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Codename Moca Card Story - Episode

The People on My Mind



Moca: Mmm, the croquettes from Hagumi's place are as yummy as always~.
Tsugumi: There's nothing like the warmth of croquettes straight out of the fryer... Mmm, that was great!
Moca: You said it~. Fufu, you're back to being your normal self, Tsugu~. The other day, you were making all these funny faces. I was wondering what was wrong~.
Tsugumi: Hm? The other day? W-were the faces I was making all that weird...?
Moca: As weird as can be~. It was White Day, during the afternoon. Remember?
Tsugumi: A-ahaha... Well... I was just thinking so hard about how Tomoe-chan would get all her gifts out, but I couldn't come up with any good ideas...
Tsugumi: That's when I thought that maybe someone besides me would know what to do, so I imagined Hina-senpai and Seta-senpai and I asked them.
Moca: You asked the imaginary upperclassmen in your head~? Now that's an original idea~.
Tsugumi: Y-You think so? They did actually answer me, you know.
Tsugumi: Except, Hina-senpai said we didn't have to do anything special to get it done, and Seta-senpai said we should hold a performance...
Tsugumi: I think if it was the real them, they would have actually come up with some good ideas...
Moca: I see, I see~. So that's why you were making those faces~. Alright, I think I'm gonna have to give that a try~.
Tsugumi: Huh? Do you mean that something is on your mind?
Moca: Mhm. I gotta figure out which kind of bun to get for tomorrow morning.
Moca: Right now, I'm feeling a yakisoba bun, but I might be in the mood for a cream-filled bun by tomorrow morning~.
Moca: At the same time, I could end up regretting my decision if I don't get the yakisoba bun~. What a pickle~.
Tsugumi: Oh. Yes, that is something to worry about.
Moca: What are the imaginary upperclassmen in your head saying~?
Tsugumi: Hmm, let's see~...
Tsugumi: If it were Hina-senpai, for example, she would say that you should buy everything that's boppin'♪ I think.
Tsugumi: Maya-senpai might suggest trying out a bun that you've never had before!
Moca: Ohhh... Very interesting~. Okay, who should I ask~...? Ooo, I know.
Rinko?: Oh? It's Aoba-san~. Seems like something's on your mind~.
Moca: Rinko-san, what kind of bun do you think would be good for tomorrow morning~?
Rinko?: Well~, I think I'd have to go with mango~.
Moca: Ohhh~. Nice one, Rinko-san. Rinko, mango~. I get it~.
Moca & Rinko?: Ahahaha.
Moca: Okay~, mango, huh~? So a danish or a fruit-cream bun~. Fruit-flavored buns are very good in the morning~.
Tsugumi: W-wait a second, Moca-chan. Are you sure you were talking to Rinko-san there?
Moca: Huh? Yeah...?
Tsugumi: I just get this feeling that... it wasn't Rinko-san you were talking to. They both seemed like you...
Tsugumi: I guess you can say it was like two Moca-chans having a conversation...
Moca: What~? Are you sure~? Okay, how about this~?
Kaoru?: If it isn't Moca-chan~.
Moca: Hey there, Kaoru-senpai~. Say~, what kind of bun would you have tomorrow morning~?
Kaoru?: Excellent question, but I think I'll have to go with a fleeting bun~.
Moca: I figured~.
Moca & Kaoru?: Fleeting~.
Tsugumi: No, stop~! Moca-chan, it doesn't feel like your image of Seta-senpai is very well thought out~!
Moca: So I can't do Kaoru-senpai either, huh~? Hmmm~, this is much harder than I thought~.
Moca: Alright then, which bun do you think I should go with~?
Tsugumi: Huh? Me?
Tsugumi: ... Let's see. If it were me... I think I would buy plain white bread. That way, I can choose a jam depending on how I feel at the moment.
Tsugumi: And if you don't want something sweet, you could put something like cheese and eggs on it, and it'd still be delicious!
Moca: Perfect~. Plain white bread it is. Time to buy~.
Tsugumi: What?! You're going to decide just like that?!

Codename Moca Card Story - Special Episode

We Help Each Other


Convenience Store

Moca: ... Come on in~.
Moca: Oh, look who it is~. It's Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san~.
Marina: Hey, Moca-chan. I see you're hard at work.
Moca: Like nobody's business~. What are you looking for today~?
Marina: I was feeling a bit thirsty, so I wanted a drink.
Marina: Do you have any recommendations, Moca-chan?
Moca: Indubitably. Just for you two, I shall introduce a very special drink~.
Moca: Ta-da~. Feast your eyes on the melon-bun soda~.
Marina: It's melon-bun flavor? Not just melon?
Moca: Indeed. This miracle soda delivers the taste of delicious melon buns with every gulp~.
Moca: Five out of five Afterglow members agree that the flavor is none other than melon buns~. There is no question about it.
Marina: That is something...!
Marina: Speaking of Afterglow, I heard from Tsugumi-chan that you all helped Tomoe-chan on White Day.
Moca: That's right~. Especially Tsugu. She's was more Tsugurific than usual~.
Moca: She came up with a schedule and a plan so that Tomo-chin could give out all of her gifts.
Moca: She said that she was used to it because she's part of the student council, but that didn't make it seem any easier.
Marina: She did say there were fifty gifts to give out. That does sound like a lot of work~.
Moca: Doesn't it~? Everything seemed fine at first, but it became more and more unclear whether or not it could be done as time went on.
Marina: But you all helped out in the end, right?
Moca: Of course we did~. Did you even have to ask~?
Marina: Nope. Tsugumi-chan may be a sweetheart, but the rest of you aren't too far behind.
Moca: You can say that again~. Once everything was all said and done, the gifts were out and everything was well. Tsugu and Tomo-chin were over the moon~.
Moca: It just made me hope we can continue having the kind of relationship where we help each other out when one of us is in trouble.
Marina: Fufu, and what a lovely relationship that is. With Afterglow, I think you can count on that being the case until the end of time.
Moca: Agreed~. They do have the great Moca-chan after all~.
Marina: Fufu, exactly!
Marina: Okay, I'll think I'll give the melon-bun soda a try. You want one too, right, BanG Dreamer-san?
Moca: Okay~, two melon-bun sodas~... Your patronage is appreciated~.