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Confession Of Love Card Story - Episode

Poor Instructions


Misaki: I had a feeling no one was gonna be here. Guess I'm a bit too early.
Misaki: Oh well. I guess I'll just take it easy until the others get here...
Kaoru: ... Hm?
Misaki: Oh, Kaoru-san. We're the first ones here.
Kaoru: My, aren't you early? So diligent, even though you simply represent Michelle.
Misaki: What can I say? I do what I can. Thank you.
Kaoru: Having said that, it would be a waste to sit here and do nothing until the others arrive...
Misaki: I don't see the problem, y'know?
Kaoru: Hrm. How about this? Let's put this time to use, and improve your acting skills.
Misaki: My acting skills? Why?
Kaoru: Because you put on a inept display, even for a beginner.
Kaoru: I'm sorry to say it, but that couldn't have been further from being a confession of love. No romance would ever bloom from that.
Misaki: ...! F-Forget that happened! The ship, all of it!
Kaoru: I do not think your choice of words was so bad. The awkwardness of it all, however, is a different story...
Kaoru: Surely you will be at a loss if you have to act out a confession of love again in the future?
Misaki: Nope, I'm pretty sure that won't be happening to me ever again.
Kaoru: You never know. If our dashing thief appeared again in this studio...
Misaki: I think we both know that's not gonna happen.
Kaoru: There's no telling what kind of surprises life has in store for us, which is why there's nothing wrong with conquering your inabilities.
Kaoru: I shall say the line for you first, so take note.
Misaki: (...*sigh* She's not even listening.)
Kaoru: Why don't we begin with something simple?
Kaoru: ... I love you. My heart is your captive.
Misaki: ...!
Kaoru: Now, give it a try, my little kitten.
Misaki: I-I don't even know why we're doing this. Shouldn't we just set up our instruments and stuff until everyone arrives?
Kaoru: Don't be shy, little kitten. I want to see you act. Come now, profess your love to me.
Misaki: ... Ugh. F-Fine, just this once.
Misaki: I'll say it once, then this whole acting practice thing is over. And no more bringing up the ship, either... Got it?
Kaoru: Fufu, very well. It is better to try it once than not at all.
Misaki: O-Okay, then...
Misaki: U-Umm... I-I love you. M-My heart is your-
Hagumi: ...O-Oh my god!
Misaki: Hagumi?! How long have you been there for?!
Hagumi: Sorry! I'm interrupting, aren't I?!
Misaki: Huh?! You're not interrupting anything! D-Don't get the wrong idea, okay?!
Kaoru: Greetings, Hagumi. You're not interrupting anything. The bigger the audience the better, after all.
Misaki: T-That's not the problem here, Kaoru-san...
Hagumi: I-It's okay, Mii-kun! I won't tell anyone what I saw!
Misaki: (Oh no, she's completely gotten the wrong idea...)
Misaki: Hagumi, this isn't what you think it is, okay? I was just acting.
Kaoru: It was awkward, but still an adorable expression of love, was it not?
Misaki: K-Kaoru-san! You're not helping!
Hagumi: You don't need to panic! It might not look like it, but I never gossip!
Misaki: I'm telling you, it's not what you think...
Hagumi: Ehehe, it's so exciting to see this kinda thing! I'm sorry I interrupted! I'll wait outside, so feel free to continue!
Misaki: ... Huh, Hagumi?! Where are you going?! It's okay! You can stay!
Kaoru: Hagumi has shown us some consideration. Let us not waste it, and continue with our practice.
Misaki: This isn't the time for that. I have to go fix this misunderstanding...!
Misaki: Kaoru-san, I'm going to chase after Hagumi! I can't have this getting any more out of hand than it already is...!
Kaoru: Ahh, she's gone. Such a naughty girl, leaving in the middle of practice like that.
Kaoru: I shall have to put her through some more rigorous instruction when she returns.

