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Coming Out of My Shell Card Story - Episode

The Allure of Bonsai


Gardening Center

Arisa: ...
Ran: ...
Arisa: U-uhm... Thanks for... coming today...
Ran: No problem. I didn't have anything else to do, and I wanted to check this place out anyway.
Arisa: O-oh, okay...
Ran: Do you want to look at the bonsai trees? I think they're in this corner, right?
Arisa: Y-yeah, they are. Have you been here before?
Ran: Yeah. I've never done any shopping, though. Anywhere with flowers just kind of draws me in... So I've dropped by to take a peek before.
Arisa: Th-that makes sense, seeing as you're learning flower arrangement.
Ran: Yeah.
Arisa: ...
Ran: ...
Arisa: (Crud... This conversation is going nowhere... Maybe I should have waited a little longer before inviting her here...?)
Arisa: (B-but we were having so much fun talking about bonsai when we were messaging each other...)
Arisa: (I-I must be overthinking this. Yeah, that's gotta be it...! If I just start talking like I always do, it should be okay...)
Arisa: So Ran-chan... Uhm, what kind of bonsai do you like? How do you feel about the ones lined up here...?
Ran: Let's see... I like that pine tree. I don't know that much about bonsai though, so I can't really tell you why...
Ran: It feels so imposing and strong. It's almost like it's... overflowing with life.
Arisa: Yes! I know exactly what you mean!
Arisa: The way the roots spread across the soil makes it look really sturdy! It took its time to set down its roots, and this is the result~!
Arisa: This one's still pretty young, too. I wonder what kind of tree it'll grow up to be. How cute~.
Arisa: ... Bonsai are pretty plain, aren't they? They're so small, and the only colors on them are brown and green.
Arisa: If you take a closer look, though, you start to see the differences in how the roots and branches are laid out and pruned.
Arisa: These little trees are like pets to me, in a way... A precious, irreplaceable existence in my life. They're kind of like my friends.
Arisa: I love looking at where these trees live too. From out here, it's just a potted tree, but look closer.
Arisa: These bonsai all live in their own little garden, each with their own story.
Arisa: And I have so much fun just imagining what those stories might be. Maybe that's why I never get bored of bonsai.
Arisa: ... Ah, sorry. I'm just rambling now. I'm not making much sense, am I?
Ran: No, you're okay. It's actually got me thinking.
Arisa: R-really?!
Ran: Yeah. Making up a story while staring at bonsai trees sounds kinda interesting.
Ran: With flower arrangement, the goal is to express the beauty of life... You put that feeling into your work, into the vase.
Ran: Whether it's a pot for bonsai, or a vase in flower arrangement, every single piece has its own world they're creating.
Arisa: Yes, that's exactly it! Every one of them holds their own special little world!
Ran: Pfft... Someone's a little excited.
Arisa: Ah...
Ran: Not that that's a bad thing. I don't really know anyone who would get that worked up over bonsai trees.
Arisa: I-I don't have anyone I can talk to about my hobby, so... I got a little carried away...
Ran: You shouldn't be ashamed of enjoying something that much.
Arisa: Y-you know, it feels kinda weird having someone say something nice like th-... Ah!
Ran: Something wrong?
Arisa: This bonsai's so tiny and cute.
Ran: Yeah, it doesn't really have the same powerful presence that the others have. It's more like the feeling you get when you see a hamster or squirrel.
Arisa: Yeah, that's it! And despite being so adorable, its roots are really gripping the soil. Doesn't that make it look stronger~?
Ran: You're right, it's surprisingly sturdy.
Arisa: Ah, Ran-chan, come here! You have to look at it from this angle. I'll step back a little.
Ran: Huh? I can see it just fine.
Arisa: Well, yeah, but... if you stand here, you can see it from the front.
Ran: Isn't it still the same tree? What difference does standing somewhere else make?
Arisa: It makes a huge difference! The front of a bonsai tree is the cutest part!!
Arisa: When you start growing a bonsai tree, you have to decide what side to make the front. So the most photogenic view is always going to be from that side!
Ran: Really? I didn't know that. Flower arranging is the same way.
Ran: Alright, I'll give it a shot... Ah, you're right. The impression you get over here is completely different from the one you get standing over there.
Arisa: So you get it now, right?! I knew you'd understand, Ran-chan!
Arisa: Obviously looking at this little buddy from the side isn't bad, but viewing it from the front gives it a totally new feel!
Ran: Ahaha, 'little buddy', huh? You really do think of them as friends.
Ran: There's nothing wrong with that, though. Hey Arisa... How can I see this bonsai's... this little buddy's story?
Ran: You said you use your imagination to think up something, right...? I want to give it a try myself.
Arisa: O-okay! Then... We can think up our little buddy's story together!
Arisa: We should start by looking at the front again.
Ran: Sounds good... You know, I think this bonsai looks cuter than before...

Coming Out of My Shell Card Story - Special Episode

Open Your Heart



Arisa: Phew~... I can finally sit down...
Marina: Arisa-chan, is everything alright? You look really tired.
Arisa: Ah, good afternoon, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer.
Arisa: I don't know about 'tired'. I just wanted to relax here for a while.
Marina: Fufu, gotcha. Take your time then.
Arisa: Thanks. Are you two on break as well?
Marina: Yup. We were just talking about how we should go to the café more often.
Arisa: I see.
Arisa: ... Ah, by the way, would you like some candy?
Arisa: Ran-chan, Himari-chan, Lisa-san, Rimi and I went to a candy shop the other day.
Marina: Wow, thank you. All five of you, huh? It's kinda hard to imagine you girls hanging out together, let alone at a candy shop.
Arisa: Well, a lot of stuff happened leading up to that point...
Arisa: I wasn't that nervous around Lisa-san since I've had time to get to know her now, but that's not the case with Ran-chan or Himari-chan...
Arisa: Rimi, Lisa-san and I actually went to a restaurant beforehand so I could practice talking to them...
Arisa: ... BanG Dreamer! Stop laughing! A-and you too, Marina-san...!
Marina: Ahaha, sorry. The idea of rehearsing a conversation with someone just sounds so serious.
Arisa: I-in any case, whether that practice round helped or not... The five of us did end up going shopping.
Arisa: Oh yeah, back when we were at the restaurant, Lisa-san asked me and Rimi how everyone in Poppin'Party got to be such close friends.
Arisa: While I don't really know for sure... I think it's because we've always said what's on our minds, even if it might cause a fight... Eventually, we opened our hearts to each other.
Arisa: That being said, I'm not that great at dealing with other people, so it's kind of difficult for me to do that.
Marina: Oh yeah, you're definitely a shy one, Arisa-chan. You tend to put on a bit of an act too, don't you~?
Arisa: Wh-who said I'm-... I suppose you're right.
Marina: Fufu, it's fine. BanG Dreamer-san and I think it's cute. Isn't that right?
Arisa: What the-?! Why are you nodding along so enthusiastically?! Cut it out! Stop being so direct!
Arisa: I-isn't that... embarrassing?
Marina: Ah, there's that acting again. You know, I think that's just part of your charm, Arisa-chan. It makes you who you are.
Arisa: S-stop! Please stop, Marina-san!
Marina: Ahaha, sorry!
Marina: Still, I hope you make lots of new friends. That way even more people will get to see that side of you~. Wouldn't that be great, BanG Dreamer-san?
Arisa: I thought I told you to quit nodding like that! And Marina-san... Stop it already~!