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Coolness Discovered Card Story - Episode

Same Feelings


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-A

Ako: Mmm~! It's finally lunch~!
Asuka: Ako, could you push that desk over here? Rokka, could you get that one?
LOCK: O-okay.
Ako: Fufufu... Let the elegant, uhh... lunchtime... of the fallen angels begin!
Asuka: Don't turn us into fallen angels.
Ako: Aww~, but they're so cool.
LOCK: Fallen angels...? Is that a visual kei thing...?
Asuka: -I don't think that's it either. Come on, let's hurry up and eat.
Ako: Okay! I wonder what's for lunch today~. Hm-hm-hmhm-hm~♪
Asuka: Hm...? That melody sounds familiar...
LOCK: Th-that's Mira-san's song, isn't it?
Ako: Yeah! You know it too, Rokka?
LOCK: Mmhmm. LAYER-san was talking about the joint concert with Roselia...
LOCK: So I got curious and looked her up. Now I'm a fan too.
Asuka: Huh...? Wait, wait. Do you mean that Mira? The Mira that's on TV sometimes?
Ako: Yeah! The professional musician! We're gonna be doing a joint concert with her~!
Asuka: Wow... That's pretty amazing. Does that mean Roselia's heading in that direction?
Ako: ...? What direction?
Asuka: As in, are you guys going to become professionals too?
Ako: Going pro... Hmm, I don't really know yet...
Asuka: Oh. I thought you planned on becoming professionals since you'll be performing with one.
LOCK: Yes, joint concerts between amateurs and professionals don't happen that often.
LOCK: But the decision to become a professional is a hard one for musicians...
Asuka: It is? I thought everyone who becomes popular goes that route...
LOCK: Well, it's something to consider when you start becoming popular... But it's not a simple decision.
Ako: Exactly~. That's why we have to carefully consider if that's really the best for us...
Asuka: Huh... I didn't know it was that complicated.
Ako: It is. There's no telling how Roselia will change if we decide to become a professional band either...
LOCK: Going professional... It's a hard decision to make...
Ako: Oh, but we're also similar in a lot of ways!
Asuka: Similar? Are you talking about Roselia and professionals?
Ako: Mmhmm! Uhh, actually, it's more like we're similar to Mira-san.
Ako: You see, we got to see Mira-san practice. I was really surprised to see she did things so differently from us.
Ako: But her music was still cool. We all wondered why and talked about it~.
Ako: And then we figured out that it's because we have the same feelings as her!
LOCK: Do you really...?
Ako: Yeah, we both love music! And Mira-san's performance is so cool because that feeling is important to her~!
LOCK: I see... I think I understand what you're getting at.
LOCK: All kinds of professionals perform at Galaxy.
LOCK: But they all look like they're having fun when they're singing or playing instruments...
Asuka: Oh yeah... That sounds like Si- I mean Poppin'Party, so I've never thought of something like that...
Asuka: Well, if music is how you're making a living, I don't see how you can keep doing it unless you like it.
LOCK: Mmhmm! Listening to a performance by someone who's doing what they enjoy is so much fun!
Ako: ...! Ohh, I think I get it now! It's just like my version of cool...!
Ako: I see, that's gotta be it! That's why pros are so cool~!
Asuka: Wh-what's gotten into you?
Ako: Ehehe. I think I figured out one more thing about pros!
Ako: Ooo~! I can't wait to do the joint concert~!

Coolness Discovered Card Story - Special Episode

Ako's Growing Up



Ako: Marina-san~! BanG Dreamer-san~! Hi!
Marina: Ako-chan! Hi. Heading home from school?
Ako: Mmhmm! There's no practice today, so I'm heading straight home~.
Ako: Oh yeah! There's something I wanna tell you guys! We got to do a joint concert with a professional musician called Mira-san!
Ako: And you know what? It was so fun~!
Marina: Ah, I know about the concert. I'm glad you had fun!
Ako: Mmhmm! I became friends with Mira-san too! We talked about Snappy-chan and other stuff!
Ako: Mira-san was so easy to talk to and super nice to all of us~!
Marina: Fufu, it sounds like you're good friends now.
Ako: Ehehe, I think we are! I watched Mira-san's videos before this whole concert thing came up...
Ako: So it made me really happy to be able to see her cool performance live~!
Marina: I'd imagine! Performances by professionals are incredible, after all.
Marina: But that also makes Roselia incredible. You guys did a joint concert with one!
Ako: Yay~! Thanks, Marina-san! I really think so too!
Ako: Mira-san was super cool, but so were we!
Ako: So we're keeping up with her just fine~!
Marina: Fufu, it sounds like doing a show with her only fired you up even more!
Ako: Yeah! The audience might've been there to see Mira-san...
Ako: But I thought it was a chance to show everyone there how cool Roselia is!
Marina: I see. You're becoming more and more dependable, Ako-chan.
Ako: Wow, I am?! Yay~!
Ako: Yukina-san said she wants me to put Roselia back on track if we ever lose our way!
Ako: So, whenever Roselia's going to do something new, it'll be up to me... Oh, and Rin-rin too!
Ako: We're gonna support Roselia and make sure we never go off course.
Marina: Ah, I'm sure the others in Roselia can rest easy knowing that you and Rinko-chan have their backs.
Ako: Leave it to us! No matter what happens, we'll make sure Rooselia stays ultra super cool!
Ako: I, Demon Princess Ako, shall use my Dark Walker to... umm... light the futures... of the ones with the Pride of the Blue Rose... uhh...
Ako: With a flash and a bang!