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Complete Transformation Card Story - Episode

Best x Best + Best


Hikawa Residence - Living Room
Hina: Sis is not even here. I'm so bored~.
Hina: Isn't there anything boppin' I could do...?
Hina: Oh? A visitor? Yes~? Who is it~?
Kokoro: Hello, Hina!
Hina: Kokoro-chan! Wow, you never come to my house!
Hina: Come on in!
Kokoro: Don't mind if I do! Thanks, Hina!
Hina: So, Kokoro-chan, what's up?
Kokoro: Fufu. I've come with a wonderful invitation, just for you!
Kokoro: You should come to China Town!
Hina: China Town? Why? What's going on?
Kokoro: I just finished making plans with Lisa, Moca, and Misaki! The next time we all have off, we're gonna go to China Town!
Kokoro: The last time we did a show together, you said you like China Town, right? So you should join us!
Hina: Ooo, sounds like a fun group~! I'll be there!
Hina: The next time you all have off is... Okay~! I'll make sure I'm free on that day~!
Kokoro: That means you'll join us, right?!
Hina: Absolutely! I'm already excited for it!
Kokoro: I know! I am too!
Hina: Hm? Uh, Kokoro-chan... Did you come all the way here just to tell me about that?
Kokoro: But of course! It was such a lovely idea, I had to let you know about it right away!
Hina: I mean, I'm totally happy you came, but couldn't you have called?
Kokoro: But how would I see your smile over the phone?
Hina: Ahaha! Classic Kokoro-chan! Hey, but what would you have done if I wasn't home?
Kokoro: That's easy! I would have gone looking for you!
Hina: Oh! Man, you're the best, Kokoro-chan!
Kokoro: Thanks, Hina! You are too!
Hina: Ahaha, thank you! I guess that means we're the best of the best when we're together!
Sayo: Phew... I'm home. Hm?
Hina: Oh, Sis! Welcome back!
Sayo: Hey, Hina. I don't recognize those shoes by the door. Is someone here?
Kokoro: Yes! It's me! Welcome home, Sayo!
Sayo: Oh, Tsurumaki-san. I see. Please, make yourself at home.
Kokoro: Thanks, Sayo! You know, Sayo's the best too!
Hina: Ahaha, mhm! No question about it! Sis is definitely the best!
Sayo: Th-that came out of nowhere. What are you talking about?
Hina: Everyone's wonderful, everyone's the best! Right, Kokoro-chan?!
Kokoro: Yep, that's right! Which means you're the best too, Sayo!
Sayo: I suppose I can interpret that as a positive thing, but... Sigh. I imagine I won't be getting an explanation...

Complete Transformation Card Story - Special Episode

Unpredictability Is Boppin'♪


After School
Walking Home
Hina: Oh, it's BanG Dreamer-san! Hey~!
Hina: Yep! I'm on my way home from school~!
Hina: If I knew I was gonna run into you, I would have brought it~.
Hina: I have a souvenir for you from when I went to China Town the other day! We had so much fun~!
Hina: So who went? There was me and Lisa-chi~. Then there was Moca-chan, Kokoro-chan, and Misaki-chan! Sounds like a great time, right?!
Hina: At first, we wanted to give Lisa-chi the perfect tour since it was her first time in China Town, but it didn't exactly work out that way.
Hina: Hm? Oh, no, we weren't sad about it or anything!
Hina: A plan is just a plan, after all. What was really important was whether or not we were doing something boppin'♪
Hina: So I'd call our day a success!
Hina: Besides, Lisa-chi said the same thing♪
Hina: I wish you could have seen her face when she said everything worked out.
Hina: She had this sparkle that was boppity-bop-boppin'♪
Hina: Of course, everyone else was boppin' too♪
Hina: Misaki-chan and Moca-chan were bothered that things didn't go according to plan at first, but they came around in the end.
Hina: Kokoro-chan and Lisa-chi talked about how Lisa-chi had fun, so we did exactly what we went to China Town to do.
Hina: I actually thought everyone would be super sad about the plan not working out, so that sort of reaction took me by surprise!
Hina: Even thinking about it now, it was a really interesting day~. I'm glad I went.
Hina: You should come with us next time, BanG Dreamer-san!
Hina: I bet it'll end up feeling completely different from when we went~. I wonder what it'll be like.
Hina: ... Welp! Not like I would know! But not understanding is always the most fun!
Hina: Okay, see you later, BanG Dreamer-san! I'll have your souvenir next time I see you! Bye-bye!