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Cosmos Crew Card Story - Episode

Quiz Time!


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 2-E

Hagumi: Eve-chin~! I saw Pastel✽Palettes' recent TV appearance!
Tae: That was the show where they introduced a popular spot for sakura blossoms, right? I watched it too. It was fun.
Eve: Really? Thank you very much!
Eve: I also watched the show when it aired, and it was wonderful that each of us fulfilled our duties!
Eve: Hina-san and Chisato-san in particular did splendid work! They were truly in line with bushido!
Tae: Bushido?
Eve: Yes! The two of them cut open a path for their comrades!
Hagumi: Wow~! That's bushido alright!
Eve: I must follow their example and devote myself even more!
Eve: And to do so, I would first like to confront each of my jobs with the utmost care.
Eve: I will face tomorrow's radio broadcast with even more motivation than before!
Tae: Your radio show is interesting, Eve. I love it.
Eve: As a radio personality, that is an honor!
Hagumi: A personality?
Eve: That is someone who hosts programs!
Hagumi: I see! That reminds me of something my dad told me. Hosting is really hard, huh?
Hagumi: I'm pretty sure he said you have to control the flow of the entire situation. You're amazing if you're doing something that hard, Eve-chin~.
Eve: No... I am still in training. I need to devote myself so that the radio show becomes even more lively.
Tae: In that case, let's practice. We'll help you.
Hagumi: I'm on board! Okay, why don't we do a quiz show?!
Hagumi: I've always wanted to play on a quiz show! Eve-chin, you can be the host, and O-Tae and I will be the guests!
Eve: Hagumi-san, Tae-san... Thank you so much! I shall wholeheartedly do my best!
Eve: Now then, ahem...
Eve: It is once again time for the weekly "Eve Wakamiya's Quick Draw Quiz," where our two guests fiercely compete to be the first to answer the question!
Hagumi & Tae: Yay~!
Eve: My guests for today are these two ladies! Please introduce yourselves!
Tae: 'm Tae Hanazono. My favorite food is Hamburg steaks.
Hagumi: I'm Hagumi Kitazawa! My favorite food is croquettes!
Eve: And I am your host, Eve Wakamiya! My favorite food is ginger cookies. I am pleased to have you with me!
Eve: Now then, first question! Let me see~... What is in my bento for today?
Tae: I know! A Hamburg steak!
Eve: How unfortunate! That is incorrect!
Hagumi: I know! A croquette!
Eve: Hm, incorrect!
Tae: A Hamburg steak with cheese filling!
Eve: Bzzt!
Hagumi: A curry croquette!
Eve: That is incorrect!
Tae: This is a harder question than I thought... Give us a hint.
Eve: Your hint is... It is something held between bread!
Tae: A hamburger!
Hagumi: Croquette bread!
Eve: Both of you, please distance yourselves from Hamburg steaks and croquettes! They are both incorrect!
Hagumi: Something held between bread...? ... Ah, I know! It's a sandwich!
Eve: Oh, Hagumi-san, well done! The correct answer is a sandwich!
Tae: So that's what it was!
Hagumi: Yay~! It's all thanks to your hint, Eve-chin~!
Hagumi: Ahaha! That was fun! Eve-chin, your quiz show seems like it would be really lively!
Eve: I believe actually hosting is much, much harder, but I had fun as well!
Hagumi: After talking about boxed lunches, I've gotten kinda hungry! I hope lunchtime comes soon~!
Eve: Fufu. I made many sandwiches, so if either of you would care for some, please help yourselves.
Hagumi: Really~?! Yay~!
Tae: Can I invite everyone else from Poppin'Party?
Eve: Of course! Let us all eat together!

Cosmos Crew Card Story - Special Episode

The Figure of Warriors


Station Entrance

Eve: BanG Dreamer-san, good morning! The weather is nice again today!
Eve: Are you going to work now? So am I! Let us both do our best!
Eve: Today I am working with the actress who I appeared with previously on a variety television show!
Eve: Ah, that is right! It was the program introducing sakura blossom sites!
Eve: So you watched the broadcast, BanG Dreamer-san! I am so glad that you enjoyed it!
Eve: ... To be honest, the filming for that time was somewhat difficult.
Eve: At first, we were not able to show Pastel✽Palettes' essence very well...
Eve: But thanks to Hina-san and Chisato-san, I believe we were able to show everyone our good qualities and fun side.
Eve: They opened up a path for their comrades... Hina-san and Chisato-san were truly like samurai at that time!
Eve: After the filming, our appearance was well received, and we received offers from various sites!
Eve: Among them, there were some people that said they would like to work with Pastel✽Palettes. There were even some people that took an interest in me individually...
Eve: Even the actress I will be working with today said she became a Pastel✽Palettes fan because of that program!
Eve: Being able to have various people know about us is truly a joy!
Eve: But I cannot simply be delighted. I was also reminded that I must devote myself more so I can properly show Pastel✽Palettes' good qualities!
Eve: And to do so, I must first put all my effort into doing my best for work today!
Eve: Yes, thank you very much! I hope that you will continue to support us in the future!