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Classical Hope Card Story - Episode

The Core of a Sound


Hikawa Residence - Living Room

Hina: Sis, Sis, Sis~!
Sayo: I heard you the first time. What is it?
Hina: Look~! Look what just got delivered... Ta-dah!
Hina: It's a Pastel✽Palettes concert DVD~!
Sayo: Ah... That is the one that was announced on "All Fun and Games" last time, right?
Hina: Yeah! I managed to get it before it officially goes on sale!
Hina: ... Wait a minute... Did you watch "All Fun and Games"?
Sayo: I-It was just a coincidence. It showed up on my recommendations and played automatically...
Hina: Oh~! Well, even if it was just a coincidence, I'm still glad you watched it~! Thanks!
Sayo: ... Why are you showing me the DVD anyway?
Hina: Isn't it obvious? I had the agency send it here instead of picking it up at the office.
Hina: It's because I want to watch it with you!
Sayo: I thought as much... Fine, I'll watch it with you then.
Hina: Yay~! I'm gonna go grab some munchies and juice~!

Hina: And you know what? This stage was so large! Look at how hard I'm running!
Sayo: ... Fufu. I'm surprised you could play while dashing around.
Hina: Hm? Running has nothing to do with playing the guitar, though... Oh, and after this, Aya-chan...
Sayo: (... This feels like déjà vu.)
Sayo: (I lost sight of myself when I saw Hina perform for the first time.)
Sayo: (Back then, I did not have what it took to accept reality... But that is no longer the case.)
Sayo: (My path to the fes... No. My entire journey itself is something I can see as a part of what makes my sound mine.)
Sayo: (That is why I can remain at peace, even while watching Hina play the guitar.)
Hina: ... Sis? Sis? Hey~.
Sayo: ... ! I'm sorry. What is it?
Hina: I haven't seen you do that in a while~. What were you thinking about this time?
Hina: Was the way I played the guitar... weird...?
Sayo: Of course not... Your melody sounded very cheerful.
Hina: It did?! Yay~!
Sayo: I have to say, it is strange how your melody has not changed since then...
Sayo: Your technique has improved, but what is at the core of your music is still the same.
Hina: Of course~! That's 'cause my reason for playing hasn't changed at all.
Hina: Our promise... As long as I keep playing, you'll keep playing.
Hina: That's why my music's so boppin'♪
Sayo: ... And it is that feeling that can create that intensity.
Hina: ...? What~?
Sayo: It is nothing.
Hina: Oh? Well, whatever! Speaking of which, your music's also boppin'♪
Hina: It was boppin' at the Fes, but it was really boppin' at that joint concert you just did♪
Sayo: ... Yes. My feelings when I play are simple and pure. It is all so that I can be at your-...
Sayo: ... Wait. What did you just say...? Did you come to our concert the other day?
Hina: Oopsie, my cover's been blown. I snuck in because I heard you guys were doing a show with a professional musician, but I didn't want to bother you.
Sayo: Sigh... There was no need for you to do that. I could have asked them to let you in.
Hina: Awww, why would I do that~? I wanted to buy a ticket at the entrance and announce that I came to see Roselia's Sayo Hikawa!
Sayo: You are such a handful...
Hina: Ehehe. Tell me something I don't know~!

Classical Hope Card Story - Special Episode

The Traveled Path



Sayo: Good afternoon, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san.
Marina: Ah, Sayo-chan! Hi!
Marina: I heard Roselia did a joint concert with a professional musician.
Sayo: Yes, we did. It was a very valuable experience.
Sayo: I'm relieved everything worked out despite my initial misgivings.
Marina: ...? Initial misgivings? Did something happen?
Sayo: In a sense. Since the concert was going to be with a professional who was closer to the top than us...
Sayo: I had expected them to possess insight that we did not.
Sayo: However, they were not what I expected a professional musician to be... She did not seem very dedicated to music.
Sayo: I was disappointed when I saw that. I do know it was rude of me to feel that way, though.
Marina: I see... Well, everyone does have a different stance towards music.
Sayo: Yes. It was not until later that I saw that she was passionate about music. Her way of doing things simply made it harder to see.
Sayo: In fact... her performance was incredible.
Sayo: It made me realize that there may be more than one way to climb higher...
Marina: You're probably right. I think the reason why there are all kinds of music is because everyone pursues it differently.
Marina: And that's also what I think makes music so fun!
Sayo: I agree. And that is all the more reason for me to want to treasure my way of doing things.
Sayo: I was the one who chose this path and came all the way here, so this is my sound.
Sayo: And I'm going to continue moving forward with this pride in my heart.