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Confetti Dance Card Story - Episode

Confetti, Once More


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 2A
Misaki: Oh boy~. School is back in session~.
Arisa: Winter break ended way too quickly.
Kasumi: They gave us too much homework for how little time we had off! I couldn't stop thinking about how unfair it was!
Arisa: I can't believe you. Don't start the semester off doing your work right before class!
Kasumi: Hey, I was way too busy to finish it all~! Don't worry, I'll be fine so long as it's done before homeroom starts!
Misaki: Will you make it in time?
Kasumi: I-I don't know... Arisa, Misaki-chan~! Help me~!
Arisa: Sigh... I knew this would happen...
Misaki: Well, winter break was kind of hectic. We were up to our ears in taiko rehearsals.
Kasumi: Exactly! It was rough, but we had a lot of fun practicing together!
Misaki: Udagawa-san seemed pleased enough. She said she was happy to have us on board. Those rehearsals weren't exactly easy, though.
Arisa: Ah, so that's how it was. You guys were really good out there. I was seriously shocked.
Kasumi: I know, right~?! And all that hard work is what made the show so much fun~!
Kasumi: Ah! And those decorations they put up at the pavilion were a huge hit too~!
Misaki: I was seriously wondering where some of those could have come from.
Arisa: I heard they went around and borrowed them from the stands and office and stuff.
Kasumi: No way~! It's great how they made them look almost handmade!
Misaki: True. And don't forget all the people they helped bring in.
Kasumi: For real! If you ask me, what got everyone the most pumped up was probably the confetti that Arisa help put together.
Kasumi: Thanks to her hard work, I feel like all that practice we put in was even more worth it.
Arisa: O-oh, that's nice. But look, let's forget about that... It's embarrassing...
Misaki: Ichigaya-san, I for one think what you did was pretty nice.
Arisa: It's not like I wanted to do it or anything... Kasumi, isn't that kind of job better suited for someone like you or O-Tae, anyway?
Kasumi: Huh~? But O-Tae barely made it there at all, and I was busy playing in the show~.
Arisa: Yeah, but you're missing the point!
Misaki: Hey now. What you did made it more fun for everyone. Aren't you glad it went off without a hitch?
Arisa: Hmmm, I guess so~.
Kasumi: It was a must-see event, for sure~! Bangin' taiko drums, a dancing monkey. And don't forget Arisa's confetti!
Kasumi: I would've liked to be someone in the audience that day~. I mean, with Arisa's confetti and all!
Arisa: Stop making a big deal about it!
Kasumi: Come on, you know I'm right~! You saw how much their faces lit up when it came flying out!
Misaki: She's right. I only caught it out of the corner of my eye, but even the little kids were having a blast.
Kasumi: What I wouldn't give to see it one more time! It was so pretty~.
Arisa: Alright, that's enough of that. You haven't even put a dent in your homework.
Kasumi: Ah, I know! We can shoot off confetti at our next concert!
Arisa: Did you hear what I said?!
Misaki: We've actually done that before, and it was a pretty big hit.
Kasumi: See! Misaki-chan is right there with me! What do you say, Arisa~? Hmmm? Don't you want to make more confetti?
Arisa: I wouldn't be caught dead doing that again!
Misaki: You say that, Ichigaya-san, but we all know you'll cave in the end~.
Arisa: Huh~?! As if that would happen!
Misaki: Alright, we get it.
Kasumi: Do you think we can make some with bits of paper streamers? Ah, and we can add some sparkly stuff to it too!
Arisa: I already said... that I'm not doing it~!

Confetti Dance Card Story - Special Episode

Bustling Start to the Year


Shopping Mall
Marina: Let's see, what else do we need? Ballpoint pens, magic markers... Ah, I know. We're running low on folders.
Arisa: Ah, Marina-san, New Staff? Are you doing some shopping?
Marina: Ah, Arisa-chan. We're stocking up on supplies for the office.
Arisa: Oh, I see. I came to check out some gardening supplies. Now is the best time to get in on that.
Marina: Right, your classes will be starting up again soon. Did you enjoy your winter break, Arisa-chan?
Arisa: Enjoy...? Well, I guess so. If I had to choose, my answer would be yes.
Marina: Did you go anywhere?
Arisa: If you can call it that... I stopped by the shrine to see the taiko show that was going on there.
Arisa: Tomoe-san invited me to watch her, Kasumi, Okusawa-san, and Tsurumaki-san perform.
Marina: Oh, I see. That would be a fun group to hang out with!
Arisa: Yeah, I suppose. But I worried for them when Kasumi told me that she would be playing too...
Arisa: I figured she'd mess things up or end up saying something weird.
Arisa: But it somehow never got to that point. It must have been all that hard work they put into practicing.
Arisa: In the end, I think the performance itself, especially the finale, went pretty well... Probably.
Marina: Probably? Hm? You didn't stick around to watch it?
Arisa: I, uh~... was there the entire time, but I had my hands full with other stuff and didn't get a good look.
Arisa: Between feeling nervous and embarrassed, it was kind of hard to focus...
Marina: Huh? Did something happen?
Arisa: Well, you see~... it's kind of hard to say...
Marina: Now I'm even more interested~... But would you say the show was a success?
Arisa: Yes, it was. They received a lot of applause from the audience.
Arisa: So I'm sure Kasumi and the others must have been satisfied. I was also able to catch up with people I don't normally get to see... so yeah, it was alright... I guess.
Marina: I see. In that case, it should make for a memorable winter vacation.
Arisa: You're probably right. Starting off with that kind of noisy affair means the rest of the year should be just as hectic. I'll have to stay on my toes for the next twelve months.
Marina: Fufu, I hope your year is filled with even more excitement! I can't wait to hear what music Poppin' Party puts out!
Arisa: Thank you, we'll try our best!
Arisa: Marina-san, New Staff. Happy New Year to you both!