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Cosmos Navigator Card Story - Episode

Our Leader


Maruyama Residence - Aya's Room

Maya: Pardon my intrusion.
Aya: Come on in~. Maya-chan, thanks for coming!
Maya: Not at all! Ah, is this item on your desk what you were talking about...?
Aya: Yep! It's the DVD for Marmalade's debut concert! I finally got a copy that includes behind-the-scenes footage!
Maya: Oh, so we're watching that today?
Aya: Ah, but I also recommend this concert as well! The set list is just so good... There's also their anniversary concert...
Aya: Wh-what do we do?! Which one do you want to watch?!
Maya: Why pick just one? Let's watch them all!
Aya: Can we?! In that case, let's start with the debut concert!

Maya: Oh~... They've had fairly elaborate set lists and staging ever since their debut concert.
Aya: It was amazing when they appeared riding that gondola, huh? And they were so close to the audience!
Maya: Their outfits are lovely too. The sequins almost seem like a starry sky...
Aya: Their earliest outfits are cute too~! Their outfits from their third concert were an altered version of these ones~.
Aya: ... Ah! This song is...
Maya: Marmalade's debut song! Now I'm getting hyped up!
Aya: Maya-chan... I have light sticks!
Maya: I will borrow one!

Aya: Ah~! Ayumi-san is so wonderful~!
Maya: W-we both got fairly excited, didn't we...?
Aya: I screamed before I even realized what happened!
Maya: Ah... The concert is almost at its end.
Aya: I really like this ballad as well. It has such a relaxed mood, and with the spotlight shining on her, Ayumi-san looks even more sparkly than she normally does...
Maya: ... She truly feels like an idol, doesn't she?
Aya: Yeah! She really does.
Maya: She is so very different from me.
Aya: Huh...?
Maya: Ah... That was a misleading comment, wasn't it? I'm not sad because I seem like less of an idol than Ayumi-san.
Maya: I believe that we all have our own ways of being an idol. That's why I aim to be an idol true to herself.
Aya: An idol true to yourself, huh? ... I guess my goal is still to become an idol that will surpass Ayumi-san.
Maya: ... After seeing this concert, a thought occurred to me. I feel like you and Ayumi-san are quite similar.
Aya: R-really?
Maya: But you're not the same. You're similar, but you're not Ayumi-san. You are you, Aya-san.
Maya: You are sometimes... No, you are often clumsy, so as I watch you, I get nervous and can't take my eyes off you.
Aya: Ngh, I'm sorry... I'm always causing problems...
Maya: But you're also diligent, hardworking, and straightforward... And that is why we find ourselves following you without realizing it... That's just the type of person our leader is.
Aya: Maya-chan...
Maya: Huhehe... I am glad I was able to watch these concerts with you today, Aya-san. They have given me a lot of energy.
Aya: Me too! I got a whole bunch of energy from Ayumi-san and you, Maya-chan!
Maya: Let's keep doing our best... in a way that we stay true to ourselves!
Aya: Yeah, I'm glad to have you with me!
Maya: ... Ah, Marmalade's concert just ended.
Aya: For the end of the concert... there's only one thing to do, right?
Maya: Right! Let's go! One, two, three...!
Aya & Maya: Encore! Encore! Encore!

Cosmos Navigator Card Story - Special Episode

Our Individual Sparks


Shopping Mall

Maya: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san, what a coincidence. Are you shopping?
Maya: Me...? I'm searching for idols.
Maya: Ah, I'm not trying to scout for an idol in the making or anything like that.
Maya: ... What is an idol? In order to reconfirm the answer to that question, I'm looking for idols.
Maya: In today's society, you see idols in various places, right?
Maya: I mean, look over there, BanG Dreamer-san. There are idols on the covers of the magazines lined up at the bookstore, as well as on the posters hung up in front of the stores.
Maya: Also, there are some idols that perform in a band, as well as some idols that appear in TV dramas as actresses.
Maya: There is no set model for how idols should be. Each idol has their own methods and goals they should strive for...
Maya: Strolling around town today renewed that sentiment for me.
Maya: ... Huhehe. I'm sorry to have spoken so suddenly.
Maya: The truth is, there's been various things going on with work...
Maya: Specifically, we had the opportunity to think about what kind of idol Hina-san should strive to be.
Maya: That made me want to think about idols again.
Maya: Thanks to my talk with you, I was able to further organize my thoughts!
Maya: Thank you very much for listening to me!
Maya: Well then, I will excuse myself.
Maya: Let's meet again at CiRCLE!