting.
Marina: Hey, that's not a bad idea at all! If we ever get around to it, I'll leave it in your capable hands.
Tae: Yeah, you got it. We'd be glad to help.