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Christmas For All Card Story - Episode

For the Surprise


Residential Area
Arisa: Umm... I'm pretty sure Umino-san's house is around here somewhere...
Arisa: Huh? Did I take a wrong turn? Maybe it's one street down.
Misaki: ... Oh, Ichigaya-san. Hey.
Arisa: O-Okusawa-san...?
Misaki: What are you doing out here? I'm pretty sure your place is in the opposite direction...
Misaki: I also thought you'd be busy with the Christmas show preparations for Poppin'Party.
Arisa: Umm, well, how do I put it? I've... got some business to take care of.
Misaki: Right, business. Nothing strange about you being out somewhere to take care of business.
Misaki: Well, I'll be off then...
Arisa: Ah! Hey! Can I ask you something...? Do you know if Umino-san's place is around here?
Misaki: Umino-san... Oh, you mean the Umino-san who plays in CHiSPA?
Arisa: Yeah!
Misaki: I'm pretty sure her place is one street down from here...
Misaki: ... CHiSPA is the band that Yamabuki-san used to play for, right?
Misaki: ... Ahh, I get it. I think I know what you're up to.
Arisa: ... Huh?
Misaki: You want to invite the members of Yamabuki-san's old band to the party.
Arisa: Gah!
Misaki: That squirm tells me I'm right.
Arisa: ... H-hey! I don't really care or anything, it's just that Kasumi was bugging me so bad to do it and all...
Arisa: S-seriously... you know how much of a pain Kasumi can be... haha, hahaha...
Misaki: ...
Arisa: A-and besides! It's a Christmas party, so the more the merrier, right?
Arisa: I had no choice! I'm just doing this because I don't have a choice, yeah!
Misaki: ...
Arisa: S-so, uh... could you not look at me like you can see all the way into my soul...?
Misaki: Wow~, I've gotta say I'm surprised~. I never thought you'd be the type to do this kinda thing, Ichigaya-san.
Arisa: Y-you've got it all wrong! I didn't have a choice, okay?!
Misaki: ... Okay, sure. I get it though. Those feelings of... not having a choice.
Arisa: Huh? What do you mean?
Misaki: My whole strike zone for whether I not I have a choice about certain things when it comes to my band is getting bigger and bigger too...
Arisa: ... It's happening to you too, Okusawa-san?
Misaki: Trust me, it wasn't intentional.
Arisa: Ohh. I see...
Arisa: ... Ugh. We definitely found ourselves the most troublesome people to be in bands with.
Misaki: You said it...
Arisa: ... O-okay, I'm going to head to Umino-san's house. It's down that street over there, right?
Misaki: Yeah. You should be able to find it since they have a name plate out front.
Arisa: Great, thanks.
Misaki: Oh, don't mention it.
Arisa: Okay, see ya.
Misaki: ... ... U-umm!
Arisa: ... Huh? What's up?
Misaki: I can, uh... go with you if you like.
Arisa: O-Okusawa-san...?
Misaki: Y-you know, it's just... one of those things that I, uh... feel like I don't have much choice about...
Arisa: O-oh, right... Yeah, I guess you don't, huh...
Arisa: ... Haha. Well, since neither of us have a choice... I guess I should ask you to come along...
Misaki: ... Shall we?
Arisa: ... Yeah.
Array: ... We don't have a choice, after all.

Christmas For All Card Story - Special Episode

A Christmas Party Isn't Bad


Arisa: Oh, BanG Dreamer. Hey...
Arisa: ... Huh? I'm chilling out while I have some tea.
Arisa: By the way, I don't think I saw you at our Christmas show. Were you out or something?
Arisa: ... Oh, you were working in the evening. I guess it was just bad timing then, huh?
Arisa: That's right, we were only there in the afternoon.
Arisa: ... Yeah, I guess the Christmas show was pretty fun.
Arisa: Every year before that, I pretty much just ate cake with my grandma and that's about it, so...
Arisa: I wasn't too sure about the idea of doing a Christmas thing with so many people, but in the end, I'm glad we did it.
Arisa: Unfortunately Pastel*Palettes couldn't make it, but CHiSPA came instead which was cool.
Arisa: Huh? CHiSPA is the band that Saya used to play for. Some stuff came up so she had to quit at the time though...
Arisa: We kept it a secret until the end of the show that CHiSPA would be coming and then hit Saya with the surprise!
Arisa: ... Yeah, Saya was super happy about it. It totally felt like we really nailed it!
Arisa: I'd never even attempted anything like that before, so I was worried about how it'd turn out, but well, I'm glad we did it.
Arisa: Seriously, Kasumi and the others weren't even gonna do anything for Christmas...
Arisa: Kasumi is always the first person to jump at the chance to do stuff like this!
Arisa: ... H-hold it right there! It wasn't like I wanted to have a Christmas party or anything!
Arisa: I just reminded them because it felt like everyone had forgotten it's even a thing!
Arisa: Oh, that's right... I hadn't told you. After the show, everyone got together and had a Christmas party.
Arisa: Yeah, everyone brought drinks and food, that kinda thing.
Arisa: Everyone was so excited they all got a bit silly.
Arisa: And by everyone getting silly I mainly mean Kasumi and Tsurumaki-san though.
Arisa: ... Not hard to imagine, right?
Arisa: Kasumi was singing Jingle Bells the entire time.
Arisa: Tsurumaki-san was saying all this random stuff and wouldn't stop running around.
Arisa: It was complete and utter chaos.
Arisa: ... Hahaha. It's a bit late to tell me that you wanted to come, you know?
Arisa: It's probably for the best that you weren't there though.
Arisa: I mean, Kasumi's rendition of Jingle Bells got stuck in my head and I couldn't sleep properly for two or three days!
Arisa: I'm serious! Kasumi was either singing that song, or hugging someone. It was one of the two.
Arisa: Eventually O-Tae got her guitar out...
Arisa: Lisa-san totally got into and started playing her bass too.
Arisa: In the end everyone was singing Jingle Bells like a chorus group or something!
Arisa: ... I kinda sung it a bit too, but that's beside the point.
Arisa: I-I mean what else was I supposed to do?! Everyone was serious about it!
Arisa: I couldn't just sit there and be the only one not singing!
Arisa: ... Wait, there's still more.
Arisa: After we finished singing Jingle Bells, someone starting singing Kiyoshi Kono Yoru.
Arisa: ... Do you know the original name of this song?
Arisa: It's Silent Night, you know?
Arisa: Silent... night!
Arisa: There was straight up nothing silent about that night whatsoever!
Arisa: ... Ugh, you're right though, it is the kinda thing you should expect from us by now.
Arisa: ... Huh? Next year? I guess we'll...
Arisa: Probably do another Christmas show with everyone again...
Arisa: ... A-anyway, I should get out of here. See ya~.