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Conveying Passion Card Story - Episode

Mashiro's Mental Training


Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Hallway

Nanami: Ah, Shiro-chan. Good day~. I haven't seen you since practice yesterday.
Mashiro: G-good day... Did Toko-chan come to school? She was angry all day yesterday, so I'm worried.
Nanami: Mmhmm, she did~. She was so full of energy that it was like the whole thing with Rui-rui never even happened.
Mashiro: That's a relief... They never decided who gets to do the highlight of our new song, though...
Nanami: Yeah~. We've got Toko-chan who wants to play and Rui-rui who refuses to let her.
Mashiro: Neither one of them looked like they were willing to budge... Maybe we need to convince one of them if we want the fighting to stop...
Nanami: Convince them, huh~? That's not going to be easy. Do you think you can manage, Shiro-chan?
Mashiro: W-well... I don't think I'm well-suited for that... But I also know it won't be good for things to stay the same between those two.
Nanami: Well, you never know. Talking to them might work out better than you think. Toko-chan's pretty approachable.
Mashiro: S-still... I don't think I can...
Nanami: Why don't you try imagining it then~? Practice convincing her in your mind.
Nanami: That way, you won't have to worry about things being awkward if you fail~. And if it works out, you can try it out on her for real!
Mashiro: D-do you think it'll really work that way...?
Nanami: Don't worry. Just give it a try~! Imagine it... Toko-chan is in front of you~...

Touko?: Shiro~! You done with class? Wanna go home together? There's this new shop that opened up recently that looks real nice~!
Mashiro: U-um, Toko-chan... About the highlight of our new song... Do you think you can make up with Rui-san...?
Touko?: Aw~, there's no need to bring that up now, is there? I'm kinda sick of it!
Mashiro: B-but... You two are still fighting, so...
Touko?: It's totally fine! It's all Rui's fault, anyway!
Mashiro: B-but... Umm...
Touko?: Are you done, Shiro? Let's get going! That place has an extra-large pudding~!
Mashiro: W-wait... I-I'm not done yet... P-please stop pulling me...!

Mashiro: She managed to take control of the situation from me...
Nanami: Ahaha... Toko-chan does seem pretty hard to control~.
Nanami: Why don't we try with Rui-rui?
Mashiro: Huh? Are you sure about convincing Rui-san...? She seems harder to convince...
Nanami: But Toko-chan won't listen, right? Come on. Rui-rui is before you~...

Rui?: ... Kurata-san? Do you need something?
Mashiro: U-umm, I...
Rui?: ...? If there is something you wish to say, please state it clearly.
Mashiro: I-I'm sorry... It's about the highlight of our new song...
Mashiro: Is there really no way you could let Toko-chan have the part...?
Rui?: Indeed. She does not seem capable of handling it.
Mashiro: M-maybe... you could be nicer to Toko-chan...
Rui?: That will not help her become better at playing. Rather than worry about others, you should focus on your own task.
Rui?: How much progress have you made on the lyrics?
Mashiro: I-I... Well, um... I-I'll do my best...

Mashiro: ... I need to work more on the lyrics...
Nanami: Sh-Shiro-chan?! You look so sad!
Mashiro: I'm sorry, Nanami-chan. I couldn't convince Rui-san either...
Nanami: I-I see~... We probably should give up on using this approach, then.
Mashiro: Yes, I think so too...

Conveying Passion Card Story - Special Episode



Shopping Mall

Marina: Ah, Mashiro-chan. Hi! I didn't expect to see you here.
Mashiro: Marina-san. BanG Dreamer-san. Hello.
Marina: I saw you come out of that bookstore. Did you buy something?
Mashiro: Yes... I bought some books that looked like they might give me some ideas for our song.
Marina: I see. Are they instructional books?
Mashiro: Actually, no... I got some adventure books.
Marina: Huh? I thought these were for your song, though.
Mashiro: Y-yes, they are. The song I'm thinking of is similar to an adventure story in some ways...
Mashiro: It's basically about encountering hardships, only to overcome them and grow...
Mashiro: I thought reading stories like that would give me some ideas.
Marina: I see~, so you're going for cooler lyrics this time around!
Mashiro: I... guess... The image came to me while I was looking at Toko-chan.
Marina: ...? Does that mean you were influenced by her?
Mashiro: I think so. She's been practicing the guitar really hard for our new song.
Mashiro: It's a very difficult phrase, but she kept trying... She can finally play it properly now.
Marina: Ah, I heard about that from Toko-chan! She told me how much work it took.
Mashiro: Ahaha... I really was amazed by her, though. That's when that image I told you about popped into my mind...
Mashiro: I didn't want to let it go to waste, so I decided to use it for the song.
Marina: Oh~! I like it! I bet Toko-chan will also like it once it's done!
Mashiro: Th-thank you very much. I wanted to help her in any way I can, so... I hope she feels the same way.
Mashiro: Umm... I'll do my best to make it a good song.