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Cool Friends Card Story - Episode



Ran: Self-introduction? ... Ran Mitake. Vocalist and guitarist for Afterglow.
Ran: ... How’s that?
Ran: Do I have anything else to say? ... Not that I can think of...
Ran: We’e all childhood friends in Afterglow. We’ve been together since we were little.
Ran: Because of that, it’s easy to understand each other.
Ran: We can even tell what everyone is thinking just by listening to them play.
Ran: ... Moca, though, is a bit of a special case.
Ran: Either way, our band is fun. And... I think the best thing about our group is the music we make.
Ran: I’m a fan of everyone’s sound.
Ran: ...! Now I’ve talked too much. I’m sure what you have is good enough. We’re done here.
Ran: I’m not answering anymore questions!
Ran: ... Stop the camera! And quit teasing me...!

Cool Friends Card Story - Special Episode

Supporting Friends


Ran: ... Hm? ... Oh, hi.
Ran: ... Do you need something?
Ran: You think I’m friendly to the girls in the band, but distant when I talk to you... ?
Ran: I guess it’s just one of those things... We’re childhood friends and all.
Ran: I’m by myself at school most of the time, and I don’t really talk to people much.
Ran: ... Tell me, do I really... look that happy when we’re playing?
Ran: Well... I guess that’s because I have everyone with me.
Ran: I just feel at ease when I’m with the band.
Ran: When we play... it feels like everyone is supporting my voice.
Ran: I sometimes wonder if I give them the same kind of support or not...
Ran: But... I’m not really good at this whole “talking to people” thing.
Ran: ...
Ran: I wonder what I should do.
Ran: ... Huh? Everyone says... they like my voice?
Ran: You feel I give back to them just as much as they give me?
Ran: Oh... I see. I guess we’ve been supporting each other the whole time...
Ran: ...! D-don’t mind me.
Ran: Those things you told me... mean a lot to me...
Ran: ... Thanks.
Ran: I never thought it’d be you who helped me with this.
Ran: Okay, I should probably get going. I think everyone is waiting on me.
Ran: We’ll put on a good show today.
Ran: The same as always.