Confession Of Love Card Story - Special Episode

Unexpected Occurrence


Misaki: Hi, BanG Dreamer. Thanks for your help with our show today.
Misaki: Kokoro and the others run amok like they usually do, but... It all worked out in the end.
Misaki: You know, I'm not really fazed when the unexpected happens anymore.
Misaki: Does this mean I'm maturing? Even if it does, I'm not exactly happy about it.
Misaki: Speaking of which, I had a really tough time recently. Do you mind if I tell you?
Misaki: I went on a cruise with the other members of the band the other day. It was this big luxury cruise ship.
Misaki: Why...? Honestly, I have no idea how to answer that. It was one of Kokoro's ideas, and who knows what goes through that head of hers.
Misaki: I had a bad feeling about it before we even got on the ship, and the three dummies certainly lived up to their title.
Misaki: They ran riot on the ship, of course... Kaoru-san pretended to be a thief, and kidnapped Kanon-san. Then she made us play games against her to win Kanon-san back...
Misaki: And for some reason none of them realized that Kaoru-san was the thief. Don't you think that's weird? I guess it can't be helped since they're the three dummies and all.
Misaki: The first game was between Hagumi and Kaoru-san the thief, and it only took Hagumi a few moments to lose...
Misaki: Well, the game only gave her two choices, so it's not really her fault that she lost. The problem is what came next.
Misaki: Kokoro played the next game, and she went headfirst into it without listening to the advice of others, so naturally she lost.
Misaki: We had to choose an item that was fleeting, so what do you think Kokoro chose?
Misaki: Some weird mask, of all things. I have no idea what part of that felt fleeting to her.
Misaki: It seems our definitions of the word are a bit different.
Misaki: I ended up having to play the next game. I had to act out a confession of love.
Misaki: I figured I'd be next up, mind you.
Misaki: But of all the challenges I could've done, why did I have to end up with that...? I've never acted before, and then she wants me to tell someone I love them?!
Misaki: I've never even done anything like that... Ah, that's besides the point. Forget what I just said.
Misaki: Kokoro, Hagumi and even Kanon-san gave me this serious look...
Misaki: In the end up I just caved and did it.
Misaki: I think that was the most embarrassing thing I have in my entire life. Acting is embarrassing as it is, so having to do a confession of love was the worst, you know?
Misaki: And after all the embarrassment I went through, they all said it was terrible...
Misaki: I didn't think my final attempt was all that bad, you know?
Misaki: Don't you think trashing someone after something like that is a horrible thing to do?
Misaki: Kanon-san being nice and supporting me was the only thing that got me through it.
Misaki: In any case, it was a cruise I won't be forgetting anytime soon.
Misaki: Oh, the ship itself was quite fun though. It was like a luxury cruise ship that had its own casino and theatre.
Misaki: I feel lucky that I was able to go somewhere I'd normally never get to go.
Misaki: I have to say it was really weird that no one even questioned the fact that Kaoru-san turned up really conveniently at the end though.
Misaki: The food we had at the restaurant was great too. The whole acting thing was really embarrassing, but everything else was so good that I guess I can let it go.
Misaki: I suppose nothing fazes me now because of what happened on the cruise.
Misaki: After what I experienced, I feel like I can handle any stunt the three dummies pull.
Misaki: When I wasn't used to it, every little thing they did just drained me... I guess the time I've spent with them has made me tougher.
Misaki: Of course, I'd prefer it if nothing happened at all, but those three will always find a way to do something ridiculous.
Misaki: Kanon-san is really the saving grace of the band, you know?
Misaki: She has her moments too though, so I can't totally let my guard down.
Misaki: ... Ugh, just thinking about all this is making me a little depressed.
Misaki: Everyone in the band is kinda unique, but I guess I don't hate it.
Misaki: ... So having said this, I'm sure the band will continue to do the ridiculous. I hope you'll keep being there for us behind the scenes.
Misaki: The fact we are a band with someone in a bear suit already means we're ridiculous though.
Misaki: Which I guess means I'm a part of the ridiculousness... N-No, that can't be. I'm as normal as they come.
Misaki: ... Sorry, I've held you up, haven't I? I guess I needed to get some things out of my system.
Misaki: I hope you'll be there to help us again at our next show. See you then.