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CiRCLE Bun Festival Card Story - Episode

Prepping with Feeling Part 1


Day of Girls Band Party

Saaya: Sorry to keep you waiting! I've got the buns!
Moca: Here at last~. Mmm~, I can even smell them~.
Rimi: Wow, they're still a little warm too.
Saaya: Yup, they're fresh from the oven~.
Moca: Oho~, freshly baked buns...! Alright, then I better do a quick taste test...
Tsugumi: Ah, stop, Moca-chan! We're selling those!
Moca: I know, I know~. I was just playing a little prank on you guys~.
Kanon: Ahaha... Ah, we can help you carry everything, Saya-chan.
Saaya: Thank you. We parked our car over there, and if you go over, my dad will hand you the buns.

Saaya: ... Alright, I think that's everything.
Rimi: Wow, look at all the cornets... Just seeing them makes me smile~.
Tsugumi: Ahaha, you really love cornets, don't you, Rimi-chan?
Kanon: And there are so many Michelle buns too. It feels so strange to see a bun you designed in real life.
Tsugumi: Everyone worked really hard on the bagel decorations as well. I hope our customers like them.
Moca: Don't worry about that~. Nobody could stay sad after seeing all these scrumptious buns~.
Saaya: That's all the buns. Now we just need our drinks...
Tsugumi: Ah, those are all ready too!
Rimi: We met with the café staff while we were waiting for you.
Saaya: Alright, sounds like we're all set on that front then.
Moca: Does that mean we're done?
Tsugumi: Yeah, I think we've done everything that we can. We're all going to be busy during the event, so the rest is up to the café staff.
Saaya: That's true... But since we've got a little time, why don't we liven up the café space a little bit?
Kanon: What do you mean?
Saaya: Well, since the buns we designed are so cute, I thought it'd be nice to put them some place where our customers can see them.
Saaya: We could set up a table in front of the counter and line them up, just like in my family's bakery.
Moca: So it's like a traveling bakery, huh? Sounds good to me~.
Rimi: Since we took the time to come up with this special menu, it would be nice to show it off to our customers.
Tsugumi: I think it's a great idea. It'll catch their attention a lot better than simply putting out samples would.
Kanon: I agree. I'll go get us a table, and then we can set the buns up together.
Others: Okay~!
Saaya: Ah, actually... Rimi-rin, Moca, I've got a job for you two.
Rimi: A job? What is it?
Saaya: I'd like a little sign for the buns.
Saaya: We all worked so hard on these buns, so I want to get the finer details across to the customers.
Saaya: I just figured our two bun lovers would be the best people for the job.
Moca: Of course, we'll help~. I've always wanted to do this, actually~.
Rimi: Me too. There's so much I could write about cornets.
Tsugumi: Fufu, making a sign for buns sounds like something a real baker would do. I'm sure you'll have a blast.
Moca: Well, I mean, it's not like this is my first experience as a baker, you know~.
Rimi: Huh? Did you used to work for a bakery?
Moca: I wouldn't say I worked for one, since I owned it. I used to open my own little bakery in the park all the time~.
Saaya: I-in the park...?
Tsugumi: I think she's referring to all the times we played pretend in the park as kids...

CiRCLE Bun Festival Card Story - Special Episode

Prepping with Feeling Part 2



Saaya: Since the Michelle buns stand out, let's put those in front... There. Perfect!
Tsugumi: Wow, that was fast. You're so good at this, Saya-chan.
Saaya: Ahaha, I just help out at our bakery a lot, that's all.
Saaya: Ah, those buns...
Tsugumi: These? I was just about to put them on the tray.
Saaya: Actually, put those in a basket instead.
Saaya: If we have both, it'll give the display more dimension and make it even better.
Saaya: Like this... Doesn't that look a bit more stylish?
Tsugumi: Wow, you're right. Thank you, Saya-chan.
Saaya: Don't worry about it. It's just something my mom taught me.
Kanon: Saya-chan, I set up the bagels like you asked. How does this look?
Saaya: Uhm... I think you've got a few too many bagels over there.
Saaya: If we run low on bagels, the staff can always replenish the stock, so we should focus on making it look nice.
Kanon: O-oh...
Saaya: Plus if you have them all piled up like that, they might--
Kanon: Huh? Ah, oh no! They're gonna fall...!
Saaya: Hup...!
Moca: Oho~! Nice catch, Saya~.
Kanon: I-I'm so sorry! It's all because I had so many on there...!
Saaya: Ahaha, that was close. Like I was saying, it'll collapse like this, so we need to be careful not to add too many.
Kanon: O-okay. I'll be careful.
Kanon: ...
Saaya: Uhh... Is something wrong?
Kanon: Uhm, you were just so swift about it. You looked so cool... And you're so good at explaining things...
Saaya: Ah~, that's probably because of my little brother and sister.
Saaya: I guess you could say it's a habit I picked up while looking after my siblings.
Kanon: Really...? I have a little brother too, but I'm nothing like that...
Saaya: Kanon-senpai...?
Kanon: N-nothing! Never mind!
Rimi: The bun display is all ready.
Saaya: Yup! It looks great!
Saaya: All the cute buns are in the front, and it's got dimension, so people will notice it, even from far away.
Moca: Now if only I could have the same thing in my room~.
Saaya: Ahaha, but wouldn't you just eat it right away?
Moca: Yeah~. That's the one fault in my plan~.
Kanon: I hope we get a lot of customers.
Tsugumi: Yeah, I wonder if people will buy them...
Saaya: I don't think we have anything to worry about. Alright, take this as thanks for all your hard work.
Rimi: Huh? Aren't these... the buns we all designed?
Saaya: Yeah, I wanted to make sure you guys got some, so I set them aside.
Moca: Mm-mm... Mmm~, they're so tasty~!
Saaya: That was fast...
Kanon: They really are good though.
Rimi: I agree. But I already knew that your cornets are the best, Saya-chan~!
Saaya: Ahaha. See? They taste great. I'm sure our customers will love them!
Tsugumi: You're right. They're so tasty after all. We just need to have a little confidence!
Moca: In any case, leave it to Saya to bring along buns for all of us~.
Moca: More please~.
Saaya: Huh?! Wait, these are for everyone setting up for the concert~!