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CiRCLE is one of the fictional live houses in the BanG Dream! franchise. It is featured prominently in the mobile game Girls Band Party!, BanG Dream! GARUPA☆PICO, and subsequently BanG Dream! 2nd Season.

The live house also has a second location called RiNG, which was introduced during the 3rd season of Girls Band Party!


CiRCLE is one of the main locations in the mobile game, which is also the place to exchange Tone Crystals for cover songs and upgrading area items (posters and flyers). Meanwhile the cafeteria outside has some of the attribute-related area items. The Lounge was also located there. Both Marina and the Player Character work there.

In-universe, Poppin'Party, Afterglow and Roselia all practice there, while the other 5 bands have their own practice spots (namely Pastel*Palettes' Talent Agency, Tsurumaki Household, Hiromachi Family's Atelier, CHU²'s Penthouse and MyGO!!!!! practices at RiNG).



  • In GARUPA☆PICO, there's a running joke where the live house is often damaged in almost every episode due to the recklessness of the main 5 bands.
    • CiRCLE was completely destroyed in the final episode of GARUPA☆PICO. Though, it's obvious since it's a gag anime, none of the damages have actually been done and CiRCLE was seen to be fine in 2nd episode of BanG Dream! 2nd Season.
  • In BanG Dream! 2nd Season, Roselia is often seen hanging out here but prefers to perform at other live houses despite the fact that Marina has insisted to give them a reduced fare.