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Cute Detective Card Story - Episode

Cruise Ship Magazine


Hagumi: Oh, Kano-chan-senpai! Are you on your way home?
Kanon: Hi, Hagumi-chan. I'm just about to leave.
Hagumi: Me too! I don't have softball today. Let's walk home together!
Kanon: Sure. Oh, but I want to go to the bookstore, so I can only go part of the way with you.
Hagumi: The bookstore? What do you wanna buy?
Kanon: Ehehe, there's a magazine that's doing a feature on cruise ships. I wanted to check it out.
Hagumi: Do you mean big ships like the one we went on the other day?
Kanon: Exactly! So many things happened, but it was fun, don't you think?
Hagumi: Yeah! I wanna do it again!
Kanon: Ever since that night, I've been obsessed with cruise ships...
Kanon: But, it's not like I can go on one anytime... So I thought I'd try and enjoy it through the pictures in the magazine.
Hagumi: I wanna see them too! Can I go with you to the bookstore?
Kanon: Of course. Okay, let's go to the one in front of the station.
Hagumi: Yeah! Let's go!
School Path
Hagumi: That ship was awesome, huh?
Kanon: Yeah, the night view was really beautiful too.
Hagumi: We would've been able to enjoy it more if that thief hadn't shown up~.
Hagumi: Oh, but it was fun chasing the thief around!
Hagumi: The game we played in the casino was so exciting~! I'm not gonna lose next time though!
Hagumi: It was really good when Kokoron cornered the thief too~!
Hagumi: Ah, we had lots of fun, but... I guess you were a bit scared?
Kanon: I was okay. The thief was a good person, and everyone came to save me in the end, so it wasn't too bad.
Hagumi: Really? I'm so glad~!
Hagumi: But I guess you didn't have much time to relax since everything got a bit crazy with the thief.
Kanon: Yeah, I guess that's true.
Hagumi: Let's go on a ship that doesn't have any thieves on it next time!
Kanon: That might be nice. I'd like to take my time looking at things like the gift shop too.
Hagumi: The gift shop was amazing! There were so many interesting things! Tasty looking stuff, cute things, and lots of weird bits and pieces!
Hagumi: I wonder if all cruise ships have that kinda stuff? You know, a casino, gift shop, restaurant?...
Kanon: It seems they're all amazing. Apparently there's even ones that have fitness centers.
Hagumi: Really?! Wow, a fitness center on a ship! That's amazing~! I wanna try it out!
Kanon: I've heard that the cruise ships that go all the way around the world are like small cities! That's why I want to check out the magazine.
Hagumi: Argh~, now I'm really excited about going to the bookstore!
Hagumi: Kano-chan-senpai! Let's run there!
Kanon: Huh?
Hagumi: I can't wait any longer! I wanna check out the magazines right now! Run run run!
Kanon: Whaaat?! Hagumi-chan, wait for me~!

Cute Detective Card Story - Special Episode

Playing Detective


Hagumi: Ooh~! BanG Dreamer-san!
Hagumi: Guess what! We played detective the other day!
Hagumi: We cornered the thief on the cruise ship, but she suddenly disappeared! Isn't it amazing?!
Hagumi: Oh, sorry! I should probably explain the whole thing, huh?
Hagumi: We went on a really big, amazing ship the other day!
Hagumi: And when we were on the ship, a thief appeared! And then she kidnapped Kano-chan-senpai~!
Hagumi: We worked really hard to win her back from the thief.
Hagumi: And it all worked out really well! We got Kano-chan-senpai back, and she was okay!
Hagumi: Aren't we amazing? Don't you think this is pretty cool~?
Hagumi: Hehe, you really think so?! Thanks!
Hagumi: I wish you could've seen it when we cornered the thief~!
Hagumi: Ahh~, it was so much fun! I hope we can play detective again sometime!
Hagumi: Oh, but it might be fun to play the thief too. She was really cool!
Hagumi: Maybe I can dress up as a thief druing a show! What do you think? Isn't it a great idea?
Hagumi: Ehehe~! I knew you'd like it! I'm so smart!
Hagumi: Okay, I'm gonna dress up as a thief for our next time~! It's gonna be so cool!
Hagumi: I'll wear a cape and it'll whoosh about while I play~! Everyone's gonna look at me!
Hagumi: And that's when I'll kidnap you, BanG Dreamer-san!
Hagumi: I hope you're looking forward to it! Okay, I'm gonna go tell the others my idea!
Hagumi: See ya~! Bye-bye~!